Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone in 2020: Set Your Own Budget and Save More

Your spending is going overboard and almost always exceeds your budget. And you aren’t able to save as much as you would like. How to put a break on the unnecessary expenses and discover ways to save a lot of dollars? Needless to stress mate! With the best iPhone and iPad personal finance apps managing the spending is just a tap away.

Track all of your expenses and never let and never let any wildcards put your budget in disarray. Take the full advantage of the insightful analysis to find ways to save plenty of money. And don’t fail to set personalized reminders to stay alert about all the important things!

Best Personal Finance Apps for iPhone in 2020

#1. Mint Personal Finance

Mint iPhone and iPad Personal Finance App Screenshot

It allows you to bring all your personal accounts and investments in one place so that you can manage them in the best possible manner. This app is the best way to create a budget and keep your spending in check.

Mint alerts you about important changes to your finance like recent transactions, fee alerts, high spending alerts and more. It is equipped to categorize banking as well as credit card transactions automatically. If managing your account doesn’t come naturally to you, Mint will make it happen. Along with that, Mint also lets you check your credit score quickly without having to pay for it.

Price: Free

#2. Acorns: Invest Spare Change

Acorns iPhone Personal Finance App Screenshot

Whenever we make purchases, we are often left with some change. Mostly, no one pays attention to that change and we just place it in the drawer or a piggy bank. But this change can act as a long-term or short-term investment. Acorns do exactly that. It keeps track of your online purchases and automatically rounds-off the change and invests it.

It is supported by some well-known companies like BlackRock, PayPal, Ashton Kutcher, and CNBC. You can invest as low as $5/day, week, or month. Also, you can initiate withdrawal right from your iPhone for free. The entire process of signing up and investing is mere of 5-minutes. For me, this is one of the best personal finance apps for iPhone and iPad. Most importantly, it is completely free.

Price: Free

#3. myFICO

myFICO iPhone Personal Finance App Screenshot

This app is specially designed for the users of subscription-based credit monitoring service called Keep yourself updated about your credit score and reports on the go with this app.

It also provides identity analysis report. You can supervise your identity and get quick notifications right on your iPhone. Furthermore, myFICO gives analysis as well as education inputs to boost your FICO score.

Price: Free

#4. Spending Tracker

Spending Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

With the simple yet very intuitive interface, Spending Tracker lets you track your finance quickly. This app provides you an easy visualization of where your money is spent. Easy and quick transaction entry make sure, you can manage your account like a pro.

You can set an optional budget amount and spend money on it. You can make various categories of income and expenses and even assign an icon to each category.

Spending tracker can be a good option for you if you want to handle your finance without any complexities.

Price: Free

#5. Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

Spendee Budget iPhone App Screenshot

Very few budgeting apps are as proficient as Spendee when it comes to tracking expenses and optimizing the budget. It deserves to find an ideal slot in this roster of the top personal finance apps for iOS.

Through the seamless bank sync feature, the app makes it a tad easier to monitor both the expenses and income. Thus, you can analyze your finance, organize the budget in a much better way and find out the ways to cut down the unnecessary spending.

Also, you can invite your family members (or whosoever you want) to manage the budget so that everyone remains on the same page and can keep track of the finance with ease. What’s more, Spendee has the support for several currencies, thereby offering you more flexibility to take control of your finance. Bear in mind, though, that the freemium version of this personal finance app is quite limited.

So, if you want to take advantage of all of its features, you will need to upgrade to the Spendee’s premium account that starts at $1.99.

Price: Free/Spendee Plus account comes at $1.99

#6. iSpending

iSpending iPhone Personal Finance App Screenshot

iSpending allows you to add transactions under various categories. You can view the summary of your spending of any day, week, month or year instantly right on the home page. It provides you separate graph report for income and expense monthly to give you an overview of your spending. You can search for transactions quickly by amount, note or name, etc.

iSpending lets you add customize spending category name so that you can deal with your finance as per your requirement. With the use of the passcode, you can keep all your confidential info fully secured.

Price: Free

#7. Expense manager

Expense Manager iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

If you are concerned about saving and just unable to find the right strategy or tool to do so, “Expense Manager” can richly assist you. The app lets you efficiently manage and keep an eye on your wallet. The summarized expense, income, and balance charts ensure you have insightful information about how you are spending your dollars.

The customizable expense and income categories allow you to manage your finance just the way you want. And yes, the reminders never let you forget to pay a bill in time. Besides, Expense manager has the support of multiple currencies to let you deal with your money with complete peace of mind.

Price: Free

#8. Visual Budget

Visual Budget iPhone and iPad Personal Finance App Screenshot

Visual Budget is capable of dealing with many accounts at once and more importantly categorizing them into different groups. You can allocate budget to different categories to supervise your spending as per your target.

Based on a standard model, this app makes income and expense categories itself. However, you can change these categories to suit your need. Visual Budget lets you view the changes in your balance and transactions you made just in a glance. You can enter your transactions manually, or get it done automatically with the help of CSV or OFX files. Through many graphs and pie charts, it provides every detail of your accounts.

Price: Free

#9. Budgt

BUDGT iPhone Personal Finance App Screenshot

Budgt is all about helping you manage your budget as simply as you would like. It makes it very convenient for you to keep a close eye on your budget. This app lets you know how much money is spent each day so that you are able to spend accordingly. To let you handle your finance the way you wish, this app allows you to create your own categories. You can set reminders to be able to get things done in time.

Budgt provides you the month-end projection regarding how much you have spent. The projection gives you the right insights as to where you need to scale back and what are the areas which need to be addressed properly.

Price: $1.99

#10. Expense Tracker

Expense Tracker iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Expense Tracker is quite handy for letting you track your expenses. Thanks to Today’s Widgets with shortcuts, it allows you to add income and expenses even on the move right from the comfort of your iPhone. The built-in financial assistant helps you in providing you the much-needed inputs as to how you can handle your finance correctly. This app gives you the monthly financial report to keep you updated with all the necessary info and where you stand.

Expense Tracker allows you to keep your financial info safely secured with Touch ID or passcode. If tracking your expenses is your prime concern and you desire to bring high convenience into the whole process, you don’t need to look beyond this app.

Price: Free

That’s all folks!

Your favorite expense tracker?

Now, you know how to smartly manage your finance, don’t you? Which one of the above expense trackers have you downloaded to maximize your saving? Do share your feedback with us in the comment.

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