A car mount for your iPhone effectively holds your device while you are driving. For long trips, a phone holder in your car can help you navigate routes and take calls. You can operate your iPhone with the help of Siri without getting distracted. Find some more benefits by exploring the best iPhone SE 2020 car mounts.

#1. PITAKA Magnetic Car Mount

Pitaka iPhone SE 2020 Car Mount

PITAKA is unarguably the best car mount for any iPhone, let alone the iPhone SE 2020. Although this mount is highly compatible with PITAKA’s MagEZ case, it can work with other iPhone cases as well.

A premium luxury, this car mount rotates in 360 degrees to protect your iPhone. By using carbon fiber texture surface treatment, PITAKA has created the original and safe design.

The brand has used superior grade magnets and a high-quality TPU non-slip grip. This keeps your iPhone secure even while you are driving on bumpy roads.

Before the car mount reaches you, it has passed through more than 5000+ plug & unplug tests. This exercise is done to check the strength of the claw of the car mount. You can install the claw in any car air vent easily yet firmly.


  • Carbon fiber texture surface treatment
  • 5000+ plug & unplug tests
  • Durable Claw


  • Works better with PITAKA cases

Price: $15.99
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#2. Andobil Dashboard, Air Vent, and Windshield Car Mount

Andobil iPhone SE 2020 Car Mount

Andobil introduces a new and improved super suction cup with stickier and thicker gel. The mount firmly sticks to the dashboard, windshield, or any other flat surface. Next, you can install your iPhone SE 2020 to use it the way you wish.

Its two-step locking system ensures a reliable attachment to the car. A notable feature of this iPhone SE 2020 car mount is the reserved charging space. During your long trips, you can power up your device with a car charger.

You can swivel the mount’s head in 360 degrees to use your phone in horizontal or landscape mode. With an extendable arm, you can move your iPhone for best viewing angles.

Andobil has used high-quality ABS plastic and anti-scratch cushion. This provides complete protection to your iPhone.


  • Extendable arm
  • Superior ABS plastic
  • Anti-scratch cushion
  • Reserved charging space


  • Reinstallation is difficult

Price: $21.99
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#3. VICSEED Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount

VICSEED Car Mount for iPhone SE 2020

VICSEED has designed a universal car mount you can use for any iPhone. A strong and magnetic phone holder, this car mount is equipped with Rubidium Magnet N52. Although a mini-sized mount, it provides strong magnet suction power.

The best thing about this mount is the non-interruptive magnetic field. Your phone will receive a strong signal, although the mount has a closed magnetic field.

There are no cradles, brackets, or clamps on the mount. And therefore, it is extremely easy for you to install your phone. It hardly takes a few seconds to install or remove your phone.

Similarly, you can insert this mount effortlessly into the air vent in just 0.5s. This will save your time especially when you are rushing towards your office.


  • Easy installation & removal
  • Strong magnet power
  • Does not obstruct views


  • Need a metal sheet on iPhone

Price: $19.99
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#4. Touhuhot Air Vent Car Mount

Touhuhot Car Mount for iPhone SE 2020

Touhuhot has done extensive research on car mounts. This compact model is made of high-quality materials that provide greater stability.

The mount maker has combined steel plate and silica gel to create a durable chuck. Even if you drive your car on bumpy roads, the practical design will firmly hold your iPhone. Apart from your car, you can use this iPhone SE 2020 car mount on the truck dashboard and other off-road vehicles.

You can install this phone holder without blocking your sight. You can stay focused on roads as you can rotate your phone 360 degrees. This rotation is due to the swivel ball head.

Apart from rotation, you can also adjust your phone in a horizontal and vertical position. A comfortable viewing angle is just a touch away!


  • Four gear designs
  • Three grip settings
  • Quick-release button
  • Support arms


  • Difficult to remove the phone

Price: $7.99
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#5. Beam Electronics Air Vent Car Mount

Beam Electronics Car Mount for iPhone SE 2020

Beam Electronics brings a sleek and refined car mount for your iPhone SE 2020. One of the striking features is the quick-release button. This makes installation and removal of your iPhone a breeze.

When you press the button on the back of the unit, the mount will open. And then press the arms on both sides to clamp your phone. It is a simple process that saves time and energy.

While you are driving the car, you can talk, navigate, listen to music, or charge your iPhone. All thanks to this holder, which promises safe driving.

Single-handed operation and broad compatibility are two smart features. Aside from your 2020 iPhone SE, you can install other Apple phones as well. And a single-handed operation eliminates the need for any tool.


  • Adjustable side grip
  • Innovative silicone pad & cushioned clip
  • Single-handed operation


  • Ratchet may not work in cold weather

Price: $7.64
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#6. DICEKOO Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount

DICEKOO Car Mount for iPhone SE 2020

DICEKOO brings an innovative design in the category of car mounts. This is your universal air vent car phone mount, which can be used in any car or vehicle. The patented design is simple yet powerful.

Note that your phone needs a pre-installed metal plate to attach it to this car mount. Next, an adjustable spring clip will play its role; it protects your vent grill from damage.

This car mount boasts 5 N52 powerful magnets inside the mount head. The force of the magnet holds your device tightly without damaging the phone signal.

Easy installation and infinite viewing angles are remarkable features. There are no clamps or brackets on this mount. Therefore, you can enjoy multiple viewing angles while driving the car.


  • Unique and innovative design
  • No clamps or brackets
  • 5 N52 powerful magnets
  • Simple yet powerful mount


  • Thicker phone cases may interfere with magnetic adhesion

Price: $17.89
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#7. TOPGO Cup Holder Car Mount

TOPGO Car Mount for iPhone SE 2020

TOPGO has come up with a real versatile car mount for your 2020 iPhone SE. Any user can be surprised to know that they can use this mount in a golf cart. Yes, you read that right. It is also compatible with other vehicles like SUVs and trucks.

GPS navigation, convenient charging, and hands-free use of the iPhone are some of the impressive features. Deeper space ensures full protection of your premium iPhone.

Expandable feet and soft silicone pad give you desired comfort when you are driving vehicles. Thanks to its 8-inch long gooseneck, you can move your iPhone whenever you need to use it.


  • 8-inch long gooseneck
  • Deeper space
  • Can install on multiple surfaces


  • May obstruct your sight

Price: $17.89
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#8. VANMASS Dashboard, Windshield, and Air Vent Car Mount

VANMASS iPhone SE 2020 Car Mount

No matter where you install this mount, it will deliver the best performance. The credit goes to a patented design that surpasses all limits of innovation of car mounts.

A three-in-one car phone holder comes with a dashboard suction mount and air vent clip. You can also install this mount on the windshield for your convenience.

If you compare this product with other car mounts, it is five times more stable and flexible. Following the feedback of thousands of customers, VANMASS has designed a comprehensive mount.

A SmartTouch button opens the clamps; and then, you can press the arms to hold the phone tightly. One-hand operation provides more comfort when you are driving the car.


  • Powerful suction cup (44LB weight endurance)
  • Can resist high temperature
  • Soft silicone interior


  • The clamp may lose its strength over time

Price: $21.99
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#9. Bosynoy Slim Dashboard Car Mount

Bosynoy iPhone SE 2020 Car Mount

Bosynoy has come up with a unique car mount for your iPhone SE. A dashboard-friendly design and easy installation make it popular among users.

The reusable silicone pad is one of the notable features of this mount. Compatible with most iPhones, this phone holder is slim and portable. When not in use, you can put it in the glove box of your car.

One of the noteworthy features is the elimination of visual blind spots. This is due to the clam-shell design of this mount, which holds your phone conveniently.

Removable, reusable, and washable mount is made of a superior quality silica gel base. Moreover, Bosynoy has used a circle of adhesive silicone film rubber mats. Even after cleaning and washing, it can be used on a car dashboard.


  • High-quality spring
  • Soft rubber padding
  • Double slot design


  • Works only on car dashboard

Price: $11.99
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#10. WizGear Minimal Magnetic Car Mount

WizGear iPhone SE 2020 Car Mount

WizGear has designed a phone car mount like VICSEED’s. This two-pack universal air vent magnetic car mount can also endure mini tablets.

It is ten times easier to use than other magnetic car mounts available on the market. A simple design makes it extremely popular among iPhone users. Its strong rubber base and magnetic head hold your iPhone effectively.

Users frequently face road vibrations or impacts. However, you may rest assured about the stability of your iPhone. The base of the mount firmly holds the magnetic head of this mount.

Once you install the mount, its base remains fixed into your car’s air vent. Next, you can operate your phone with countless swiveling or rotations.


  • Endures weight of mini-tablets
  • Magnets do not weaken signal strength
  • Strong rubber construction of the base


  • Can damage your car air vent

Price: $11.99
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A car mount that supports wireless charging is your perfect partner on the trip. While you are using Maps on your iPhone, the wireless charging capability ensures that the device battery is not drained.

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