Best iPhone Order Entry Management Apps in 2020

Creating orders, viewing bids or tracking history can be made exceedingly straightforward using these best iPhone order entry management apps. They can hugely boost your productivity and significantly accelerate the order entry process; if used smartly!

It doesn’t matter whether you are on the drive or waiting for a hot coffee in a restaurant, you will be able to take the required control over order entry management. For instance, you can quickly access all the information of your customer, prepare orders perfectly in line with the latest pricing and even ready a highly professional looking catalog right from your fingertips. Sounds really cool? Let’s dive across to have a glance at these top 10 order entry apps for iOS!

Best Order Entry Management Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

#1. Handshake

Handshake iPhone and iPad Order Entry Management App Screenshot

A handshake can be enormously handy for sales representatives. The app allows you to easily write sales order and present it in a well-ordered catalog. To make your task of managing inventory smartly, it also enables you to create customer specific pricing.

With reliable functionality, the app is good enough to let you significantly cut down order processing cost and bolster your efficiency.

Price: Free

#2. ShipStation

ShipStation Mobile iPhone and iPad OEM App Screenshot

“ShipStation” can make order management tasks completely hassle-free. This app allows you to quickly import all of your orders and makes it pretty easy to edit as well as verify addresses.

Depending on the need, you can hold any orders or be able to cancel it. Plus, it also lets you scan barcodes to instantly find out any stuff.

What’s more, ShipStation can help you track all the shipments and also offer up in-depth insights so that you can plan the way forward smartly.

Price: Free

#3. NorthStar Order Entry

Order Entry iPad App Screenshot

This iPad only “Order Entry” is specifically designed for restaurant operators. It provides a more efficient restaurant POS system. As it’s cloud-based, all of your essential information remains secure and easily accessible across the devices.

Talking about compatibility, NorthStar requires your iPhone or iPad to be running iOS 8 or later. Besides, this useful order entry app supports three languages including English, German, Spanish.

Price: Free

#4. ZiiZii

ZiiZii iPhone and iPad Order Entry Management App Screenshot

Bring about the desired convenience into the way you go about the order entry processing work with ZiiZii. This order entry app allows you to download catalogs based on stores or customers.

With the help of a number of pivotal features like category browsing, traditional SKU/quantity speed-entry, and barcode scanning and more, you will be able to enhance your output immensely. Even better, you can automatically delete the unused documents to keep the app uncluttered.

Price: Free

#5. Inventory app – Zoho

Zoho iPhone and iPad Inventory Management App Screenshot

Zoho is well-known for providing top-notch business apps. And this one looks more than good enough to be a super handy asset for a retailer.

Whether you want to manage your inventory or generate sales orders proficiently, it should live up to your task. Plus, it also helps you create quick invoices. With the timely updates about orders and items that are all set to ship or have been delivered.

Moreover, Zoho offers three plans for this app: Basic ($29/monthly), Standard ($79/monthly) and Professional ($249.) So, depending on your need, you can choose the plan that can ideally fit into your requirements.

Price: Free

#6. iOrderEntry

iOrderEntry iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

When you want to manage your orders with maximum efficiency, there are two things that become crucial. The easy-to-use tool and the needed flexibility. And with “iOrderEntry” app, you get both these things to take control of orders.

The app is focused on simplicity so that you can take advantage of all the features without putting much effort. Lastly, iOrderEntry is compatible with iOS 8 or later so you can use it even on your older iPhones and iPads.

Price: Free

#7. RFMS Mobile

RFMS Mobile iPhone and iPad Order Entry Management App Screenshot

With Mobile, you will no longer find it difficult to quickly entry orders, make impressive catalogs and track your documents. The app allows you to promptly search and edit any quotes from customers.

You will access products and create new quotes even on the go without any hassle. You can also accept your customer’s signature and attach photos to your order to give it a more professional look.

Price: Free

#8. TradeGecko

TradeGecko Mobile Order Entry Management iOS App Screenshot

As a proactive retailer, you’d be glad to have TradeGecko. Aside from letting you effortlessly create and manage sales orders, it allows you to keep a tab on all of your customers and suppliers. Therefore, you are able to stay in sync with all the essential things and take well-timed decisions to boost your sales.

As for the interface, TradeGecko looks really modern and features an elegant dashboard that displays all the sales data. Besides, it has a nice-looking product catalog to keep everything perfectly organized. On top of all, this app also works offline so that you will be able to carry out your tasks without any hindrance.

Price: Free

#9. Innovo OE Touch

Innovo OE Touch iPhone Order Entry Management App Screenshot

The one feature that has really caught my eyes in Innovo OE Touch is the exceptionally user-friendly interface. It allows you to create orders as per real-time pricing and availability.

Add a group of products to the shopping cart. Scan barcode labels to make the process a lot faster. The app also lets you view bids and history. Furthermore, you can save your frequently used items to access them quickly.

Price: Free

#10. BASys Work Order Entry

BASys iPhone and iPad Order Entry Management App Screenshot

BASys Work Order Entry has been designed for Bridgestone dealers who run the BAYs manufacturing system. With the easy-to-use features and simple user-interface, it makes order entry a hassle-free task. You can add extra locations for UID (unique identification) usage. Speed up your order processing task and make it more convenient.

Price: Free

#11. Service Work Order Time Entry from ORACLE

With this app, you can create and view timecards related to work. You can check out the list of time entered in the past one week and view all the essential details. As the app presents the time in the graph, you won’t have difficulty in keeping a tab on it. More importantly, the app has the support of several languages like English, Arabic, French, etc.

This app is designed only for iPad.

Price: Free

#12. Schaedler Yesco OE Touch

Schaedler Yesco OE Touch iPhone Order Entry Management App Screenshot

I find Schaedler Yesco OE Touch pretty neat about functionality. With this app, you can create orders depending on the latest pricing. You will instantly add products groups to your shopping cart, scan a barcode label and even map branch locations.

Using advanced search, you can promptly find items in order. Besides, it also allows you to check out bids and view history.

Price: Free

That’s all, friends!

Your favorite OEM app?

Out of these top OEM apps, which one is going to be installed on your iPhone? Is it the one that’s feature-rich or the one that’s quite simple? It would be great to know in the comments below.

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Best Order Entry Management Apps for iPhone

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Best Order Entry Management Apps for iPhone
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