The world of a movie buff doesn’t stop with watching the latest movies. It involves gathering info about actors, directors, trivia about how a movie was filmed, the awards it won, how it performed at the box office and more.

With the iPhone/iPad, you have a lot of apps that help you keep track of movies, behind-the-scenes, bloopers, actors, interviews, trivia and more.

Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Movie Buffs

Here’s a list of the populist, must-have iPhone/iPad apps for movie buffs.

#1. iTunes Movie Trailers

iTunes Movie Trailers iPhone and iPad App IconFor movie buffs out there trailers are the best way to keep track of all the upcoming movies you’ve got to catch up with. With iTunes Movie Trailers, you can treat yourself to thousands of trailers with just a tap. Being Apple’s own app, it’s designed to be very user-friendly and feature-rich. Trailers load fast and are definitely high quality. There is a large catalogue of trailers to watch including the ones that are newly released. Use iTunes Movie Trailers to plan your movie-theatre schedules in advance.

Price: Free
Download iTunes Movie Trailers

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#2. Netflix

Netflix iPhone and iPad App IconBy far the most popular app for watching movies and TV shows, Netflix is a pleasure to use if you like to keep up with all the latest series and movies in town. Browse through a gigantic library of reels and choose what you want to watch according to your mood! It can be a tad bit slow sometimes, but that’s ok compared to the stuff it is packed with.

Price: Free
Download Netflix

#3. IMDb

IMDb iPhone and iPad App IconIMDb is the perfect movie database! If there’s anything you want to search about movies, this is the perfect app to go to. IMDb allows you to see full cast lists for films, get more information about those actors, read trivia and also participate, discuss and review movies. For a serious movie buff, there are lists you can make (and lists you can browse). Watch out, it’s addictive!

Price: Free
Download IMDb

#4. YouTube

YouTube iPhone and iPad App IconYouTube, as you already know, is the largest video-hosting website in the world packed with trailers and videos. If you’re lucky you will also find complete movies. The app is a pleasure to use and has you coming back for more. It offers a stunning interface with a user-friendly browse and search option. You can also create, save and share your favourite videos and playlists with friends. The playlist part is what interests a movie buff more than anything else: you can create and share playlists of your favorite scenes from movies.

Price: Free
Download YouTube

#5. CineXPlayer

CineXPlayer HD iPhone and iPad App IconThis definitely is one movie app that comes with great design, ease of use and a fantastic feature set. While CineXPlayer is a simple video player, when you look properly there is a lot more than that including Dolby Digital audio processing, on-the-fly 3D conversion and live TV features (when you subscribe). The way it’s built, you don’t need to convert your video files to .MP4 to play them on your iPad; instead you just need to add them to the app through iTunes. The best part is that you can simultaneously view IMDb without having to switch windows.

Price: $1.99
Download CineXPlayer

While these are all tried, tested and highly popular movie apps, we might have missed out on a few! Keep checking for new lists because we tend to write about just anything that is newly launched. With these apps, you can redefine your iPad and iPhone movie watching experience and enhance the way you watch, organise and enjoy films.