Best iPhone X Cases from Alto in 2023

Alto iPhone X Leather Cases

I have reviewed various iPhone X cases—from ultra-clearheavy-duty to the thinnest cases. However, the one category that has found a special place in my heart is—”leather.” Having already compiled an esteemed list of the best iPhone X leather cases, I have now set might sight on Alto’s latest offerings, a well-known accessory maker from Taiwan. I have chosen the four best iPhone X cases from Alto for review. One similarity that I’ve found in all of these cases is that they are all designed to be premium and boast unique quality. But are they timed for your specific needs? Read on to explore.

1. Alto Original Leather Case

Alto iPhone X Original Leather Case Lime

Alto leather case is neatly crafted and sports a sleek profile. With just 0.5mm thickness, the case retains the elegance of the smartphone without compromising on protection. Top-grade Italian leather has endowed it with both durability and richness. The best thing about this leather case is that it develops a unique patina when gets old. As a result, it never seems to lose its charm.

Thanks to the PC casing, it’s got the much-needed strength to withstand impact. Exact cutouts for the camera, buttons, and port speakers ensure you have comfortable access to all the functions of your iPhone X. With a smooth exterior, you have an improved grip that doesn’t let the smartphone slip out of your palm.

At $62, it’s a bit pricey. But if you don’t mind taking some extra yards for premium quality and adorable workmanship, the leather case would be a reasonably good pick.

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2. Metro Series (Wallet Case)

Alto iPhone X Metro Leather Case

I like the minimalist design of Metro wallet case for iPhone X. Two-tone colors give it an impressive look. Carved out of Italian full grain leather, it has a premium feel. The slim form-factor makes an appealing match with the iPhone.

PC casing further reinforces the construction, enabling the case to disperse shock. The microfiber interior adds another layer of protection into its armory and doesn’t let scratch injure the beauty of your shiny iPhone.

All the cutouts are picture-perfect allowing you to easily access features like camera, sensors, buttons of your device without any problem. Smooth leather texture fits all the contours of your palm; making it more convenient to hold the device. Metro features a slot on the back wherein you can keep a couple of cards or dollar bills. The cards remain securely inside and don’t pop out of the pocket.

If you wish to buy a top-grade leather wallet case with thin design, Metro would be worth consideration. As for price, it’s slightly on the expensive side of the fence. Should you go past the high price tag, you will have an adorable companion for the iPhone X.

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3. Anello

Alto Anello iPhone X Leather Case

Anello iPhone X leather case has quite a lot of similarities with its siblings. The Italian full-grain leather topped by praiseworthy workmanship is the biggest highlight of this case.

The case features a shiny ring on the back, which works both as a decoration and hook. You can pair it with Alto’s neck strap (comes at additional cost of $18) to carry your smartphone more comfortably; especially when you are traveling.

Anello is bolstered by PC casing, which empowers it to endure impact. The soft micro-fiber interior not only strengthens its construction but also helps it to keep off scrape. The real beauty of this case lies in the longevity. As it gets old, soft patina is developed on the exterior; which it retains its appeal.

All the cutouts have been made to be very precise; making it easier to access all the buttons and port and camera of your device. Soft-textured surface feels warm to the touch; thereby providing the better hold. Talking about the price ($62), Anello is one of the most expensive leather cases in the market. However, it has got the quality to back the high-price tag and be a good-looking match for the iPhone X.

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4. Flip case

Alto iPhone X Leather Flip Case

I do like using flip cases as they not only offer needed protection to the device but also provide more privacy. They may not look flashy and allow your smartphone to show off its elegance but they are a bit more functional. I use flip cases to prevent snooping eyes from finding out what I’m watching, reading or up to on my device.

Alto flip case is a fine piece of engineering and ideally crafted to meet your needs. The genuine leather construction coupled with the excellent handmade design gives it a classic look.

Strong PC casing armors its structure to survive bumps. There is soft micro-fiber interior that offers the required care to the smartphone. You can comfortably open close the cover to access your device. Since the cutouts are made to be precise, you will have trouble-free access to all the features of your iPhone.

This case would be available soon on Amazon.

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Apart from iPhone X, Alto also possess vast collection of iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, and 7 Plus cases. Make sure to check it out.

The Verdict:

Without mincing my words, I can say that the iPhone above X cases from Alto is up to the mark on all fronts. There are four important parameters on which I measure cases: Built-up, Design, Comfort, and Price. These covers have ticked all the three boxes with good results.

It’s just the last point where I think the cases are a bit high priced. Overall, I have come out impressed with them and would certainly recommend to the folks who don’t compromise with quality and love aesthetically designed cases.

Let me know what you think of these cases in the comments below.

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