Remember Doogie Howser M.D and how he maintained his diary on his PC back then? Times have changed and so have the tools.

It’s now time to pen down (or rather, type down) your thoughts on your iPhone or iPad thanks to journal apps. With an iPhone/iPad journal app, you can write anytime, anywhere.

Best iPhone and iPad Journal Apps

What’s interesting is that a journal on your iPad has more options, more features and more configurations than you can imagine. Journals will no longer be long chunks of text. You can add photos, tag people or places, share and keep your journal entries organized.

Read on to find out more about apps like Day One, Momento and My Wonderful Days in this list:

#1. Day One

Day One iPhone and iPad App IconDay One gives you a better writing experience with its clear interface. The app provides a password option that locks your entry. You can even add photographs to your journal. Entries automatically record your location, time, date and weather details. You can sync the app data to your iCloud or Dropbox. Every journal you create can also be uploaded to your own personal page on

Price: $4.99
Download Day One

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#2. iJournal

iJournal iPhone and iPad App IconiJournal works like a notebook. Customization is a key feature here: you can add new styles and backgrounds to your journal entries. It also has password option that will keep it safe from prying, curious eyes.

Price: $1.99
Download iJournal

#3. My Wonderful Days

My Wonderful Days iPhone and iPad App IconMy Wonderful Days is a simple and easy app for noting down your thoughts. The app features stickers and photos that can be added to your journal. You can also add audio/recordings to the journal. You can bookmark/star important journal entries so that you can go through them later. The app automatically gets synced to iCloud for backup.

Price: $2.99
Download My Wonderful Days

#4. My Daily Journal

My Daily Journal iPhone and iPad App IconMy Daily Journal gives you a rich text interface for writing. The app allows more than one photo in each entry. You can secure your journals with a password and get personalized PDF exports. Once the basic journals are over, you’ll need to upgrade ($4.99 for unlimited journals, $0.99 for one).

Price: $1.99
Download My Daily Journal

#5. Momento

Momento iPhone and iPad App IconMomento lets you add journal entries from anywhere. You can tag the events in the calendar and write about people, places or any event that you encounter. The app gets your activity from social media and encapsulates it in your Momento diary. The app organizes your journal entries to look like a memory book that you can leaf through later. There’s data sync and password lock too.

Price: $2.99
Download Momento

Journals are a great way to look back at days gone by in a new light! Think that there is an app that should have made the list? Share in the comments section!