Order entry management is generally considered to be a tedious task for many. A little leniency can cost huge, if not done with utmost care. Unlike before, there are highly-efficient tools available to manage it more accurately today.

If you wish to make order entry more convenient using iPhone even on the move, we have you covered with precisely what you may ask for. Needless to hackle around spending plenty of time behind this demanding task, when you can solve it with ease. Here is the shortlist of the best iPhone order entry management apps to help you manage it with great comfort.

Best iPhone Order Entry Management Apps

Best Order Entry Management Apps for iPhone

#1. Sales Manager Pro

Sales Manager Pro iPhone App IconSales Managemer Pro is very efficient as it is capable of handling large amount of data. It can let you scan barcodes and print invoices easily. This app allows salesmen to download product as well as customer data from a web server, take orders in the field and then upload them back to the server.

With highly scalable database and rich user interface, it will be a very handy tool for order entry.

Price: Free
Download Sales Manager Pro

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#2. SurgeHub

SurgeHub iPhone App IconSurgeHub is truly a multi-tasking app as it is a mobile CMS (content management) CRM (customer relationship management) and also an Order Entry app. It is everything you want to handle a large database right from your iPhone anywhere, anytime with utmost ease.

The high quality interface makes sure; you are able to carry out your task with needed convenience.

Price: Free
Download SurgeHub

#3. OrderShark

OrderShark iPhone App IconOrderShark provides the support of international language sets for easy multilingual use. It allows you to review, edit and copy previous copy. You can see the status of all orders along with confirmation that the host computer has received the order. Users can send orders through Wi-Fi or cellular network.

OrderShark is equipped to scan any barcode type from any angle with the use of the iPhone’s camera. It is able to read all existing UPC types, self labels and QR codes.

Price: Free
Download OrderShark

#4. Quotes & Billing Lite

Quotes & Billing Lite iPhone App IconQuotes & Billing Lite lets you provide quotes to customers on the spot, turn them into active orders and track customers’ payment with your iPhone. It helps you easily track your customers, contact info, purchasing history and open quotes and orders. If you want, you can also keep track of your inventory.

It’s very easy to use and will provide you the efficiency to get your work done in a quick time.

Price: Free
Download Quotes & Billing Lite

#5. Quest Solution Order Entry

Quest Solution Order Entry iPhone App IconQuest Solution Order Entry is highly capable of increasing the speed and accuracy of sales orders as well as field gathered info. It provides two-way communication to your field personnel. The customer and pricing information is updated on your iDevice so that you find is easy to track them.

It will help improve the quality of information exchanged between your field associates and corporate office.

Price: Free
Download Quest Solution

#6. BASys Work Order Entry

BASys Work Order Entry iPhone App IconBASys Work Order Entry has been designed for Bridestone dealers who run the BAYs manufacturing system. If you change the sales person number, it will let you clear the last- sync- date. Built for specific users, it helps you complete your task as easily as you wish.

Price: Free
Download BASys Work Order Entry

#7. EIC Sales Rep Order

EIC Sales Rep iPhone App IconEIC Sales Rep Order has been built for food and beverage sales. It is able to work in conjunction with EIC software. It provides the option to show item costs as well as longer description on items. As for utility, it is quite good in use.

If anything, it is the price that may seem to be a bit high for this app.

Price: $39.99
Download EIC Sales Rep Order

#8. SAP ERP Customer Order Entry

SAP ERP iPhone App IconThis app is able to connect sales and distribution in SAP ERP allowing store managers to create orders by searching for a product in a catalogue. It lets you view product info such as, price, image and availability. You can use order templates by adding products to favorites list or with the use of past orders.

It also allows you to access information on past orders to manage product replenishment properly.

Price: Free
Download SAP ERP

#9. Consultant Party Order

Consultant Party Order iPhone App IconConsultant party Order features order entry for hostess and all guests with complete totals. It provides front screen tax rate lookup and tax rate lookup at the time of order entry. It lets you optimize your ordering process during a party with the help of product detail management.

The system is very flexible and allows you to calculate orders for companies in the direct sales industry such as, Avon, Mary Kay, Scentsy etc.

Price: $2.99
Download Consultant Party Order

#10. Distribution One Mobile

Distribution One Mobile iPhone App IconDistribution One Mobile is designed for small businesses. It allows you to place orders, check inventory levels and gain customers info easily. It also lets you print or email an order confirmation or quote.

Though it may not boast of plenty of features, it is good enough to be an effective tool for small enterprise.

Price: Free
Download Distribution One Mobile