Best Docking Stations with Speakers for iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus in 2019: Enjoy Music While Charging Your Device

Bring life to your music time with the high-stereo sound enriched by powerful bass by choosing one of these top docking stations with speaker for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus in 2019. Moreover, they also allow you to power up your smartphone with decent speed!

Many of us love listening to music and never seem to get enough of it. Even when my device is being powered up, I want to continue my interaction with it or catch up with my favorite tracks without any obstruction. That’s why, I thought it’d be cool to make a list of the best iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus docking stations with speakers so that you continue to enjoy music in full-fledged form even when your device is in charge.

I have already compiled a long list of the best docking stations for iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus. So, check out this collection if you want to power up multiple devices at once. Talking about these charging stands, they are very efficient and deliver high-fidelity sound. Besides, most of them also come with dual alarms. Wish to take a peek at them? Let’s jump across!

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Best iPhone X Docking Stations With Speaker for That works With iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in 2019

#1. iHome iPLWBT5B

iHome iPLWBT5B iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 Docking Station with Speakers

iPLWBT5B is the most efficient docking station with the speaker from iHome. The charging dock powers up both your Apple Watch and iPhone with decent speed and required security.

Equipped with Reson8 speaker chambers, the speaker offers immersive sound. The built-in microphone makes it very useful for hands-free calling. It also comes with six preset FM stations. The dock features dual alarms for different wake times. Beyond features, iHome iPLWBT5B is available in two variants. While the full-sized model comes at $129.95, the mini-sized model costs $95.95.

USP: Reson8 speaker chambers
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#2. Azpen DockAll D100

Azpen Dockall D100 Wireless Charging Dock with Speakers for iPhone X, 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

I rate Azpen DockAll D100 very highly both as a wireless charger and speaker. First off, the dock features three built-in coils. As a result, you can power up your iPhone both vertically and horizontally. Perfect for the folks who want to have a more flexible hands-free experience.

DockAll has two extra USB ports so that you can charge two other devices. Even better, the dock also has a built-in microphone that provides crystal clear audio.

USP: Wirelessly charge iPhone both vertically and horizontally
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#3. iHome iPL24

iHome iPL24 iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus Docking Station with Speaker

Pick out iHome iPL24 to enhance your music experience. Endowed with Reson8 technology, it delivers top-notch sound quality. It also comes with USB ports (1A) to let you charge your fitness trackers and other devices.

It features six station memory presets and also allows international radio frequency adjustment. There are dual alarm clocks for separate wake times. Sleep mode lets you put it in reset with ease. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is available in two colors: gray and rose gold.

USP: Reson8 technology
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#4. InstaBox W33

InstaBox Wireless Charging Dock with Speakers for iPhone X, 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

InstaBox W33 is a competent wireless charger that also doubles up as a speaker. So, you can use this dock to not just keep your smartphone powered up but also never let your music time go out of track. The dock has a USB port on the back to charge other devices.

The dual speakers offer good sound with improved bass. You can adjust the brightness of the LCD screen as per your ambiance. For instance, you can keep the brightness at the high level during the day and put it at a low level in the night.

Enjoy tuning into your favorite radio programs? Well, InstaBox W33 lets you store up to 20 stations.

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USP: Store up to 20 radio stations
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#5. Homtime (Wireless charging)

Homtime Wireless Charging Dock with Speakers for iPhone X, 8, and iPhone 8 Plus

Ready to embrace wireless charging technology? Homtime presents you a highly efficient and secure wireless charger certified by FCC, CE, and ROHS.

As Homtime is compatible with cases, you won’t need to take off the cover from your iPhone X before putting it on the charge. The large display has four brightness control levels.

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With the built-in mic at the disposal, you will relish your hands-free calling. And just like most of its counterparts, this docking station also comes with a useful alarm clock.

USP: Secure wireless charging
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That’s all for now!

What’s your favorite?

Out of all of these finest docking stations, which one have you chosen to juice up your device and enjoy music? It would be nice to know your pick. Besides, also let us know the qualities you want to see in a high-quality charging stand for the iOS device.

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