Best iPhone SE 2020 Selfie Sticks in 2020

Although iPhone SE 2020 can be held comfortably in hands, a selfie stick is always more convenient. You can capture shake-free pictures and selfies with better stability. Moreover, when it comes to groupies, selfie sticks can do wonders. Without further delay let’s check out the best selfie sticks for iPhone SE 2020.

#1. Mpow 31.9-inch Monopod Selfie Stick

Mpow iPhone SE 2020 Selfie Stick

Mpow’s lightweight selfie stick can extend up to 31.9 inches. This means you can easily click group selfies with your friends, family & colleagues.

A compact design, this mini stick provides the utmost comfort when you are traveling. When you fold the stick, it is reduced to 7.1-inch long. Carry this stick in your back pocket, purse, or backpack.

Enabled with Bluetooth, pair your phone with this stick quickly. Next, take photos or record videos. Wide compatibility will securely house your iPhone SE 2020.

Coupled with Bluetooth remote control and powerful battery, you can use this stick for a long time. No matter where you are on earth, capture photos from perfect angles. Make the most of 270-degree adjustable head of this selfie stick.


  • 270-degree adjustable head
  • Bluetooth range: 33 feet
  • Compact & lightweight


  • MicroUSB connector needs improvement

Price: $10.99
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#2. BlitzWolf Selfie Stick with Tripod

BlitzWolf iPhone SE 2020 Selfie Stick Tripod

BlitzWolf brings a two-in-one product that works as a selfie stick and tripod as well. There are multiple benefits of this iPhone SE 2020 selfie stick. Whether you are on a vacation or at the conference, you can make the most of this Bluetooth selfie stick.

During video conferences, use a stable tripod of the selfie stick. It is super easy to unfold the tripod and place it on a desk or table. A detachable wireless remote allows you to control the camera.

All through your pleasure trips, never ask any strangers for a favor. Capture all your memories on your own. With its fast and stable Bluetooth connection, record sweet memories with your family and friends.

Packed with a rechargeable lithium battery, BlitzWolf’s selfie stick can capture 20,000 selfies. Alternatively, it can last for 24 hours of working time.


  • Detachable remote control
  • Retractable tripod
  • Rotatable selfie stick


  • Need to handle with care

Price: $25.99
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#3. Pobon Selfie Stick Tripod

Pobon Selfie Stick for iPhone SE 2020

Anti-scratch silicone pads are attention-grabbing. Your iPhone is secure between the pads just like a baby is protected in the mother’s hands.

The main part of this selfie stick is divided between the head and phone holder. While the head is 225-degree rotatable, the phone holder can be rotated in 360 degrees. You can keep your phone in horizontal or vertical mode.

Use its built-in Bluetooth remote control to take photos or group photos. A 33-foot Bluetooth range allows you to move freely in parties or wedding functions.

Unlike other selfie sticks, Pobon gives you 50000 photos. Once you charge its battery for 35 minutes, you can use this selfie stick for a clicking-spree.

Solid aluminum alloy, retractable frame, and an ergonomic handle are other notable features.


  • Anti-scratch silicone pads
  • 225-degree rotation head
  • 360-degree phone holder
  • 50000 photos with every 35-minute charge


  • Tripod needs to be stronger

Price: $21.99
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#4. Erligpowht Selfie Stick with Tripod and Detachable Wireless Remote

Erligpowht iPhone SE 2020 Selfie Stick

You play multiple roles in your life. A businessman, a friend, a classmate, a family man, a traveler, and whatnot. Erligpowht has designed this selfie stick to be your companion in all the stages of your life.

An extendable selfie stick with a removable Bluetooth remote is your perfect partner. Whether it is a video conference or chat, family vacation, a reunion of classmates, or travel. You can use this selfie stick for your second-generation iPhone SE.

Since Erligpowht has used corrosion-resistant metal, you can use this selfie stick in all geographies and climate. Moreover, its compact design allows you to take your selfie stick everywhere.


  • Corrosion-resistant metal
  • Multi-functional selfie stick
  • Extendable & foldable design


  • Causes sweating after long usage

Price: $17.99
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#5. YIBIDINAY Selfie Stick Tripod with Removable Wireless Remote Shutter

YIBIDINAY iPhone SE 2020 Selfie Stick

YIBIDINAY’s selfie stick is compact and lightweight. You can easily put it in your pocket or handle it in your hands. When you fold the stick, it becomes 7.64-inch long.

With a built-in Bluetooth remote control, you can quickly take selfies and group photos. Whether it is parties, travel, or hiking, use this selfie stick with confidence.

An adjustable and rotatable phone holder is a notable feature. You can rotate its phone holder in 360 degrees.

The phone clamp can be rotated in 225 degrees. Use your iPhone in horizontal or vertical mode to get the best angle.

Corrosion-resistant metal is strong enough to endure severe weather. Professional design sets this selfie stick apart from others.


  • All-in-one compact design
  • Comfortable handle
  • Horizontal & vertical camera mode


  • Tripod is not stable

Price: $16.99
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#6. ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

ATUMTEK Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod for iPhone SE 2020

A selfie stick has to be simple. ATUMTEK knows this and therefore, it has made a simple and universal selfie stick for your 2020 iPhone SE.

Integrated innovation design requires your attention. ATUMTEK has integrated the stick and tripod stand. And this makes your selfie stick pretty stable.

Another cool feature is the aviation-grade aluminum alloy. This material is used to construct the extendable pole. Add to this, ATUMTEK has processed its surface with anodic oxidation. It makes the selfie stick stronger and durable.

A 270-degree rotatable phone holder gives you enough comfort to capture photos anywhere. A hidden feature is a retractable design. It reduces this selfie stick from 31.3 inches to 7.7 inches. You can put the stick in your pockets or small travel pouch.


  • Integrated innovation design
  • Adjustable angle
  • 270-degree rotatable phone holder


  • The battery needs to be stronger

Price: $25.99
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#7. HEHUI Selfie Stick Tripod with Detachable Remote

HEHUI Selfie Stick for iPhone SE 2020

HEHUI presents a one-piece design with an embedded detachable Bluetooth remote. Thus, you are not supposed to install this product piece by piece.

Equipped with a tripod, you can pack this selfie stick in your bags or even pocket. Since it is compact and lightweight, the stick is highly portable.

A perfect product for family reunions, adventure trips, and vacation. Forget your iPhone camera app and use detachable wireless remote control. When you detach the controller, it works as a portable shutter control.

You can rotate the head up to 245 degrees and adjust your phone to the best angle. Loaded with a replaceable battery, you can capture 3000-5000 photos.


  • Compact & lightweight
  • Wide compatibility
  • 245-degree rotating phone holder


  • The battery could be more powerful

Price: $12.99
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#8. SYOSIN Selfie Stick Tripod

SYOSIN 3 in 1 iPhone SE 2020 Selfie Stick

SYOSIN selfie stick is great to record videos on parties, weddings, graduation, travel, and more. With a built-in detachable remote shutter, you can take photos from a distance of 10 meters.

Create unforgettable memories on Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, etc. Wireless remote helps you capture sweet moments with friends and family.

The quick and stable connection never spoils your fun. Since it is easy to use, you can give the selfie stick to your kids.

With only three steps, start using this stick: long press to turn on, pair with iPhones, and then snap.


  • Portable and compact size
  • Only 5oz weight
  • The non-slip foot of the tripod


  • The battery does not last long

Price: $15.99
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#9. Vproof Lightweight Selfie Stick

Vproof Aluminum Selfie Stick for iPhone SE 2020

Vproof offers a one-piece integrated storage design. You can unfold and fold this selfie stick as per your requirements. From a compact 6.5 inches, you can extend it up to 26 inches.

When you expand the selfie stick, it becomes one of the lightest, most exquisite, and stylish products. Made of high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, Vproof has used aviation-grade aluminum alloy.

The brand has also sourced anti-oxidation material to manufacture a strong and durable stick. An anti-scratch surface is easy to clean, and it does not send out the nasty odor. The selfie stick weighs only 3.7oz and therefore, it is supremely easy to carry around.

Last but not the least, a powerful battery. Loaded with top-notch 65mAh button battery, you can use this selfie stick for 25 hours. Enjoy as many as 10000 selfies!


  • Compact size; reduced to 6.5 inches
  • 65mAh button battery
  • 3.7oz weight


  • Frequent Bluetooth connection breaks

Price: $13.99
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#10. BZE 40-inch Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod

BZE 40 inch Extendable Selfie Stick for iPhone SE 2020

Unlike other selfie sticks, BZE has made iPhone SE 2020 selfie stick that can be extended up to 40 inches. Integrated with a tripod, this product comes with a rechargeable Bluetooth remote control.

Although the stick has 180-degree rotation head, it provides a 360-degree rotatable phone holder. This allows you to use your phone in vertical and horizontal modes.

With multiple applications, you can use this selfie stick for your travels, family reunions, pleasure trips, etc. Since it gives you tremendous stability, you can also use it to record your adventure sports.

Go for hiking, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving, or snorkeling. But don’t forget to pack this selfie stick in your backpack.


  • For outdoor and indoor activities
  • 10 meters of Bluetooth connection range
  • Made for adventure trips


  • Limited rotation of the head

Price: $21.99
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That’s all, folks!

Signing out…

Apart from selfies and group photos, selfie sticks are also used for taking pictures with the front camera. The products listed above can also protect your iPhone as long as it is installed in the frame. What is your purpose of using selfie sticks? Share your answers in the Comments section below.

Note: Prices given here are mentioned on affiliate portals while writing this article.

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