Best iPhone SE Armbands

Best iPhone SE Armbands

iPhone SE is finally released during Apple’s first event of 2016. As an iPhone lover, you would certainly like to buy this latest piece. iPhone SE boasts features and specifications similar to that of the iPhone 6s, and therefore, you don’t want to miss this opportunity to buy the smaller iPhone at an affordable price. While your iPhone SE has so much emotional value for you, its protection is equally essential.

For iPhone fanatics, you always want to keep your iPhone SE in your hands; unfortunately, it is impossible. But you can always keep your device tied to your arm with the help of the best iPhone SE armbands.

1. Supcase

SUPCASE iPhone SE Armband

While your iPhone SE is tied to your arm, you should be able to talk to anybody or listen to music. Supcase armband allows you to connect headphones with your iPhone easily. Moreover, you can enjoy full access to all iPhone ports and controls when your iPhone is tied to your arm. The armband is enhanced with the silicone skin, which is installed in seconds. Even after frequent twists and bends, the armband will not lose its original shape.

USP: Larger range of arm sizes (9″ to 21″)
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JEMACHE iPhone SE Armband

JEMACHE presents a complete package in this iPhone SE armband that includes all the essential features an armband requires. I particularly like its touchscreen compatibility; you can access your iPhone SE screen even if the phone is inside the armband.

JEMACHE has made this armband from premium neoprene, which stretch-resistant, and therefore, you can easily band your armband while working out at a gym or outdoors. For safety alerts, check that reflective strip, which illuminates when you are running in low light.

USP: Stretch-resistant neoprene
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3. Tribe

Tribe Armband for iPhone SE

A water-resistant armband should be your first choice for your iPhone SE. The Tribe is made to survive toughest situations, and therefore, fitness freaks and adventure-seekers like to buy this armband. Whether it is your cross-country run or water sports, Tribe’s iPhone SE armbands are a perfect protector of your device.

The double-Velcro straps can be fitted around upper-arms with a size of 8-16 inch. You can use your headphone while working out as Tribe’s armbands offer quick access to its headphone jack.

USP: Water-resistant
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4. E Tronic Edge

E Tronic Edge iPhone SE Armband

E Tronic Edge has created a sleeve or a pouch instead of an armband, that doesn’t fit into the traditional definition of armbands. However, this pouch case gives the best protection to your iPhone SE, which is cocooned in this sleeve. The only drawback is that you cannot access the touchscreen of your iPhone SE.

This pouch case is for those, who are worried about their iPhones while they are working out at the gym or outdoors. The pouch is made of stretchy spandex material, and hence, you can easily put your iPhone SE or other iPhones with longer screen size.

USP: Spandex material
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5. Tune Belt

Tune Belt iPhone SE Armband

Whether you go jogging or lift heavy weights in the gym, this armband for iPhone SE will firmly hold your device without letting it dance here and there. The material is soft and sweat resistant; making it comfortable for you and also for your iPhone.

It is stretchable and that allows it to fit in almost all arm sizes. In addition, you can also wrap the extra headphone cord around so that it doesn’t bother you while you workout. Lastly, there are no color choices available.

USP: Perfect and comfortable fit
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6. VUP

VUP iPhone SE Armband

Two features of VUP’s armband will capture your attention for sure: it is rotatable and its skin-friendly material. While you are biking, hiking, walking or running, you cannot talk to a person even as you can easily swipe to receive calls. For talking, you need to rotate your phone to the right angle so that you can see the screen. VUP helps you rotate your phone in 180 degrees.

Moreover, VUP has used breathable Lycra and neoprene material; this gives you soft and odorless wearing experience while you are working out.

USP: Breathable Lycra material
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7. i2 Gear

i2 Gear iPhone SE Armband

You usually go for a workout in the morning. So without disturbing other members of your family, you sneak out and take the latchkey with you. But where do you keep that key? If you have got i2 Gear armband, you can store your house key in a dedicated slot available on the armband.

The armband is available in sizes 9 to 15 inches; if your arms or biceps are larger, you can easily fit the band around.

USP: Adjustable sizes from 9 to 15 inches
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JOTO iPhone SE Armband

Joto brings a premium and lightweight armband for iPhone SE. This band is made of neoprene, sweatproof and durable material, which secures your iPhone from all sides. The armband has the built-in key holder, a slot to store ID/Credit Card/ Cash etc. Joto also offers earphone jack openings so that users can easily connect to music and radio. The armband boasts clear protective screen cover, which allows you to access all functions on your iPhone.

USP: Strong elastic hook & loop
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9. Yomole

Yomole Armband for iPhone SE

Take your home along when you go out for walking or jogging. Apparently, this is impossible. However, you can keep all the essential things with you if you have Yomole’s armband for iPhone SE. The large capacity armband allows you to store Bluetooth headphones, house keys, cash, ID, credit cards, and other things you may need during your workout.

This armband is made of extremely lightweight sweatproof fabric comfortable neoprene and breathable air mesh material; this allows your skin to breathe easily.

USP: Large capacity
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Signing off

For fitness lovers, armbands are the essential products to keep their iPhone SE securely in place. An armband provides extreme comfort when you are busy with your fitness activities. You are never worried about the damage or theft of your phone. Since armbands are sweatproof, you may rest assured that your phone will not be affected by beads of sweat.

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