Apple has announced the annual Best of 2016 charts for the App Store, iTunes Store, and iBooks Store. While “Prisma”, the photo editing app, has been declared as the iPhone app of the year, “Clash Royale” has won the race as the iPhone game of the year.

The ability to turn photos into amazing artwork with a range of cool art filters made Prisma incredibly popular. To be honest, we were compelled to make a complete guide to use Prisma smartly on iPhone.

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Best iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV Apps of 2016

Clash Royale was released in March 2016. It’s a card-based game in which players have to collect a lot of cards from the Clash of Clans universe and compete with other players. The game is pretty exciting to play.

Best Apps of 2016: These Apps Rocked on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch This Year

Apple has also declared the top apps and games for the iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

iPhone App of the Year: Prisma
iPhone Game of the Year: Clash Royale

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iPad App of the Year: Sketchbook Motion
iPad Game of the Year: Severed

Apple TV App of the Year: Twitter
Apple TV Game of the Year: Riptide GP: Renegade

Apple Watch App of the Year: MySwimPro – Personal Swim Trainer 
Apple Watch Game of the Year: Field Day

Mac App of the Year: Bear
Mac Game of the Year: Life is Strange

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The face-shifting app “MSQRD” has been named as the runner up for best iPhone app, and swipe-based game “Reigns” has been chosen as the runner up for best iPhone game.

There are two new App Store sections such as “10 Best Apps of the Year” and “10 Best Games of the Year” have listed the best apps chosen by Apple’s editors.

The tech giant has chosen apps in various categories including games playable on one handcelebrity games, productivity apps, shopping apps, indie games, coding apps etc.

In the Mac App Store, these apps including Spark, Polarr Photo Editor, Mini Metro, Doo, XCOM 2, Darkest Dungeon, Day One, Layers of Fear, and OmniGraffle 7 have been chosen as the best.

Top Apps Based on Overall App Store Charts in 2016

Apple has also named the top apps as per overall charts. Snapchat has won the honor of the Top Free iPhone App, while Heads Up! has been chosen as Top Paid iPhone App.

For the iPad, YouTube has won the title of the top free app, while Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been named as the top paid app.

Netflix has won the battle as the top free Apple TV app, Earthlapse TV has been chosen as the top paid Apple TV app.

You can check out the list of Apple’s best apps, TV shows, movies and books picks in the App Store, iTunes and iBooks Stores.

Personally, I’m really surprised to not find “Pokemon Go” in this exclusive list of apps. Which app has impressed you the most in 2016 across iDevices? Let us know that in the comments.

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