Winter’s just goin’ out and Spring’s ’round the corner. Temperatures are going to hit pleasant levels and that naturally means you’re going to look at the weather information on your iPhone and feel blissful. Okay, may be not exactly that blissful but then, it’s Spring-time after all!

The stock Weather app on the iPhone is a permanent fixture but it’s not exactly the most beautiful thing on the iPhone. In fact, very few would actually declare that the best weather app for the iPhone is the stock one. And that’s precisely because there are tons of awesome, beautiful and amazing weather apps on the App Store.

We take our usual stroll through the store to find out the best weather apps for the iPhone. Turns out there are dozens of them. I ended up selecting them based on – not their apparently popularity – but on the looks and the info they present.

Best Weather Apps for iPhone

10 Best Weather Apps for iPhone:

#1. Weather HD

Weather HD iPhone AppWeather HD is precisely the kind of gorgeous and yet simple app that you’d like to see when you want to check the weather. It’s intuitive with its background corresponding to the type of weather. In a concrete jungle, a pleasant eighty wouldn’t mean much but looking at lush green grass definitely brings a refreshing wave of a feeling. That’s precisely what Weather HD does.

Download Weather HD

#2. Celsius Free

Celsius Free iPhone AppCelsius Free- Weather & Temperature is an app with a difference. It’s not the usual app you’d have to open to know the temperature. It shows the current temperature (in Celsius scale) as an icon badge. Care for a quick way to catch the weather? Celsius Free is here. I’m not much of a fan of their interface though. It still is a very good app for weather.

Download Celsius Free

#3. Free Live Weather Clock

Live Weather Clock iPhone AppThis one reminds you of HTC’s clock widget. This weather app has dynamically changing backgrounds depending on the current weather. Not much of a fancy thing but still, it’s a cool way to proceed. The really good thing about this app is that the interface is clean and the information presented is not overwhelming. Just a neat weather app with a minimal forecast.

Download Free Live Weather Clock

#4. Weather Neue

Weather Neue iPhone AppIf you care for some really minimal weather app, this is the place to start. One of the most minimalist weather apps you’ll find on the App Store, Weather Neue is not just minimalist in design but it’s functionally so too. How do you update the weather info? Just shake the iPhone. Yup. That’s it. The app became “new and noteworthy” within days of its launch.

Download Weather Neue

#5. Solar

Solar iPhone AppIt wouldn’t be right to include Solar in an app list that doesn’t have Haze but I couldn’t resist this temptation to include it. The idea behind Solar is a highly minimal weather app that is powered through gestures, making use of all the possible gestures on your iPhone’s screen. It’ll take you a while before you get used to all the various gestures associated with different information, but once you’re done with it, Solar would be your go-to app.

Download Solar

#6. InstaWeather

InstaWeather iPhone AppInstaWeather is something you’d have heard by now. All this “Instagramming” has made anything that’s ‘Insta’-tagged work wonders for its marketing. It is an app that lets you overlay weather information beautifully on any photo that you click. It’s not a weather app per se but you can call it that if you wish. InstaWeather is a cool app because I like their typography.

Download InstaWeather

#7. Red Clock

Red Clock iPhone AppRed Clock is yet another minimalist weather+clock+alarm app that focuses on a crisp and clear information display. The background is a strong red but you can change it. The focus is on a large time display with a smaller temperature and weather info but if you’re looking just for this kind of an app, it’s all yours.

Download Red Clock

#8. Ultraweather

Ultraweather iPhone AppMix Instagram photos (as background) with a clear set of icons and a beautiful typography. That’s what Ultraweather is all about. It’s a stunningly beautiful Instagram-inspired weather app. Needless to say, it’s kind of minimalist with just the info you need. I’d say this one-ups Weather Neue.

Download Ultraweather

#9. Sky – Minimal Weather

Sky Minimal Weather iPhone AppSky is another amazing minimal weather app that’s just pure bliss to look at. The background goes from a beautiful blue to a scintillating red depending on the temperature. Icons used are plain fantastic. This is one of those apps that stays true to its name: gorgeously minimal.
{Note: At the time of publishing this article, Sky appears to have some problems with fetching data.}

Download Sky – Minimal Weather

#10. Conditions

Conditions iPhone AppConditions tells you the sky is Partly Cloud and shows the temperature. I mean, that’s the way all weather apps should be. I don’t want a crisp and robotic 70 F – I want to hear/see things like what Conditions shows. Conditions weather app is one of the most awesome minimalist weather app on our iPhones.

Download Conditions

Bonus: Also, check out the new Yahoo! Weather app if you’re looking for a new weather experience.

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    not forgetting the “not always right” Met office app