Best iPhone SE (2020) Docking Stations in 2022

Best Docking Stations for iPhone SE 2020

Docking stations for your iPhones are useful in more than one way. Some of them not only charge your iPhone but also allow you to play music. Wireless docks can be used as a music player and alarm clock as well. On your desktop, a charging stand can act as a beautiful piece of home or office décor. Let’s take a quick look at the best iPhone SE (2020) Docking Stations.

1. Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Docking Station

Pezin & Hulin Bamboo Charging Stations for iPhone SE 2020

If you own more than one or two Apple devices at home or office, this is your savior. Apart from your iPhone SE 2020, this charging dock can hold three other phones, two iPads, and Apple Watch.

Do you think it will create a mess on your desk? Not at all! Pezin & Hulin has crafted this dock precisely. And therefore you can insert charging cables effortlessly. Since the dock is spacious enough, you can charge your iPhone with its wooden case on.

Keep your workstation neat and clean with a wide compartment at the bottom. This smartly hides all the cables within the charging station itself. Made of natural bamboo, it is your eco-friendly décor piece. The sheer beauty of this wooden charging dock makes it an ideal gift option. So, for nature lovers, this could be one of the best iPhone SE (2020) Docking Stations.


  • Natural bamboo
  • Eco-friendly décor piece
  • The wide compartment at the bottom


  • Occupies more space on the desk

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2. ARCHEER Wooden Dock with Sound Amplifier

ARCHEER Bamboo Wood Charging Docks for iPhone SE 2020

Another wooden docking station for your iPhone SE 2020. However, this one flaunts a minimalist design. This dock does not occupy much space on your desk, and still enhances the beauty of a workstation.

Crafted bamboo, this dock boasts natural bamboo sound amplifier. When you play music on your iPhone SE 2nd-gen, it is naturally amplified. This feature sets it apart from other docking stations for your second-generation iPhone SE.

A stylish charging dock gives you the immense pleasure of listening to your favorite music. It is the first choice of connoisseurs.


  • Natural bamboo sound amplifier
  • Minimalist design
  • Stable holding & comfortable viewing


  • Not a case-friendly dock

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3. iHome Wireless Charging Pad with Digital Alarm Clock

iHome Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone SE 2020

iHome always surprises users with unique designs and functionality in charging docks. This multi-feature docking station is equipped with a digital alarm and Qi wireless charging pad for your iPhone SE 2020.

Dual alarms allow you to set separate schedules to wake you every morning, weekdays, and weekend. With a Qi-certified 10W wireless charger, you can charge your iPhone wirelessly.

Apart from wireless charging, this dock also lets you charge another device with a 1Amp USB port. Adjustable brightness control helps you adjust the level of brightness.


  • Dual alarm clock
  • Qi wireless charging pad
  • Adjustable brightness control


  • Buzzing noise when you dim time display

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4. Encased MFi-certified Docking Station

Encased Desktop Charging Stand for iPhone SE 2020

Encased is a reputed brand in the world of iPhone accessories. Apart from its rugged and kickstand cases, Encased can surprise you with a docking station. This is your contemporary charging dock that displays ultra-portable design.

Even though the dock does not charge more than one device, people love this for its fully adjustable design. Since the product is case-friendly, you can charge your iPhone SE 2020 with a slim case on. It is a time-saver as you don’t need to remove a case before you place a phone on charging.


  • Fully adjustable design
  • Case-friendly
  • MFi certified lightning charger


  • Charging ports need more stability

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5. Anker Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Stand

Anker Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone SE 2020

A wireless charging dock from a true leader in the industry. Anker presents a high-quality iPhone dock to charge your device wirelessly. This PowerPort wireless 5 stand chargers your iPhone in 10% less time than other 5W chargers.

A premium product is perfect for versatile viewing. You can charge your 4.7-inch iPhone horizontally and vertically. And when your device is being charged, you can operate it smoothly.

For your iPhone safety, Anker has eliminated all the risks associated with wireless charging. Hence, you can use this charger confidently, without having to worry about radiation and overheating.


  • Takes 10% less time than other 5W chargers
  • Eliminates the risk of radiation & overheating
  • Versatile viewing angles


  • Cannot work with rugged cases

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6. Belkin 10W Wireless Charging Stand

Belkin Wireless Charging Stand for iPhone SE 2020

Belkin offers an exceptionally efficient charger for your iPhone SE 2020. The circular design allows you to position your iPhone in landscape and portrait modes. Get improved viewing angles while watching media or FaceTime calls.

Apart from media Consumption, this charging dock enables you to use Messages, calls, and other apps conveniently. A non-slip mat firmly holds your smartphone while you are using it.

Boost Up wireless charging pad delivers optimal wireless charging speed. At the same time, this also thwarts common dangers connected to wireless charging.


  • Unique circular design with a stable cradle
  • Non-slip mat to hold your iPhone firmly
  • Non-interrupting media Consumption


  • Makes high-pitched noise

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7. Azpen Dockall Wireless Docking Station with Built-in Mic

Azpen Innovation Docking Station for iPhone SE 2020

Azpen brings a three-in-one product. It works as a wireless charger, a docking station, and a Bluetooth premium speaker. Azpen’s wireless charger has three charging coils, and this allows you to power up your phone vertically or horizontally.

It is your 5W charging, which is compatible with the latest second-generation iPhone SE. Dual-Bluetooth speaker delivers premium HD sound. Moreover, check its built-in mic; you can use this dock as your speakerphone.

Before shipping this product to you, it has been tested to charge through cases. You can use the toughest plastic cases with 5mm thickness. However, note that you cannot use cases with metal material. Packed with so many features, this dock rightly justifies its premium price tag and makes it one of the best iPhone SE 2020 docking stations.


  • Can be used as a speakerphone
  • HD sound per speaker
  • Built-in two USB charging ports


  • Frequent Bluetooth disconnections

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8. InstaBox Wireless Docking Station with Alarm Clock

InstaBox Wireless Charging Dock for iPhone SE 2020

InstaBox has packed so many features in a charging dock that you will lose count. Dual alarm clock, wireless charging, FM radio, USB charging port, Aux-IN, battery backup, and whatnot!

A flat wireless charging surface lets you drop your iPhone casually. And the dock will start charging your device. Apart from wireless charging, you can also use its USB port to charge other devices with the lightning cable.

Use its dual alarm to set two different wake-up alarms. And you can wake up to your favorite FM station in the morning. Dual Bluetooth speakers help you stream your choice of songs from Apple Music. A 6W stereo is able to fill your room with musical vibrations.

With crackerjack features, InstaBox can certainly challenge the supremacy of iHome docking stations with Bluetooth speakers.


  • Digital display
  • 20 radio station storage
  • Remote-controlled operations


  • Random dysfunction of alarms

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9. OMOTON Docking Station iPhone SE (2020) and Apple Watch

OMOTON Charging Stand for iPhone SE 2020

Dock and charge your iPhone SE and Apple Watch simultaneously on OMOTON’s efficient docking station. Top-grade aluminum material and robust design make it the first choice of rough users.

OMOTON claims that it has used CNC technology, which is also found in Apple’s MacBooks. Clutter-free cable management keeps your workstation neat and clean always.

A non-slip pad gives stability to your premium devices. Enjoy your FaceTime calls, media Consumption, and phone calls.


  • Anti-scratch silicone pad
  • Multiple angle viewing
  • Occupies little space on the nightstand


  • Not compatible with rugged cases

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10. BENTOBEN Docking Station for iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods

BENTOBEN Universal Charging Dock Station for iPhone SE 2020

BENTOBEN’s desktop stand is available in rose gold and space gray colors. And therefore, this iPhone dock quickly gels into your workspace. Note that your iPhone SE 2020 is available in limited colors: black, white, and PRODUCT (RED).

The brand has used hard plastic and rubber to provide enough strength to this dock. Even if you drop this charging stand accidentally, you should not be worried about any damage.

A rubberized base keeps your phone stable. Apart from your iPhone, you can charge your AirPods and Apple Watch as well. And that’s why we considered it as one of the best iPhone SE 2020 docking stations.


  • Stylish yet sturdy
  • Flexible rubber slot for Apple Watch
  • Efficient cable management


  • Not a lightweight product

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Wrapping up!

The above list is a potpourri of charging docks available in different designs and materials. I love to use wooden docking stations. However, I cannot connect my iPhone SE wirelessly with such charging stands. Which docking stand is your favorite – wooden or one with speakers? Share your feedback in the comments.

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