Best iPhone XR Armbands in 2021

Best iPhone XR Armbands

When you are out to give your 100% during a rigorous workout, the last thing you want to encounter is the failure to keep your iPhone comfortably in place. That’s why it’s better to take the help of an armband to securely hold your smartphone and also access all the functions with ease. Willing to get one for your new iPhone? The following lineup of the top armbands for the iPhone XR can help you find out a suitable asset. Besides, I also ensured that they come with an adjustable strap to fit most arms. Jump right in to see if they can live up to your expectation!

#1. Trianium ArmTrek Pro

Trianium iPhone XR Armband

I like the sporty design of the Trianium ArmTrek Pro. It’s pretty lightweight and breathable to ensure you enjoy wearing it. The high-grade neoprene material makes it fully sweat-resistant. As it’s very soft, it won’t itch your skin.

Like carrying your key and cards even during exercise time? Well, ArmTrek Pro with built-in key pocket and card slot can be useful for you. Moreover, you can choose a more suitable armband from seven attractive color options.

USP: High-grade neoprene material
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JEMACHE Sweatproof Armband for iPhone XR

When you are putting your best foot forward to get back into shape, you would like to have an armband that not just ideally holds your iPhone but also offers the maximum comfort. JEMACHE is the type of armband that tries to take care of all of your basic needs. And to a great extent, it does succeed in living up to the demand.

Another notable quality of this band is the ability to fit even protective cases. So, you can quickly mount the device and kickstart your run. With the additional 16cm extender at the disposal, JEMACHE is readied to fit most arms.

USP: Case-friendly design
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IRUNME Sports Running Armband for iPhone XR

The thing that has called for my attention in IRUNME is the impressive “open design.” That means you have trouble-free access to all the functionalities of your smartphone.

With the 360-degree rotation on offer, you can painlessly adjust the viewing angle. As someone who likes using armband during exercise, I find this functionality very useful because it allows you to check out messages with ease. Thanks to the smooth bands, it keeps the smartphone perfectly in place.

USP: Minimalist design
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#4. Pobon

Pobon iPhone XR Mount Armband

Featuring a modern profile, Pobon looks really adorable. The best thing about this armband is the detachable design that lets you attach and remove the iPhone with ease. Due mainly to the advanced locking mechanism, it doesn’t let your device slide or fumble.

You can position your smartphone both horizontally and vertically. Perfect for the folks who have to put extra effort to view the last messages. Lastly, the lycra material makes both ultra-light and sweat resistant.

USP: Detachable design
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#5. Innens

Innens iPhone XR Sports Armband

This universal armband from Innens is for the people who adore the colorful design. It comes with double pockets to let you keep your cards and keys perfectly in place. Depending on your arm size, you can adjust the velcro belt to keep the iPhone steady.

With the water-resistant design, it doesn’t allow sweat to ruin your workout. With the neat built-up, it’s got the ability to be a long-lasting companion for the device. Besides, Innens comes in six color variants so that you can select a beautiful armband that can match your style.

USP: Double pockets
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PORTHOLIC iPhone XR Armband

“PORTHOLIC” armband could be a useful pick if you feel the need to carry not just your iPhone but also keys and cards. It comes with a hidden pocket where all of your valuables can rest in peace.

The included foam-padding on the back offers the needed comfort, while also resisting sweat. Thus, you won’t feel uncomfortable to wear the band during your jogging.

The TPU front cover allows you to use your iPhone conveniently and also ensures scuffs and smudges stay away. And if you are an early riser, who loves going for a long walk, the reflective strip could be of great help.

USP: Soft foam-padding on the back
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#7. Newppon

Newppon iPhone XR Armband

If you find it a bit inconvenient to interact with your iPhone while wearing a traditional armband, “Newppon” could be the right answer for your needs.

The 180-degree rotation makes the decisive difference, enabling you to use your device without any pain. You can use this band to hold your iPhone around your arm and wrist.

Newppon armband has a very elastic strap that helps it fit even muscular arm–up to 16″. The availability of two strap slots offers your more flexibility. Besides, the grippy design keeps the iPhone tight so that there is less chance of falling.

USP: 180-degree rotation
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#8. MyBand Inc

MyBand Armband for iPhone XR

MyBand Inc’s armband features knitted fabric that makes it exceptionally stretchable. As a result, your muscle gets the needed liberty to flex. The water-resistant material prevents sweat from harming your device.

The velcro plays a vital role in keeping the iPhone safe and steady. To me, the quality that makes it handy for many is the large slot wherein cards, and cash can be easily stored. Even better, you can choose it both in small and large size based on the size of your arm.

USP: Knitted fabric
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SPORTLINK iPhone XR Armbands

This is yet another armband that provides more freedom to interact with your iPhone. If you wish to keep the bulk at bay, “SPORTLINK” would be the one you should consider.

It comes with two adjustable velcro straps so that you can hold your smartphone not just around your arm but also wrist. With the secure locking mechanism, SPORTLINK ensures there is no awkward fumbling.

And with just a click, you will be able to release your device quickly. Furthermore, this armband fits your smartphone even with a rugged case–another big plus.

USP: Two adjustable velcro straps
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That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

Which one of the above armbands has become a long-lasting companion for not just your iPhone XR but also your gym asset? I would be glad to know about the one that has arrested your attention and made you go for it.

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