Back in the day, the most people had to worry about regarding data loss was if their desktop computer crashed.  This is still partially true today, but the problem is compounded by the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, like the iPhone.

These mini computers thrive by putting so much personal info in the palm of a person’s hand, and this is also their Achilles heel. All it takes is leaving an iPhone in the back of a taxi, or a quick flip of the wrist of a petty criminal, and vital data could be gone forever.

Best iPhone Security Apps

Of course, most people these days know to backup their most important info in case of just such an occurrence. But oftentimes this isn’t enough. The good news is that these days technology – in the form of  mobile apps – is waging its own war on iPhone loss and theft. So with that in mind, here are some of the top security apps for iOS that will prove invaluable in 2013.

Keepsafe – Free

Keepsafe iPhone Security AppFor many people, photos are just as private as certain documents. After all, honeymoon snapshots or a wild night out with the guys can – and often do – contain sensitive imagery. Therefore it’s no surprise many people would like to relegate a certain portion of their photo library to the “for my eyes only” bin. Keepsafe accomplishes just that by storing the pictures in the photo app in a secure, password-protected folder.

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Lookout Mobile Security – Free

Lookout iPhone AppA major trend in smartphone protection is the rise of location-based security apps, and lookout is one of the best. The app uses the iPhone’s GPS in order to track it in the event it becomes stolen. The best part is that the user can communicate with his or her stolen smartphone via the Internet in order to locate it as quickly as possible.

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Best Phone Security Pro – $0.99

Best Phone Security Pro iPhone App LogoThis one’s a typical passcode/pattern lock app for the iPhone which serves a couple of additional duties than the stock passcode. First off, you can actually set an alarm tone in case someone enters the wrong passcode/pattern. You can, in fact, record four different types of alarms specifically for using it within the app. Secondly, the app will capture the photo (using the FaceTime camera) of anyone who enters the wrong passcode/pattern. You can view this data within the app.

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Webroot – free

Webroot SecureWeb Browser iPhone AppDespite many advances in computer protections, the Internet is still a dangerous place – especially when it comes to malicious websites. Webroot offers complete protection when banking or shopping and will tell the user upfront whether a website is safe to enter.

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By installing even one of these apps onto an iPhone, the user can rest assured that their device is equipped with a premium security feature. In this day and age there really is no reason to let the prospect of theft police the lives of iPhone owners, especially when these new security apps are inexpensive (or free) and work wonders.

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About Author: Scott Johnson is a tech blogger and iPhone aficionado. He writes on behalf of Protect Your Bubble iPhone insurance brand.