Best iPhone SE Power Banks in 2021

Best iPhone SE Power Banks

Power banks are essential accessories for your iPhone. Your iPhone can be protected without cases and screen protectors; you can talk to anybody without hands-free; you can operate your iPhone without a keyboard. But what will you do if your iPhone SE runs out of battery? Without the battery, your iPhone is as useless as a metal block. This has created a need for portable power banks for iPhone.

1. Jackery

Jackery iPhone SE Power Bank

Jackery presents a stylish power bank that can be your best companion while you are traveling with your iPhone SE. This one is a perfect portable travel charger for your long flights, road trips, etc.

This power bank gives you 2-3 full charges to your smartphone and tablet. Its stylish and compact design help you place comfortably in your travel bag. The 6000mAh Li-ion polymer cell battery capacity can charge your iPhone and iPad also.

USP: Emergency LED Flashlight
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2. Luxtude

Luxtude Power Bank for iPhone SE

If lightweight and slim power bank is what you are looking for, then this one from Luxtude may be the perfect fit. It features a 5000mAH capacity, MFi certified charging cable, and UL certified battery. The power bank can easily be carried in your hand along with your iPhone SE, or you can carry in your pocket as well.

This one indeed charges the iPhone much faster compared to the original charger. 5000mAh is a little less but it is worth for people who don’t usually run out of battery, and power bank is mostly for backup. Lastly, there are three color choices available.

USP: Slim and lightweight
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3. iWalk

iWalk iPhone SE Power Bank

This power bank should be slightly bigger than your credit card. It is compact in design, so you can easily put it in your pocket and carry away. The 9000 mAh battery can charge your iPhone SE more than three times.

The functionality includes a fast charge, built-in cable, and proper safety measurements. This one is a perfect fit for someone who needs more power without compromising on the size of the power bank. Besides, you also get to choose from three color options to suit your style.

USP: Extremely compact 9000 mAh power bank
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4. Xcentz

Xcentz Portable Charger for iPhone SE

Xcentz has emerged as one of the most powerful brands in the realm of iPhone and iPad accessories. This power bank is arguably the best companion for your iPhone Se. Apple’s relatively smaller device runs on the battery of 1624mAh, and therefore a compact power bank like this is the best solution.

If you look at the size of Xcentz power bank, you can see it is smaller than a credit card and lightweight as a baseball. You can carry this power bank in your hands, pocket, or purse. Available in three shades, this power bank is your every-day-carry charger.

USP: Compact size
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5. TravelGo

This power bank boasts a large 10,400 mAh battery capacity and dual USB ports to meet your charging needs. It comes equipped with a smart LED display, so you can always know how much charge is left. You can charge two devices simultaneously via dual USB ports that provide a powerful total current output of 5V/2.1A.

Further, it’s got a solid build while also being portable. It’s easy to slip into your pocket and conveniently take it everywhere you go. It comes with a travel pouch to keep safe from dust and other damage. You can buy with confidence thanks to the money-back guarantee on this product.

USP: Best for travel
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6. Brand Q

Brand Q Power Bank for iPhone SE

Brand Q power bank is an all-in-one solution for most of your devices. It has a built-in lightning cable for your iPhone SE, USB-C, and also a Micro-USB cable to support most of your devices. Never worry about carrying those tangling cables all the time. Top of that, you don’t even need a cable for charging the power bank. It comes with a fixed AC plug, and you plug the power bank in an AC adapter to charge it.

Intelligent power management IC ensures the safety of all your devices. It takes care of over-charge, power fluctuation, overheating, and overcurrent. You don’t get any color choices here, but it is worth every penny.

USP: AC plug for charging the power bank
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BONAI iPhone SE Power Bank

With 30000mAh battery under the hood, you’ll never run out of power while using the iPhone SE. In addition to that, the power bank also has a built-in LED light that’ll be useful in the dark. There are four USB ports that can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

Besides that, the power bank is equipped with all safety features like protection from overcharging, overcurrent, short-circuit, and overheating. Lastly, you can select from three different colors.

USP: Built-in torch
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8. Anker

Anker Power Bank for iPhone SE

Anker is unarguably the most renowned name in iPhone accessories. By choosing this product, you become one of the proud customers along with more than 20 million others, who trust this brand. This power bank has the ultra-high capacity of 20100mAh; you can charge your iPhone Se for nearly ten times with this power bank.

When the power bank is drained, you can recharge it in just 10 hours with a two amp charger. It is a safe product you as Anker’s multi-protect safety system and LG battery cells offer full protection for you and your iPhone.

USP: Ultra-high capacity
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