Project management is a strenuous task as it requires mobility and the skill to get things done in time. Lack of structured effort and planning not only hurts the projects badly but also makes the proceedings complex.

With Apple’s latest itinerary iPhone 6 and 6 Plus getting a revamp look with ultra-big screen and plenty of useful features, project management through iPhone can become much easier now than before. You can handle the entire project right from your device. And what’s more, you can even be able to take part in discussion with your team or colleagues anytime, anywhere. Head over to the shortlist to find the best iPhone project management apps. Let’s take a quick look!

Best Project Management Apps for iPhone

Best Project Management Apps for iPhone

#1. Basecamp

Basecamp iPhone App IconBasecamp is a multi-tasking project management app. It lets you track your projects with utmost ease. You can see the latest news about each project and hence be able to keep a close eye on the progress. If you feel the need to share your views, you can quickly join any discussion with your team members and put forward your thoughts.

The good thing is that, this app works with Basecamp Classic account as well. Thus, if you are the part of Basecamp classic projects, you will see the project lists right below your Basecamp account. So, you can post your comments, read messages, view your achievements and more.

If you are looking for a handy project management app with all the easy to use features, this app can be a worth try.

Price: Free
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#2. Smartsheet

Smartsheet iPhone App IconSmartsheet is an elegant project management app which brings the much needed flexibility in handling projects. It enables you to keep a track of all the latest happenings instantly. You can actively take part in business operations from anywhere and also be able to provide your inputs.

This app keeps your work in flow by helping you attach files, set alert, view Gantt charts and more. With so many well-designed templates such as, project plan template, sales pipeline template, project budget template, Smartsheet proves to be a decisive tool for your management system.

If you wish to make your project management a pretty comfortable task, give this app a look.

Price: Free
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#3. Project Management Software

Project Management Software iPhone App IconThis app can be the guider you would look to have the right expertise of project management. With excellent project management training videos, daily articles regarding how best you can manage your projects and project management software at your disposal, this app can bring about a big difference into the way you go about managing your projects.

You can instantly view the status of your projects and also be able to figure out the task you have to complete today. In addition, it lets you view both the completed and the upcoming tasks in a quick time. You can check out the project activities of your friends and even send message to your team.

This app is more than just a project management app. It can be your choice if you wish to explore more about management.

Price: Free
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#4. QuickPlan Pro

QuickPlan Pro iPhone App IconQuickPlan Pro is one of the most versatile project management and planning apps. With the use of natural gesture, you can maintain your project as efficiently as you can ever wish. This app lets you export projects as images, PDF, Excel, WBS files and Microsoft project. In addition, you can import projects from Mobilinked WBS, Mind map, Excel files and Microsoft project.

This app allows you to automatically synchronize projects across devices through iCloud. You can share the projects to your team via Dropbox, AirDrop, email, Box and iTunes.

If you are hunting for an advanced project management app, QuickPlan Pro can be the perfect option for you.

Price: $7.99
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#5. Merlin

Merlin iPhone App IconMerlin is a very simple project management app. This app lets you view your projects even offline. You can instantly access all the resources and the ongoing activities. It allows you to attach photos as to file. The Gantt chart helps you view the project.

In addition, you can have online access to projects through WLAN, EDGE & UMTS. If managing project has been a difficult task till now, then you don’t need to look beyond this app.

Price: Free
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