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Its not easy to create appealing presentation unless you are an expert. Despite having years of expertise, many people tend to fumble in the midst of presentation. Sometimes demanding situations get the better of most people. However most of the times, lack of efficient technologies as well as right preparation doesn’t help their cause too.

Looking forward to checking out the best iPhone presentation apps to provide your presentation the much required impetus? There may be tons of presentation apps in the App Store but not all of them can be said to be of top class for your iPhone. If you are preparing for an exclusive presentation, do check out this extra-ordinary collection of apps developed for making a huge difference into the way you wish to win your audience over. Let’s dive ahead!

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Best iPhone Presentation Apps

Best Presentation Apps for iPhone

#1. Keynote

Keynote iPhone App IconKeynote is a powerful presentation app. With the help of animated charts and transitions, you can create a very impressive presentation with utmost convenience. The 30 apple designed themes add a new dimension to your presentation. You can add text, tables, images and more quickly without having to take lengthy steps.

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With built-in iCloud, you can keep your presentation fully secured as well as ever-ready to be used across all your devices. The attractive bubble charts, interactive bar, column and scatter help you in highlighting your data perfectly.

If you are looking for highly efficient presentation app, Keynote is the best you can get.

Price: $9.99
Download Keynote

#2. Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint iPhone App IconMicrosoft PowerPoint is an amazing presentation app. Whether they are charts, images or transitions, you will be able to not only give them your desired look but also feel confident while presenting them. While doing presentation, you can see your speaker notes and also be able to triumph your audience with the use of the built-in laser pointer, highlighters or pens. You can edit your presentation exactly the way you want it to look like.

You can check out your email attachments and retrieve your presentations from OneDrive, iCloud or Dropbox instantly. If you wish to have an effortless presentation app with all the much needed features, Microsoft is the right option for you.

Price: Free
Download Microsoft PowerPoint

#3. SlideShark

SlideShark Presentation iPhone App IconSlideShark has been designed to suit sales professionals and presenters. With the intuitive features to let you give a defining presentation, this app has a lot to offer you. Over four thousand five hundred reviews and four and a half ratings out of five just prove how great it is.

SlideShark allows you to annotate slides to best suit your presentation. With the help of laser pointer, you can put your view across with élan. You can use your iPhone just like remote control to set the tone for jaw-dropping presentation. This app has a presentation mode that lets you easily view timers, slides notes and animation counter so that you are always up to the task.

However, there are some limitations to it. It doesn’t support PPT features at present. Free users are allowed to upload only up to 50 slides in one presentation.

Price: Free
Download SlideShark

#4. Google Slides

Google Slides iPhone App IconGoogle Slides specializes in making your presentation eye-catching through unique slides. You can quickly create your favorite presentation as you desire. You can also edit any presentation and give it a superb look with the help of plenty of tools.

Google Slides allows you to share your presentation as well as work together with your collegues at the same time. In addition, you can customize slides to your best liking and make everyone pleased with your immaculate presentation style.

Price: Free
Download Google Slide

#5. MCA Presentation

MCA Presentation iPhone App IconThis app is specially desinged for those who are into the MCA(Motor Club of America) business. It has been specifically built for MCA business. It is one of the most effective sales tools you would want to give your presentation the right edge. You can have quick access to all the required MCA sales material such as services and commission structure.

This app contains the mandatory forms which you can email or print based on need. If you are looking for an app to make presentation for MCA business thoroughly comfortable for you, then you need to check it out.

Price: Free
Download MCA Presentation

#6. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck iPhone App IconHaiku Deck is made for those who like the idea of creating a presentation within just a few moments. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice, you can still make an extra-ordinary presentation. The intuitive interface makes sure you are able to create your genius with little effort.

Haiku Deck allows you to edit your presentation by importing images from social sites such as Facebook and Instagram. It lets you sync your creation seamlessly between iPhone, iPad or web. In addition, you can even use your iPhone as remote control in order to keep your presentation.

If you want an easy to use app for your presentation, this app can be the way to go about your business.

Price: Free
Download Haiku Deck

#7. App Data Room

App Data Room iPhone App IconApp Data Room is a very thoughtful presentation app. This app lets you create an effective custom app which you can use even offline for your presentation. It has “agenda” feature that lets you make your desired presentation. It lets you tag the necessary contents or information to Agenda so that you can quickly get them.

The ADR media manager allows you to make interesting navigation menus along with eye-catching logo, branding and more. The follow-up tool makes it very convenient for you to generate emails automatically. Moreover, you can update and publish new content without having to take round about process.

If you are in quest of an app that can let you create an exquisite app for presentation, check it out.

Price: Free
Download App Data Room

#8. Penxy

Penxy iPhone App IconPenxy is probably the most innovative app you can get for a thrilling presentation. Thanks to the “Talking Slides” that record presentation, you can have convincing influence over your audience. This app is equipped to capture the speaker’s voice and impressively takes it to audience. A minute after the speaker completes his speech a recorded presentation, which is called talking slides, gets available to share.

Penxy is for those who want to make their presentation more interactive. Fade up with monotonous presentation, this app can be the right choice for you.

Price: Free
Download Penxy

#9. WPS Office

WPS Office iPhone App IconWPS Office is a feature-rich presentation app. It’s a very small app that is compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. This app has the support of many file formats such as PPT, docx, XLS etc. You can export office documents to PDF with ease.

WPS allows you to insert, crop or resize images within the app. This app has the support of spell check, track changes or comments. With a good many presentation layouts, animation as well as transition effects, you can make your presentation attractive to audience.

If you are hunting for a simple yet very intuitive presentation app, do have a look at this.

Price: Free
Download WPS Office

Bonus App

InstaLogo Logo Creator

InstaLogo Logo Creator iPhone App IconFirst thing first, It's not an presentation app. However, it can make a decisive difference if you wish to add well-designed logos to your presentation.

As the name itself suggests, InstaLogo has been specifically developed to let you create logo, flyers, posters or more instantly. This app contains a gigantic library of logos from where you can select any type of logos you want. It has quite a lot of readymade fonts to make your work of designing a world class logo really simple.

You can change the size of logo by just pinching, dragging or spinning it. If you are fond of logo and want to bring a new dimension to your presentation through it, pick this app.

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Price: $4.99
Download InstaLogo Logo Creator

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