Best iPhone SE Clock Radio Docking Stations in 2022

Best iPhone SE Clock Radio Docking Stations

Docking stations are the best iPhone accessories available in the market. Apart from charging your iOS devices, docking stations enliven the ambiance of your workstations and any flat surface at home. Innovative accessories makers then added speakers to the docking stations. And then they also came up with radio and alarm facility for iPhone users.

This list brings together a miscellany of stylish and strong iPhone SE docking stations with radio and alarm. Wake up to melodious songs and alarm tunes played on the iPhone SE docking stations.


DPNAO iPhone SE Clock Radio Docking Station

DPNAO seems to be a complete package. The dock comes with dual high-fidelity speakers to deliver a pleasing music experience. And with the EQ function, it also offers you the option to fine-tune your music.

The FM radio boasts 20 preset stations. And if you have a liking for radio programs, they will be worth your time.

The sleep timer and alarm function make it user-friendly. Plus, there is 3.5mm audio jack to let you connect the dock with other audio players.

USP: EQ function
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2. Philips

Philips AJT3300 iPhone SE Clock Radio Dock

Philips presents an aesthetically perfect docking station with alarm and radio. You can stream wireless music via Bluetooth. Its universal charging cradles allow you to charge smartphones other than iPhone. The built-in microphone is right on the money for an ideal hands-free calling experience.

Manage the cable smoothly with its cable management feature at the back. Set a sleep timer to fall asleep to your favorite music and wake up to melodious alarm tune.

USP: Clutter-free cable management
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3. Homtime

Homtime Alarm Clock Radio Docking Station for iPhone SE

Homtime has a pragmatic design and is readied to take care of several needs. And it does stand up to various needs with aplomb.

First and foremost, the dock allows you to position your smartphone in portrait and landscape orientations. Thus, you will have a more seamless hands-free experience while watching videos or video calling.

As for charging, it has a couple of USB ports to let you juice up your devices. With the built-in surge protection, it keeps common threats at bay.

The wireless speaker is more than good enough to bring life to your music. Further, FM radio and alarm functionality make Homtime a versatile asset.

USP: Built-in surge protection
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4. Tyler TAC501-BK

Tyler iPhone SE Clock Radio Docking Station

Powered by twin speaker system, Tyler TAC501-BK has got adorable sound quality. You can instantly pair it with your smartphone and stream your favorite tracks. There is also an FM station tuner with the built-in antenna to consistent Radio reception.

You can adjust the brightness of the LED alarm clock so that your night sleep is not hampered. Select either radio or buzzer to wake you up peacefully in the morning. Moreover, TAC501-BK comes in two colors: black and white.

USP: Twin speaker system
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5. iHome iPL8XHG

iHome iPL8XHG iPhone SE Clock Radio Docking Station

iHome’s iPL8XHG is one of my favorite docking stations for iPhone. And the reason why I find it so appreciable is the stereo high-fidelity drivers that offer distortion-free sound.

The reason8 speaker chambers ensure the sound quality is crisp. Talking about the FM radio, it comes with six preset stations. As compared to others, it’s definitely low but should be more than fine for normal usage.

You can make the most of sleep timer to fall asleep with complete peace of mind. Thanks to the dual alarm function, it helps you to go at pace with your hectic life.

USP: Reason8 speaker chambers
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6. Jensen

Jensen iPhone SE Charghing Dock with Radio

Frankly speaking, it’s the commendable design that has called for my attention in Jensen. The dock comes with powerful speakers to offer high-quality sound. Plus, there is aux input jack to let you connect it with other audio players.

You can dock your iPhone both vertically and horizontally to have an improved viewing angle. So, expect your hands-free usage to be comfortable. It also does a decent job of charging your smartphone.

Furthermore, the FM stereo receiver with 20 presets and dual alarm clock make Jensen an evergreen asset.

USP: Adjustable dock
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7. iHome iPLWBT5B

iHome iPLWBT5B iPhone SE Docking Station with Speaker

To put straight, iHome iPLWBT5B is one of the most appreciable iPhone dock clock Radio. It has got all the bases covered to live up your various demands. From letting you charge your smartphone at a good speed to enhancing your music experience, the dock does all the designated tasks with good effect.

A notable feature of this charging dock is the integrated Apple Watch charger to let you power up your smartwatch as well. The built-in microphone offers crystal clear audio so that you are able to communicate with complete peace of mind.

Note: There are two more iPhone docks with clock Radio from iHome. In terms of features, all of them have a lot of similarities. Do check out both iHome iPL23 and iHome iDL44 as they are worth serious consideration.

USP: Integrated Apple Watch charger
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8. Emerson SmartSet

Emerson SmartSet iPhone SE Clock Radio Docking Station

Regarding functionality, Emerson SmartSet is pretty good. The high-stereo sound enriched by heavy bass livens up your music experience. FM radio with 20 station memories ensures you have a lot to experiment.

Depending on your requirement, you can easily fine-tune the sound quality. Besides, you will also be able to adjust the display of the LED clock. As for charging your iPhone, you can expect it to never disappoint you.

USP: High-fidelity sound
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

Assuming, you have found an ideal dock for your iPhone. It would be my pleasure to know your feedback about it.

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