Just like many iOS users, I keep a lot of my private data like photos, videos and personal notes on my iPhone. To ensure they have the needed safeguard, I use iPhone security apps which keep prying eyes at bay and prevent unauthorized access to my data.

Lock up your private data in a separate folder and use Touch ID to access it safely. Get break-in alerts when anyone tries to access your data. Manage your passwords smartly to ensure your accounts remain secure. Read on to check out what's more these security apps for iOS can do for you!

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Best iPhone and iPad Security Apps

Best Security Apps for iPhone and iPad

#1. Password Manager

Password Manager iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Bring about the essential convenience of the way you manage your passwords with Password Manager. The app keeps your information completely secure and allows you to automatically log into websites with just a tap. As it has the support of password lock, dot lock, and Touch ID, you can use your preferred method to safeguard your confidential data.

This password manager features 60 templates for hassle-free data entry. It has an inbuilt-password generator to instantly create the very strong password. Moreover, there are as many as 235 icons to let you personalize your information.

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Price: Free

#2. Secret Apps Photo Vault

Secret Apps Photo Vault iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Secret Apps Photo Vault” offers your private data safe heaven on your iPhone. It enables you to protect your personal photos, videos, contacts, notes or anything you want to keep under the wraps.

It captures the images of anyone who tries to intrude your privacy. The badge alerts show the number of break-in attempts. It has a private browser to let you search for more privacy.

Price: Free

#3. Private Photo Vault

Private Photo Vault iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Give your photos and videos a top-notch shield with Private Photo Vault. The app allows you to protect your photo albums using password or pattern. As it also provides break-in reports, you won't have much difficulty in identifying the intruders.

You can quickly import/export your pics from the photos app. With the private browser, you will be able to browse the web with more security.

Price: Free

#4. 1Password

1Password iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I have always rated 1Password very highly as it makes password managing a stress-free affair. With this password manager app, you can quickly sign in to apps and websites. The password generator allows you to change passwords and offer more safeguard to them.

You can create multiple vaults to keep your passwords fully organized. Using tags and favorites, you will be able to keep your information in well-order. Moreover, it also alerts you when you visit a site that's been compromised.

Price: Free

#5. Dashlane

Dashlane Password Manager iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Dashlane is a handy password manager app. You can securely lock up all of your passwords and keep them completely safeguarded.

With the password generator, you can promptly generate passwords for your accounts. It allows you to quickly access your passwords and log into websites and apps. If your passwords are used outside of this app, it sends you security breach alerts.

Price: Free

#6. Lookout

Lookout iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Lookout is a fully-featured security app for iOS. The app not just protects your iPhone, its data but also your identity.

With the identity theft protection (the US only), it lets you safeguard your both personal and financial information. It alerts you when any app, company or service you are using is breached. The app monitor allows you to promptly check apps for suspicious activity. Furthermore, it lets you map the location of your iOS device and make it sound an alarm even if it's put on silent.

Price: Free

#7. Keep Safe Photo Vault

Keep Safe Photo Vault iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

For many people, photos are just as private as certain documents. After all, honeymoon snapshots or a wild night out with the guys can – and often do – contain sensitive imagery. Therefore, it's no surprise many people would like to relegate a certain portion of their photo library to the “for my eyes only” bin. Keep Safe accomplishes just that by storing the pictures in the photo app in a secure, password-protected folder.

Price: Free

#8. Webroot SecureWeb Browser

Webroot SecureWeb Browser iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Despite many advances in computer protections, the Internet is still a dangerous place – especially when it comes to malicious websites. Webroot offers complete protection when banking or shopping and will tell the user up front whether a website is safe to enter.

The tabbed browsing, tab gestures, and tab management allow you to browse more conveniently. The safe search settings help you browse the internet with the needed security. You can view the trust ratings for leading search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Price: Free

#9. Don't Touch This

Dont Touch This iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“Don't Touch This” provides your private photos, videos, contacts, and personal notes the required armor to keep prying eyes away. You can create a separate folder to store all of your personal data and protect it using Pincode, combination lock, dot lock or Touch ID.

It allows you to store unlimited photos in the folder. The built-in contact manager lets you hide contacts with ease. You can snap pics and shoot videos right inside the app.

Price: $9.99

#10. Best Phone Security Pro

Best Phone Security Pro iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

This one's a typical passcode/pattern lock app for the iPhone which serves a couple of additional duties than the stock passcode. You can set an alarm tone in case someone enters the wrong passcode/pattern. It lets you record four different types of alarms specifically for using it within the app.

It notifies you with a loud security alarm whenever anyone tries to intrude your device. It captures the photo (using the FaceTime camera) of anyone who enters the wrong passcode/pattern. You will also be able to view the location of the intruder.

Price: $0.99

The Bottom Line

I hope you will no longer have any problem in providing the safe heaven to your private data with these security apps. Based on your particular need, you can pick the app to offer you the desired security. As for instance, if you are concerned about the protection of your passwords, pick out the password manager and if you wish to keep your photos and videos away from prying eyes, try out the apps that give them the much-wanted safeguard.

I would recommend you to check out these important app lists like best VPN apps, best password manager apps, and best photo vault apps for iPhone and iPad.

Have any feedback? Do lets us know that in the comments and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to read more such top iOS apps. Also, make sure to download our app on your iPhone and iPad.

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