Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Movie Lovers in 2022

Every iPhone and iPad user has at least one streaming app on their device that they use to watch their movies. But you won’t be a movie buff if you have no clue about the reviews of a film, the actors that acted in it, the location and other trivia about the movie. In that scenario, we have got you all covered with this exciting line up of the best iPhone and iPad apps for movie lovers that are perfect for all the film enthusiasts out there.

1. Netflix

Netflix iPhone and iPad Movie Buffs App Screenshot

Well, I don’t think that there is any need to elaborate on why Netflix is the number one on this list. Ever since it made its debut in the online streaming world, there was quite a storm created by it. Know as the King of streaming, this entertainment company started out as a rental DVD service, eventually bringing a revolution in the streaming market.

The line up for Netflix Movies and TV Shows is the most varied and diverse. It is a perfect blend between Netflix Originals, Cult Classics, Contemporary, and every other genre. Honestly, Netflix is hands down my most favorite app to stream tv shows and movies.

Price: Free (Subscriptions: $9, $13, $16)

2. Fandango

Fandango iPhone and iPad Movie Buffs App Screenshot

If you are a regular cinema visiter, then you might understand the pain of getting in a line to buy tickets and ultimately not getting preferred seats. But with the Fandango app, all cinema lovers can now book their tickets from their iPhones. The app is specially built to give you a more comfortable movie experience.

Don’t stand in the long queues anymore, simply pick your favorite seats and book them from your iPhone. The app also has its own rewards system; thus, the more you book, the more you get rewarded. A useful tip here is to pay using your all-new apple card that would earn you daily cash as well as the rewards for your ticket.

Price: Free

3. IMDb

IMDb iPhone and iPad Movie Buffs App Screenshot

The go-to app for all your movie related questions, IMDb is the one app for all the movie lovers out there. From information regarding the run-time of movies to their reviews, this is the one-stop app for all the self-respecting movie buffs.

With exhaustive data of over 1.5 million movies and 3.2 million people associated with the film industry (including actors, directors, singers, and other crew). IMDb app houses movie trivia about soundtracks, locations, general trivia, and a lot more information about your favorite movies. You can rate a film, create a watchlist, watch trailers, read the news, search for theaters, or even book tickets through this app.

Price: Free

4. Letterboxd

Letterboxd iOS Movie Buffs App Screenshot

In this age of Social Media, we ought to be connected with people across, but won’t it be better if you are connected with people who share your interest in the movies? Know as the Social Media for film lovers, the Letterboxd app is a must-have for all the movie lovers out there.

From keeping track of the latest and upcoming movies to creating watch-lists along with your friends, Letterboxd is the talk-of-the-town iOS app for movie buffs. Refer to reviews written by your friends or random reviews if you wish and then decide whether or not you want to watch that particular movie or not. Cool right?

Price: Free

5. Guess the Movie

Guess The Movie iOS App Screenshot

If you think that you are a die-hard movie lover and a great filmy buff, then test your movie knowledge with the app. Guess the Movie app is one app that is made to test how big a movie lover you are.

With the help of iconic scenes in the movie or the poster of the film, you will have to guess the movie or the star. This app has several features like Guess the Movie, Guess the Star, General Movie Trivia, Pop Culture movie quiz, Word games, and more.

Price: Free

6. The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel iOS Movie Buffs App Screenshot

Classics. One word suffices it all, be it rom-com, mysteries, thrillers, neo-realistic movies, no genre can be compared to the love for classics people houses. You need to have a certain taste to enjoy classic movies. I come bearing good news for all the classic movie lovers out there.

The Criterion Channel is a delightful app for all classic movie lovers. And did I mention that the app also houses many art films and not so famous movie discoveries from across the world? Well, it does. For people with peculiar movie tastes, you will feel like a kid in a candy store with this iOS app.

Price: Free

7. ToDo Movies 4

ToDo Movies Buffs iOS App Screenshot

App Store is flooded with ToDo List apps but being a movie buff, I love ToDo Movies app that can make a list for movies. A to-do list for movies is certainly every movie lovers’ dream come true.

Create a list of movies you want to watch along with a list of movies you have already watched and easily manage them. While you manage the list of Want to Watch and Watched, the app also keeps track of all the upcoming movies and intimates you about all the upcoming releases. It also has an indicator for bonus scenes so that you don’t miss out on any cliff hanger post-credit scenes.

Price: Free

8. RunPee

RunPee iPhone and iPad Movie Buffs App Screenshot

Have you been in a situation wherein you would go for a pee break but when you return the plot of the movie has taken a significant twist? Well, you are surely in for a delight with RunPee app for real movie lovers which enables you to know the high and low points of a movie plot and enables you to decide when you can take a break and for how long should that break last.

An interesting concept, right? Well, I find RunPee app supremely useful when I go to the cinemas to watch a mystery or thriller movies. I almost forgot to mention that the app also shows you what you will miss when you are on your break. With Marvel setting the trend, end credits have become a thing, and thankfully the app lets you know if there are any end-credits in the movie. It also suggests you if a film is worth watching in 3D or not. In my opinion, this is a must-have app for everyone.

Price: Free

9. iTunes Movie Trailers

iTunes Trailers iOS Movie Buffs App Screenshot

What is a movie without trailers and teasers? Most of us decide whether we want to watch a movie or not, based on the trailer of that film. So it is fitting to watch the trailers before you decide whether you want to watch a film or not. And this app by Apple is specifically developed for movie lovers.

The app not only has trailers of hundreds of movies but it also has a wide range of behind-the-scenes, best shots, clips, and pictures of the films as well. The library is sure to quench the thirst of all movie freaks out there.

Price: Free

Signing Off

Well like always I have tried my best to pick out the most useful iOS Apps from all categories that will be helpful for all the movie lovers but if I skipped any, then please do let me know that in the comments below.

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