Best iPhone Xs Armbands in 2021

Best iPhone Xs Armbands

Many fitness conscious people like to use an armband to carry the iPhone more comfortably. It offers a better way to hold the device securely and even interact with it without putting the workout on the back burner. If you are a fitness freak, you would probably be willing to explore the best iPhone Xs armbands.

  2. Revere Sport
  4. Tune Belt
  5. i-Blason
  8. Trianium
  9. Comsoon
  10. Lycase


YOCHOS iPhone Xs Armband

YOCHOS is designed to be a highly functional armband. The top-grade lycra and neoprene material makes it not just skin-friendly but also more breathable. It features an extra fabric layer for additional protection from sweat.

YOCHOS comes with separate pockets for keys and cards. Thus, you can carry your valuables with complete peace of mind. Moreover, the lifetime warranty makes it as reliable as any high-quality armband.

USP: Extra fabric layer
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2. Revere Sport

Revere Sport Armband for iPhone Xs

If you like a sporty design, you would appreciate “Revere Sport.” It’s made of high-quality neoprene material. Due mainly to the exceptionally soft and stretchable material, you will feel comfy while wearing it.

The dual adjustable arm strap lets you hold your iPhone securely. It also offers extender strap to fit most arms. Moreover, there is also a 3M reflector to help you prevent darkness from stopping your run.

USP: Dual adjustable arm strap
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SPORTLINK iPhone Xs Armband

What makes me want “SPORTLINK” is the more practical design. The armband comes with two adjustable Velcro straps to fit most arm sizes.

You can mount your iPhone both in vertical and horizontal orientations. With the open design, you can conveniently use your device.

Check out the rugged case that provides complete protection to your iPhone from drops and scrapes. Lastly, SPORTLINK is backed by an 18-month warranty.

USP: Rugged case for additional protection
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4. Tune Belt

Tune Belt iPhone Xs Armband

“Tune Belt” armband features a pretty simple design. It’s readied to hold your smartphone even with most of the slim cases on perfectly.

The best thing about it is the soft and lightweight material. Being very smooth, it won’t irritate the skin.

Moreover, it’s sweat-resistant to ensure your smartphone remains protected. Thanks to the clear and responsive screen protector, you will be able to use your smartphone comfortably.

USP: Sweat-resistant material
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5. i-Blason Running Mate

i-Blason Armband for iPhone Xs

Exhibiting a trendy design, “i-Blason Running Mate” is well-timed to be your top-notch workout asset. You will perfectly adjust the Velcro to fit your arm.

The rubberized case not just fits around the smartphone snuggly but also help it disperse shock. With the exact cutouts, you will have hassle-free access to all the functions of your device.

Furthermore, this armband comes with a screen guard to not just offer enhanced viewing experience but also safeguard the OLED screen against abrasion. Apply promo code: geek10 to avail 10% discount.

USP: Trendy design
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LOVPHONE Armband for iPhone Xs

Times when you want to carry all of your valuables securely, you need an armband like “LOVPHONE.” It’s designed with the top-grade water-resistant material. There is also a PVC screen guard to shield the touchscreen.

It has a key pocket and a card slot to let you keep your stuff safe. With the inclusion of reflective strip, it doesn’t let dimly-lit environments stop you from running. Like colorful designs? LOVPHONE is available in three colors like grey, blue and rosy.

USP: Card Slot
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JEMACHE iPhone Xs Armband

“JEMACHE” is a full-fledged armband and an ideal option for the folks who want a bit more flexibility. Thanks to the soft and skin-friendly material, you would enjoy wearing it for hours.

The armband is compatible with both small and large arm sizes (from 8.7″ to 15.7″). Plus, it offers an extra extender to fit even bigger arms. The slots for keys and cards make it very handy for everyday use. Furthermore, JEMACHE is available in two colors like black and blue.

USP: Extra extender
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8. Trianium ArmTrek Pro

Trianium Armband for iPhone Xs

I rate Trianium’s “ArmTrek Pro” because of a couple of main reasons. First, the exceptionally stretchable material allows the muscle to flex a bit more freely.

The second, ArmTrek Pro is quite lightweight and holds your smartphone immaculately. Thanks to the highly sensitive touchscreen, your time with the iPhone remains plain-sailing. On top of all, you can choose this stylish armband in several attractive color variants.

USP: Highly sensitive touchscreen
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9. Comsoon

Comsoon iPhone Xs Armband

Looking for an armband that can offer you an enhanced viewing experience? You shouldn’t look further than Comsoon.

The combo of lycra and neoprene material makes it remarkably breathable. You can rotate this armband up to 360-degrees. That means you can hold your smartphone not just in vertical but also horizontal angles. With the open design, you have trouble-free access to the touchscreen of the device.

USP: 360-degrees rotation
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10. Lycase

Lycase Armband for iPhone Xs

Last but not the least, “Lycase” is pretty much like Comsoon. It’s also got an open face design so that you get quick access to all the functions of your smartphone.

However, the feature that makes it stand out is the quick mount technology. You can quickly uninstall your device by just pressing the button. The elastic strap and the superior locking mechanism play a vital role in keeping the device steady.

USP: Quick mount technology
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That’s it!

Your top pick?

With so many top-grade options on offer, you may have found the right pick for your device. Which one is it? We’d appreciate having your feedback in the comments.

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