Best iPhone Photo Apps in 2020 to Get Your Hands on Now

The iPhone has become a gateway for those who’ve always had an interest in photography. Touting around a DSLR is no longer the sole mark of a photographer. Another notch in the medium is a decent photo editor that’s able to do all the fancy stuff a high-tech camera can do.

All that excellent stuff can be done in the palm of your hand while waiting for your ride. Of course, we have to sift through countless photo apps to find the crème de la crème. So, let’s jump on the list of iPhone photo apps.

Best iPhone Photo Apps of 2020 to Get Your Hands on Now

#1. Instagram

Instagram Photo Filter iPhone App Screenshot

A classic, for a reason, it’s simple. Now, there aren’t as many features compared to others on this list, but for those casual photographers or for those who want to take baby steps, this is a great start. There are plenty of filters to use from, and you can now adjust their intensity.

You can also adjust the brightness of your photos, contrast, tilt-shift, tones, and can sharpen an image. Instagram has been beefing up their editing features to keep up with its competitors, and it’s not bad stuff.

Price: Free


VSCO iPhone and iPad Photo App Screenshot

VSCO stems from Visual Supply Co. During their start, they offered presets for Lightroom and Aperture, to mimic the classic look of Fuji and Kodak prints, intertwining print and digital photography. Fast forward to the present, and they’ve created a top of the line photo app that is streamlined with a sleek interface. They offer a vast array of filters that mimic the look of old prints, to crisp, minimalist photography. The user can edit and adjust their photos with ease.

With VSCO, you can adjust the focus, brightness level, size, and pretty much all the basic editing tools. Though what makes VSCO standout is their filters and their subtlety. You need to play around with the app a bit to understand its tools, but once you do, you can never go back.

Price: Free

#3. B612

B612 iPhone and iPad Beauty & Filter Camera App Screenshot

Featuring a number of impressive filters and instant effects, “B612” let you instantly transform your shots. So, if you like giving your pics glamorous or elegant looks, keep this app in your mind.

One notable feature of this app is the huge library of over 15, 000 stickers. Thus, you have plenty of freedom to style your photos and give them the desired look.

The drawing effects can make your images stand out and easily catch eyeballs. Plus, you can choose from some cool tunes and playback speeds to create nice music videos.

Price: Free


Faded iPhone and iPad Photo App Screenshot

Faded, like VSCO Cam, prides itself on its filters, but it also has a multitude of features. You can overlay photos, colors, and patterns with blending modes.

There are 12 pro-level adjustment features. When you open the app’s camera, it features separate focus and exposure points, as well as live manual exposure. Of course, there are plenty of filters and after-effects to your heart’s content.

Faded’s interface is very, very similar to VSCO Cam’s interface. They have that same minimalist feel as well.

Price: Free


Snapseed iPhone and iPad Photo App Screenshot

Snapseed has a fabulous interface that is swipe-based. It also has a feature that allows you to blur out certain parts of an image instead of the whole. With swiping rectangles at the bottom of the screen, you’re able to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color. The interface, as a whole, is very easy to use.

You also have the option of various filters and after-effects to punch up your image and the ability to use a tilt-shift, which is an option seen on expensive camera lenses.

Price: Free

#6. ProCamera 8

ProCamera iPhone Photo App Screenshot

No matter what is your photography level, you can use ProCamera on your iPhone or iPad. This app is made for class and mass; it is a go-to app you can use for everyday occasions. And when you need to show your professional skills, you can explore its multifunctional features.

Without disturbing your iPhone camera, this app allows you to take excellent snaps. A versatile video recording mode is something users enjoy the most along with other pro-level DSLR camera features.

Price: $7.99


Camera+ iPhone Photo App Screenshot

Long before Apple, Camera+ pushed through and brought the public stabilization and exposure. It offers manual ISO, shutter speed control, focus, white balance, all of those features that further enhance your artistic endeavors.

Camera+’s interface relies on familiarity and simplicity, having the same feel like the iOS interface. This makes the learning curve not so much as a curve, but a hump plus there are lots of options to toggle and customize when it comes to features.

Price: $2.99


ProShot iPhone and iPad Photo App Screenshot

ProShot, in their live camera, offers similar features as that of a DSLR. The app has a dual dial system in the top right corner in camera mode, where you can change modes with a swipe of a thumb. On the bottom of the screen is a drive mode dial, where you can change the shooting mode.

There’s also a manual mode, for those who enjoy greater control of their images, which includes ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. ProShot also can capture light trails with their light painting feature. You can obtain that abstract composition of moving vehicles and the blur of lights, which is included in their live camera.

Price: $4.99


Manual iPhone and iPad Photo App Screenshot

Manual is similar to having a DSLR compacted on a phone. The app offers Pro settings that are non-existent on the iPhone camera app. You can control shutter speed, white balance, exposure, and focus. Included in the app is a histogram and photo map in the viewfinder, to capture that perfect moment.

This camera app is for those manual adjusters, who like to control every aspect of the photo process. It also doesn’t hurt that the interface is clean and with a bit of playing around, its features will become second nature.

Price: $3.99


Nixplay iPhone and iPad Photo App Screenshot

The Nixplay photo app is an extension of their digital picture frames, which are HD photo displays. The app has a sleek, minimalistic interface, the home screen giving you the option to take a photo or choose from your camera roll. After you’ve taken a picture or picked one, you’re able to add a caption, sharing it instantly.

Of course, you can add filters and make adjustments on other editing apps, displaying your art in one of their frames.

Price: Free

Now, go! Gather your phone, download your apps, aim, and shoot. Snap pictures until your thumb goes numb, but it will be worth it. You’ll be just like the pros.

About Author: Brittany Torano is a creative writer and writes content on behalf of the digital photo frame experts at Nixplay. On her downtime you can see her swimming laps in a pool, running around her neighborhood, or holed up in a movie theater with a bucket of popcorn. You can connect with Brittany on LinkedIn.

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