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Everybody likes to take photos with their smartphone camera. Whenever a visually appealing sight comes in front of your eyes, you just take out your smartphone these days, instead of any camera, and take a snap. This is mainly because almost all the smartphone makers provide a high-quality camera. The iPhone, in particular, undoubtedly offers a powerful camera with all of its models. The quality that the iPhone camera provides can be easily compared to some of the point and shoot cameras in the market. Additionally, with a myriad of advanced photo and video apps on the App Store, the versatility that iPhone delivers is exceptional.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone and iPad

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Apple's App Store contains some fantastic apps that render a variety of functions with regards to photography. While many of you may like the default iPhone camera app for its user-friendly and minimalistic interface, these apps give you additional controls. To start with there are apps that help to edit & organize photos, to adjust the white balance & shutter speed manually, to function as an all-around camera with photo editing and so on. Below are ten photo & video apps for iPhone/iPad that you can use to capture the best photos.

Best iPhone and iPad Camera Apps

#1. LightTrac

LightTrac iPhone and iPad App IconLightTrac helps you determine the light conditions for a perfect photo to be shot. The app follows the pathways of the Sun and the Moon, guiding you to find the sunset, sunrise, twilight and their lunar equivalents throughout the year. Before taking a perfect photo, if you wish to know the conditions are right, then this is the app that lets you know by gauging the exact movement of the Sun and the Moon.

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Price: $4.99
Download LightTrac

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#2. Snapseed

Snapseed iPhone and iPad App IconSnapseed may not be a unique app, but it provides some excellent functions. It helps you to automatically alter the exposure & color settings of the entire photo or just a particular region in the frame. This app encompasses numerous filters and frames including options at hand for fine-tuning the white balance, saturation, crop, size, contrast, and rotation.

Price: Free
Download Snapseed

#3. Manual

Manual iPhone and iPad App IconManual is a brilliantly developed app launched after the release of iOS 8. With Manual, you can change the ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focus and exposure even before capturing a photo. This helps you to have a look at the preview of the photo you need before you take it. Above all, it is very straightforward to use which makes it a direct replacement camera app for quick snaps. The speed of functioning of the app is worth a mention or two.

Price: $1.99
Download Manual

#4. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam iPhone and iPad App IconVSCO Cam is a kind of all around camera app that allows you to capture, edit and share your pictures with one interface. It also lets you import all the captured images in one place. When you try to focus on an object in a relatively darker place, often you end up taking a dark or out of focus image of the object. But this is where VSCO Cam app comes in handy. VSCO Cam app acts as a problem solver whenever you wish to take photos in darker places. The app’s filter, as well as its editing options, help you take some of the best photos you wish for. It’s a simple camera app that provides pretty good control.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Price: Free
Download VSCO Cam

#5. Camera+

Camera+ iPhone and iPad App IconCamera+ is another all around camera app that apart from helping you stabilize photos also offers one touch controls for fixing settings including exposure, focus, and white balance. Camera+ helps you focus objects in darker surroundings by letting you alter the exposure compensation. You can also have a glance at the ISO and shutter speed of the camera. Camera+ functions as a simple app that offers some advanced features.

Price: $2.99
Download Camera+

#6. ProCamera 8

ProCamera 8 + HDR iPhone and iPad App IconProCamera 8 is yet another app that allows you to have the preview of the image even before capturing it. It is a camera replacement app that gives you control over many settings after taking photos. It comes with a VividHDR function that enhances the functioning of HDR mode. If you are a fan of nighttime photos, then this app offers the Night Mode Pro Camera 8 just for you.

Price: $2.99
Download ProCamera 8

#7. ProCam 2

ProCam 2 iPhone and iPad App IconProCam 2 offers a wide range of manual camera controls starting from full focus, exposure controls to hundreds of real-time filters, lenses and so on. The specialty of the app is that it packs all these features into a simple User Interface, thereby not overcrowding the viewfinder, unlike other similar apps. The app also has an all in one editor that comes with loads of non-destructive options for editing.

Price: $1.99
Download ProCam 5

#8. Camera Plus

Camera Plus iPhone and iPad App IconCamera Plus is a unique app that stands out from the crowd because of the innovative features that are not offered by any other app. It does not provide you advanced options like ProCamera 8, but it gives you some out-of-the-box features like AirSnap and focus shift videos. AirSnap lets you convert another iOS device into a controller for remotely shooting photos. Along with these, Camera Plus also provides 3 distinct focus options namely the macro, normal and far. These modes ensure that the sharpness of the captured images stays intact wherever required. Overall, this app lends a much-needed versatility to your iPhone camera.

Price: $1.99
Download Camera Plus


Pro HDR iPhone and iPad App IconProHDR can be considered one of the finest apps in the HDR type. Though the UI is not as smooth as some of the other few apps, it provides ample control over exposure tuning and tone-mapping settings. Apart from it, the app offers the variety of preset filters which includes options for cropping, setting a self-timer, digitally zooming, adding a simple grid overlay, etc.

Price: $1.99
Download PRO HDR

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