Best iPhone X Camera Accessories in 2022

Best iPhone X Camera Accessories in 2022

iPhone X arguably has the finest camera. Though DSLR camera continues to be my first love, the iPhone is undoubtedly the first choice for on-the-go mobile photography. It’s this fondness that has compelled me to create a roundup of the best camera accessories for the iPhone X. Considering different requirements, I have listed out multiple types of accessories. So, whether you want to put an end to the last moment shake or snap dramatic images, the list has you fully covered. Without making much ado, dive right in to explore them all!

1. Shoulderpod S1

Shoulderpod S1 iPhone X Rig

“Shoulderpod S1” is designed to be a pretty handy tool for smartphone photography. What makes S1 stand out is the three-in-one functionality. You can use it as a tripod, filmmaker grip, and a traveler stand.

With the fully adjustable pressure-screw, it securely holds your iPhone. The rubber pads are smooth and prevent scratch. Sturdy construction makes this rig very durable. Moreover, it works with any smartphone with a width between 48 mm and 93 mm.

USP: Adjustable pressure-screw
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MeFOTO iPhone X Tripod

If you are looking for a highly functional travel tripod, give MeFOTO a close look. It features a secure locking mechanism and provides you with more flexibility to capture the desired shots.

You can lock the tripod legs at two different angles to have the needed convenience; especially when shooting in cramped quarters. There is also a spring loaded recessed hook to provide the desired stability.

Thanks to the separate head and pan lock, you can make the required adjustment without any hassle. Due mainly to the lightweight and foldable design, you can comfortably carry it anywhere you want.

USP: Secure locking mechanism
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NELOMO iPhone X Camera Lens Kit

NELOMO presents a top-notch camera lens kit. Powered by 0.65x super wide angle lens, 15x macro lens and 230-degree fisheye lens, it’s able to show crisp photos. Therefore, you won’t have any problem while snapping stunning shots.

Take advantage of the 15X macro lens to capture eye-catching close-up pics. The wide-angle lens is ideal for taking a picture of a group of people. The fisheye lens is spot on when it comes to snapping the rounded images. Furthermore, this kit comes with an 18-month warranty.

USP: 0.65x super wide angle lens
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4. Apexel

Apexel iPhone X Camera Kit

How about picking out an excellent photography kit that can meet various demands? Apexel offers tripod, remote shutter and 4-in-1 lens kit to let you capture memorable photos with the maximum flair.

The telephoto lens works pretty well in letting you capture long-distance shots, while the wide angle lens is right on the money for snapping group photos.

A Macro lens is handy when you wish to capture all the detail of an object. Tripod features flexible legs and a better locking mechanism. Besides, remote shutter offers you the needed convenience to take images.

USP: 4-in-1 lens kit
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5. Holy Stone

Holy Stone iPhone X Camera Drone

Holy Stone quadcopter drone allows you to record the most memorable moments in panoramic view. You can shoot high-quality real-time video with GPS assisted flight. The drone will hover stably and return to Home automatically when the battery is low, or the signal is lost.

With 20 minutes of maximum flight, you can record many of your activities on the road or when you are on outdoor adventures. Use Follow-Me-Mode and the drone will follow wherever you go.

USP: Custom flight path
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6. UBeesize

UBeesize iPhone X Tripod

UBeesize has upgraded its camera stand with stronger material to give durability. There is a drastic drop in the defect rate of this product, which is backed by UBeesize lifetime warranty.

Check out its octopus style legs that can be adjusted to get perfect angle every time you click a photo or selfie on your iPhone X. Durable foam and plastic make this tripod very strong so that you can get the stable picture on any surface.

USP: Stable on any surface
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7. CamKix

CamKix iPhone X Bluetooth Camera Shutter Remote Control

Don’t want the last moment shaking to ruin the quality of your images? CamKix remote shutter can be a worthy addition to your photography kit.

The shutter works exceptionally fast in letting you take high-quality photos. It remains functional up to 30 feet away from your device. Lastly, CamKix supports Android 4.2.2 and iOS 6 or later. So, even if you have an old mobile device, you can use this remote shutter without any issue.

What’s more, you can choose it in a variety of colors such as, black, green, red and more.

USP: Ultra-portable design
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AMIR iPhone X Lens

With four stars out of more than 2,300 customer reviews, AMIR camera lens has got all the ingredients to be your reliable asset for shooting excellent photos. The kit includes 0.4X wide-angle lens, 180° fisheye lens, and 10X macro lens.

Depending on the specific requirements, you can use the lens to snap desired shots. For instance, if you wish to capture gorgeous rounded images, go for the fisheye lens. Also, if you want to have more detail, the macro lens is the right option. Moreover, you can choose AMIR in two colors like black and silver.

USP: 0.4X wide-angle lens
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That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

Now that you have explored all the top accessories let us know your favorite pick down below in the comments. Besides, tell us about the one that’s worth including in the above roundup.

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