Best Photo Filter Apps for iPhone and iPad

Clicking images with your iPhone is always fun. But there are some times when a perfectly happy moment with your family or friends is devastated, just because of fog or an extra light or red-eye. That’s when the best photo filter apps for iOS can come handy.

Loaded with a number of attractive filters, awesome effects and the wide range of editing tools, these top photo-editing apps offer you the desired liberty to design your shots fast and effortlessly. What’s more, you can even change eye color and get rid of the blemish to ensure the image glows in the full-fledged form!

Best Photo Filter Apps for iPhone and iPad – 2020 Edition

#1. Instagram

Instagram Photo Filter iPhone App Screenshot

The simple way to capture and share the moments is Instagram. Around 1, 000 million people are using Instagram and experiencing something new each day. Editing will be an all-new art with free custom designed filters. There are multiple cool tools to let you beautify your shots.

The custom build stabilization gives your videos a cinematic view. One can share his/her personal clicks directly with friends and families. You can learn new techniques from your friends and share your pictures. Following legendary photographers keeps you inspired and updated. Oh yes, you can also portrait mode-like focus to capture shot with bokeh effect.

Price: Free

#2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express Photo Filter iPhone App Screenshot

The app market is loaded with many apps for editing, but they are very technical in their interface and hence not much user-friendly. The Adobe Photoshop Express has made editing photos a fun, fast and easy task. Sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter or through emails and texts gives you a better platform to develop your passion.

The basics are really the essentials such as crop, straighten, rotate, and flip your photos. Just one quick touch is enough for adjustment for contrast, exposure and white balance; remove spots, dirt, and dust to keep the clicks flawless. Choose the looks from a good many eye-catching effects to give your pictures fun, fresh looks. With the distinctive borders and frames for each picture, you can personalize your collection.

Noise, unwanted grains and speckling in night captures can ruin your efforts of having a perfect click. The Advanced Paid Pack (found in “Corrections” > slider Menu) adds the tools to edit and have a perfect night click. For the professionals, the RAW photo support in Adobe Photoshop Express allows importing and editing in RAW format. The best app is here to enjoy and have fun with editing.

Price: Free

#3. Facetune 2

Facetune 2 iPhone and iPad Photo Filter App Screenshot

Sitting comfortably at number 4 in photo & video category, Facetune 2 is undoubtedly one of the finest photo editor apps for iOS. Boasting a wide range of captivating filters, the app lets you adorn your selfies beautifully.

Beyond filters, you can instantly whiten your teeth, change eye color and even widen your eyes. Want your photo to glow without any blemish? It lets you easily remove dark spot and wrinkles so that your image has the desired glow.

Besides, you can replace the backgrounds and use the unique prism effect makes your photos look appealing. Plus, you also have multiple light effects to play with!

Price: Free

#4. Photo lab

Photo lab filters for pictures iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Photo lab is a complete package! What really headlines for this impressive photo-editing app is the availability of over 800 fascinating effects. That means you have a lot of options to experiment with the looks of your images and decorate them elegantly.

You can make the most photomontages with advanced face detection feature to become a fearful tiger and even a dangerous gangster with just a tap. Select from multiple attractive filters like the jigsaw puzzle, neon glow, fire, Matrix digital rain, HDR, fractal, etc. to design your shots immaculately.

You can also bring together some of your memorable photos to create a stunning collage. That’s not all; you will also be able to create an impressive photo card to wish your loved ones on Birthday, Wedding, Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

Price: Free

#5. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam Photo Filter iPhone App Screenshot

Give professional photographers a good run for their money with VSCO app on your iPhone. The feature list is an all-time favorite. You can sync and edit your work by selecting your clicks and edit across devices.

VSCO tools help you fine-tune Exposure, Temperature, Contrast, Crop, Straighten, Fade, Vignette, and more; this allows you to define your look. You can always explore the creative community while directly searching for people, journals, articles, and photos.

You can utilize the innovative processing technology by which, VSCO Cam yields elegant results previously unattainable on the iPhone and iPad. You can always share your photos to your VSCO Grid, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Weibo, your camera roll, and more. It’s very important to be well informed about your pics.

By this app, you can easily view your image data including location, date, preset used, and more. Browse a stunning array of preset packs available for purchase in the in-app store to enjoy and learn photography.

Price: Free

#6. B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

‎B612 Photo Filter iPhone App Screenshot

When you have tons of stylish and glamorous filters to experiment, there is a high chance that your pics will turn out to be eye-catching. “B612” seems to be a great pick for the folks who love to snap cool selfies and like to use real-time effects to beautify the images.

The app has also got a wide range of fascinating stickers. So, if sporting crazy appearance is your thing, you will never get tired of trying out the different stickers.

On top of all, B612 also has an ever-increasing library of AR emojis to let you add some fun element into the mix. Not to mention the wide range of readymade tunes that can be a nice foil for your music videos.

Price: Free

#7. Rookie Cam

Rookie Cam Photo Filter iPhone App Screenshot

With such an awesome camera I always crave to try something new. Rookie Cam offers a lot of tools support to do the same. The app offers a live filter camera, which ensures picture quality with 156 “custom made” filters.

With Grid & Leveler, Geo-Tag, Anti-Shake, Self-Timer and Shutter Interval Control, Mirror Mode and numerous others, Rookie Cam offers an awesome and powerful camera to you. A trip with friends or a family get-together, a college is a perfect way to remember all such memories.

This app allows you to shoot and combine up to 9 photos in a single frame. Normal click can be extraordinary with 14 different themes to choose from, which varies from a film camera to classy modes and even fun creativity.

Rookie Cam provides editing features perfect for those who wish for a more sophisticated photo editing, such as Crop, Rotate, Straighten, Brightness & Contrast, Hue & Saturation and more. A perfect blend of fun and professional photography is balanced in Rookie Cam, which allows you to play well with your pictures.

Price: Free

#8. Ghost Lens

Ghost Lens Photo Filter iPhone App Screenshot

Do you have any idea how a ghost looks like? Ghost Lens allows you to experience you your ghost (not by killing you, of course). The Transparency feature is all that it takes. Ghost lens has some stunning features to mention. It not only edits photos and videos but also makes stunning videos and photos.

Over 100 video and image filters to keep your images, and videos just adorable. The app offers tons of flexible layouts to choose from. For the pranksters, it is really fun as it offers more than 100 ghost stickers to make funny movies and pictures.

You can load any video and photo from Instagram for your creative works. The ability to zoom each frame individually and move each video and image makes easy to read each detail in the click. With Ghost Lens Save your masterpiece to your library or share it on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, & Email.

Price: Free

#9. EyeEm a – Photo Filter Camera

EyeEm – Photo Filter Camera iPhone App Screenshot

Photography is art without any limit. So is EyeEm when it comes to features for editing. Your photos will be now on a real new level of perfection with several filters and carefully crafted editing tools. Fresh, Urban, B&W, Vintage, Soft and Life are few to mention from the list. To fine-tune every detail of your click, here are the most necessary features: Format, Contrast, Exposure, Saturation, Temperature, Sharpen, Fade, Vignette, and more.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, there is always an inspiration. With EyeEm you get a daily dose of recommended photographers, albums and stories from various fields. You can always explore how EyeEm photographers edit their images so you can apply their edits to your own photos with Open Edit. Get your hand on it and explore the world with a creative eye.

Price: Free

#10. PhotoToaster

PhotoToaster Photo Filter iPhone App Screenshot

The PhotoToaster is simply just the best for iPhone and iPad. It takes your photography a bit more than seriously and employs the highest quality adjustment. You won’t believe that by the time you blink, the editing is done. There are 60+ one-click effects to improve or alter your clicks and 80+ settings to allow creative control, lighting, Fx, Vignette and border to name a few.

You can always custom set your settings to experiment with your clicks as and when you like. With 45+ tasteful borders, you can get an incredible look for your clicks. Multiple condos allow you to try and see the experiments on your clicks.

Separate channel processing allows you to blend colors in a new and fun way. Your recent edits will be saved so that you can continue them later. You can even create your own presets and save them. Easy access to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at full resolution allows the world to awe at your clicks.

Price: $2.99

That’s all, folks!

Your pick?

Guessing, you will no longer run out of options to adorn your shots. Have any feedback? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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