Best iPhone X Wireless Car Chargers

Until recently, I’d carry traditional car chargers and car mounts for keeping the iPhone charged up and having better hands-free experience on the drive. One day I found the tangled cable and the old-fashioned way of installing the smartphone a bit too much to handle. And that’s how my hunt for the top iPhone X wireless car chargers mount started!

Having used the wireless car mount charger for over a month, I can say that it’s a handy asset during travel. And the best thing about it is the two-in-one functionality. It works both as a wireless charging stand and a phone holder. As someone who likes to keep the limited space in car clutter-free, car charger mount has become the firm-favorites for me. What about you?

Best Wireless Car Chargers for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus in 2020

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#1. iOttie Easy One Touch

iOttie Wireless Car Charger for iPhone X

iOttie’s “Easy One Touch” deserves to be at the top of this roundup. What I really admire about this wireless car charger is the hassle-free mounting and removing functionality.

The phone holder looks pretty compact and features telescopic arms that keep your smartphone steady. Moreover, you can adjust the mount to have improved viewing angle.

As for wireless charging, Easy One Touch functions reliably and claims to charge compatible devices up to 40% faster. It also fends off the common hazards like short-circuiting and overcurrent to ensure your iPhone charges securely.

USP: Up to 40% Faster Charge
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ELLESYE Wireless Car Charger for iPhone X

When it comes to living up to the expectation as both a wireless car charger and car mount holder, ELLESYE is one of the better options. It has a sturdy design and comes with extendable arms that hold the iPhone spotlessly.

The strong suction cup endows more stability. With the much-improved grip, it resists vibration.

The mount holder can also be rotated to have the comfortable viewing. As for wireless charging, ELLESYE is up to the task. Besides, the charger is backed by a reliable 18-month warranty.

USP: Extendable Arms for Improved Gripping
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#3. Janket

JANKET iPhone X Wireless Car Charger

Janket’s car charger features a secure locking design and offers 360-degree rotation. Thus, your smartphone doesn’t fumble even on a bumpy ride. And you can position the device in the right angle so that you have a seamless viewing experience.

Regarding charging, Janket is good enough to power up your device with the needed safety. Plus, it also makes sure the iPhone has the necessary safeguard to prevent dangers like overheating.

USP: Compact design
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#4. Squish

Squish Wireless Car Charger for iPhone X

If you admire a more practical design, Squish can be a fine pick for your smartphone. The thing that I’ve found appreciable in it is the smooth 360-degree rotation. It makes a bit more convenient to position your iPhone in the preferred orientation.

Moreover, the car mount offers hassle-free installation and removal. As it supports most cases, you won’t need to remove the cover before putting the iPhone on charge. That’s not all, the compatibility with 10W Quick Charge 3.0 Technology further boosts its profile as an efficient charger.

USP: Case-friendly Design
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#5. andobil

Andobil Wireless Car Charger for iPhone X

Equipped with the built-in intelligent chip, “andobil” offers an essential safeguard against common hazards like overcharging and short-circuit. Hence, your iPhone is not just powered up faster but also has needed protection.

Regarding durability, andobil has got a rugged design that can endure drops. You can easily extend the arm to fit your smartphone in your preferred orientation.

Another notable thing worth mentioning is the one-hand installation–perfect for the folks who want the wireless charging process to be pretty smooth sailing.

USP: Built-in Intelligent Chip
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BESTHING iPhone X Wireless Car Charger

What stands out in BESTHING is the gravity design that makes wireless charging such a pleasing experience. The moment your place the device for a charge, the arms quickly grab the device and keep it steady.

Furthermore, it’s readied to work with most cases. That means you don’t have to take off the cover before installing the iPhone.

Courtesy the support for 10W fast charging, it’s also got the ability to juice up the device rapidly. With the smart chip on board, dangers like overcurrent remain at bay.

USP: Gravity Design
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VANMASS Wireless Car Charger for iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus

VANMASS’s wireless car charger is simply a good one that can do the assigned tasks reliably. Whether you want to toss up your smartphone for a fast and safe charging on the go or make navigation more convenient, it can fit into the needs admirably.

The manufacturer has paid special attention to protection, ensuring your device can fight out multiple dangers such as overheating. And with the soft rubberizing padding, the phone holder also prevents scuffs.

The sturdy design and secure gripping mean your device enjoys a safe ride even on countryside roads.

USP: Impressive auto-clamping design
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#8. oannao

Oannao Wireless Car Charger for iPhone X

The highlight of “oannao” is the advanced infrared motion sensor that makes installing the iPhone for quite faster. The moment your smartphone comes close to the charger (5 inches), the arms automatically open to grab the device. So, you will be able to place the device for a charge without paying much attention to it.

With the FCC and Rohs certifications, oannao is one of the most reliable wireless car mount chargers for iPhone. Plus, the lightweight design makes it a great asset for travel.

USP: Advanced Infrared Motion Sensor
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CHOETECH iPhone X Wireless Car Charger

I’ve tried my hands on CHOETECH’s wireless charging pad and found it highly efficient. So, when I had an interface with its wireless car charger, I wanted to give it a try. And guess what? It didn’t disappoint me either.

There are a couple of main features that have caught my eyes. First, it’s the ability to charge the iPhone X with rapid speed. And the second, the superior locking mechanism that prevents vibration so that there is no fumbling at all. Besides, you will place your smartphone both horizontally or vertically for a seamless hands-free experience.

USP: Efficient Charging
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DBNICE iPhone X Wireless Car Charger

Last but not least, DBNICE can give a long run to the best in the business. I like the small footing that makes it ultra-portable. Based on your convenience, you can use the air vent mount or suction cup to position the iPhone immediately.

The automatic switch charging mode is what you need to kick-start charging in a flash without being deviated. With the rubber cushion, the holder keeps scratches away so that your smartphone has the maximum comfort while charging. And the support for the fast charge (10W) gives it an edge over other traditional Qi chargers.

USP: Automatic Switching
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That’s all, folks!

Your most trusted charger?

I know all the chargers mentioned above are appreciable. However, I would be glad to know about the ones that seem to be ideal for your requirements.

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