Get to know about universe more deeply and in an interesting manner with astronomy apps. If you are an iPhone user, the apps will give you a realistic feeling of being in outer space.

If you have ever wanted to be astronomer or are an astronomer, these apps are must-haves.

Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Astronomy

Best iPhone/iPad Astronomy Apps

#1. Star Walk

Star Walk iPhone and iPad App IconStar Walk is a walk-guide app. You just need to point it towards the sky to see the stars, satellites, moon and constellations from your location. The app also gives additional information when clicked on the name. The app also has a calendar of all the events happening in sky. You can even add your own event for remembering it. The app is the perfect sky guide as it changes information as you change your location.

Price: $2.99
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#2. Starmap Pro

Starmap Pro iPhone and iPad App IconStarmap is a must-have app for beginners and advanced astronomy students and lovers. The app has features more than 2,500,000 stars, meteors, maps and other sky objects. The app has a telescope facility that comes with flexibility. You can get other features like logbook, alarm, photos and sections for local objects of your area. The app gives you professional information and makes you feel like a pro. You can unlock additional features and information from in-app purchase for $0.99.

Price: $16.99
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#3. Galaxy Collider

Galaxy Collider iPhone and iPad App IconGalaxy Collider is discovering physics behind collisions happening in our universe. The app calculates the gravitational force between stars and other galaxies. The app also calculates the physics behind interaction of galaxies. You can change the simulation and test out different ways on how galaxies interact with each other.

Price: $0.99
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#4. Solar Walk

Solar Walk iPhone and iPad App IconSolar walk has a 3D system for experiencing larger than life picture. You can easily zoom in and out to know more about planets and their details. The app has all the information about each planet and galaxy. You can set a specific time to travel back in time and see space as it was during that time. The app also has facts about satellites. You can learn about inner structures, history of the planets and other information through this app. You will need a special cyan-red 3D glass for enjoying the 3D effects. For additional information and features, you need to pay $0.99.

Price: $2.99
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#5. Exoplanet

Exoplanet iPhone and iPad App IconExoplanet is an app that provides all information about planets and its stars. The app has simple interface and realistic background. The app has all properties and features about planets found so far, stored in it. You can even point at the sky to know an exoplanet. You are notified whenever new discovery is made or anything is added in the app. Get the ad-free version from an in-app purchase for $1.99 and avail other benefits and features.

Price: Free
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