Best iPhone and iPad Board Games for Kids in 2020

It’s no secret that kids have a liking for entertaining board games. With pretty simple yet engaging gameplay and soothing music, they are undoubtedly go-to picks for fun.

Apart from offering plenty of joy, these games also sharpen the brain through challenging puzzles. Not to mention the covetous rewards that motivate kids to give their best to get a high score and become the leader of the pack.

So, if your little champ is demanding for some interesting play, navigate through this extensive roster of the best board games for kids to play on iPad or iPhone. Ditto, they can truly light up the gaming for your fast-growing child!

Best Kids Board Games for iPhone and iPad in 2020

#1. Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

When you have loads of interesting jigsaw puzzles in the offing, your free times will always be full of fun. To me, the best part about it is the wide range of categories such as colors, art, flowers, landmark, nature and more. So, based on your mood, you can pick out the category to light up gaming.

There is a rotation mode which makes the gameplay more challenging. Just like most puzzle games, it also offers hints to rescue you when your mind doesn’t seem to get the right answer. Furthermore, the gallery is updated weekly to ensure there is never a dull moment.

Price: Free

#2. Two Dots

‎Two Dots Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Ready to dive into an exciting puzzle adventure? Two Dots is pretty nice and if you have a liking for solving puzzles, you will enjoy having a go at it for hours.

Simply match dots to crack the conundrums and showcase your skills through a whopping 2085 challenging levels. Along the way, play bravely to clash with monster dots and smash comets and blast away all the gems coming before you.

Take part in the special events to win tons of covetous rewards. Sporting clean interface coupled with relaxing music, the game may soon get into your skin.

Price: Free/$4.99 for 25 Booster Boxes

#3. Four In A Row

‎Four In A Row Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Whenever I’m up for a vintage board game, “Four In A Row” (4+) is the one that comes to the picture effortlessly. Apart from being fascinating to play, it’s the sort of game that can kill stress and offer up relaxation.

Talking about the gameplay, all you have to do is just connect the four pieces of color in a line as fast as possible. With the two players mode, you can enjoy playing it with your little ones. Besides, there are three levels of difficulty to test your skill.

Price: Free/$1.99 for ad-free version

#4. Board Kings

Board Kings Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

With a cool mix of adventure, “Board Kings” stands out on many fronts. First and foremost, buying great landmarks and then making stunning boards is something that you’d really love doing.

Select from a number of nice-looking themes and eye-catching dice style to give a unique look to your stuff. Besides, keep an eye on others’ coins and steal them to buy tons of amazing landmarks.

But watch out for the thieves who may be just waiting for an opportunity to destroy your party! One smart way you can shield your precious board is by placing the cop cars all around.

Price: Free/$9.99 for a special bundle

#5. Tic Tac Toe

‎Tic Tac Toe Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Some games never seem to lose their charm, no matter how many times you have played them. “Tic Tac Toe” belong to such group of games. It allows you to play solo or enjoy gaming with your best buddy.

Featuring three difficulty levels, Tic Tac Toe offers you the option to choose the mode as per the skill of your child. As for the rule of the gameplay, it’s as straightforward as it can ever get. Besides, it doesn’t involve any learning curve so that your kid will be able to master this game easily.

Price: Free

#6. Block! Hexa Puzzle

‎Block! Hexa Puzzle Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Yet another exciting board game from BitMango on the show! This is a Tetris-style block puzzle game where you have to drag the blocks and wisely fit them in the frame.

A huge library of 300 puzzles is good enough for a long haul. With impressive background sound and nice-looking visual effects, it doesn’t let gaming become monotonous. On top of all, there is no time limit and you can play it at your own pace even without an internet connection.

Price: Free/$0.99 for hints

#7. Roll the Ball

‎Roll the Ball Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

BitMango’s Roll the Ball (4+) is a cool slide puzzle game. Put your brain at the task to solve tons of puzzles and win impressive rewards.

As it consists of over 3, 000 levels, your run at taking on riddles will be a long journey. Make sure to get at least 3-star rating on each level to set great records and become the undisputed champ.

To ensure roadblocks aren’t able to prevent you from winning the battle, the game also provides needed hints. So, be sure to use them when you find yourself completely confused.

Price: Free/$20.99 for 78 solutions

#8. Dots and Boxes

‎Dots and Boxes Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

If you have a penchant for classic board games, “Dots and Boxes” is your thing. You can play the game with your friend or get into the multiplayer mode to go against other popular players from around the world. Besides, you will also take on the games solo.

To get going, you have the option to select from three difficulty modes. Based on your skill, choose the mode where you can excel and hone all the tricks. And once you’ve mastered all the smart hacks of playing, get into the difficulty modes.

Make the most of attractive themes to add some impressive customization into the play. Grab lots of game center achievements to climb the ladder and become the most accomplished player.

Price: Free/$1.99 for the pro version

#9. Bubble Shooter – Addictive!

Bubble Shooter Addictive Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

Time to start shooting bubbles to score big! “Bubble Shooter” is one of my favorite board games as it’s light-hearted and more engaging.

All you have to do is just match 3 or more bubbles with the same colors to grab lots of scores. Keep an eye on the score bonus and try your best to get it as much as possible.

By performing exceedingly well, get on top of the worldwide leaderboard to let everyone know how good are at decimating bubbles and making them disappear in the blink of an eye.

Price: Free/$0.99 for 10 Hints

#10. Nonstop Balls

‎Nonstop Balls Kids Board iPhone and iPad Game Screenshot

“Nonstop Balls” is all about shooting balls and grabbing plenty of scores. With several challenging levels, it makes sure your gameplay remains tricky.

Along the way, you can take full advantage of power-ups to keep yourself ahead. Besides, do not forget to upgrade your balls and cannons to increase scores. Check out the customizable themes to bring more personalization into the mix.

Price: Free

There you go!

Your top bet?

Guessing your kid and you have already gotten into the groove and playing the games with fun. Before going to make the most of power-ups and unlock more cool features, do shoot up your feedback about your favorites and the things that make them so fascinating.

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Best iPhone and iPad Board Games for Kids

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Best iPhone and iPad Board Games for Kids
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