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Apple has been trying to achieve optimum results in all segments, whether it is software or the hardware. The App Store consists of different apps and games to suit all audiences effectively. Gaming category is no different; Apple has been working seriously to provide console type gaming to iOS users.

That said, there are some high-end games that might top charts in the year 2016. We have made a roundup of best iPhone games of 2016 below, so feel free to try your hands on them. We have covered almost all categories, which means, everyone will get a piece of cake from the list.

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Best iPhone Games 2016

Best iPhone Games of 2017

#1. Bejeweled Classic

Bejeweled Classic iPhone Game IconBejeweled Classic is an all time favorite puzzle game with mind-boggling levels. It's a matchmaking game, where you match gems and earn points to rank higher. The game is a solid time-killing machine and at the same time very exciting. The app is completely free, but there are in-app purchases to get hints and other features. It is recommended to disable in-app purchases before downloading the game.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: Free
Download Bejeweled

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#2. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt 8 iPhone and iPad Game IconAsphalt series of racing game does not need any introduction. It is one of the most played games by car lovers. The game size of Asphalt 8 is in GB's, so it is recommended to download it over Wi-Fi. The game is free to download and use but has many different in-app purchases that you might like to download. It is one of the best iPhone games for 2016.

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
Price: Free
Download Asphalt 8


Badland iPhone and iPad Game IconBadland is the game that needs courage and patience. You have to travel through a fairytale forest with deadly obstacles. The game also supports multiplayer mode with up to four players. There are no rules except survival, push your friends forward to get killed by the obstacles or co-ordinate with them to survive. You'll need to shell out few dollars and the game is worth every penny.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $2.99
Download Badland

#4. Blek

Blek iPhone and iPad Game IconBlek is a simple game with a fantastic interface that needs your quick response. It is simple because all you have to do is to draw a line covering all the colored circles avoiding black holes on the route. It needs your quick response because everything that you draw keeps moving. The game is pretty simple to play and definitely a great fun too. It’s not free but the price is worth the fun.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $3.99
Download Blek

#5. Boson X

Boson X iPhone and iPad Game IconBoson X is a science fiction running game that will test your reflexes. You’ll have to run through the sub-atomic world to find elusive Boson X. Keep in mind, there are no roofs or floors and you'll need solid reflexes to win the game. There are no in-app purchases or any other power-ups system, which makes this game a fair play for all. It is not free, but for science lovers, the price is worth it.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $2.99
Download Boson X

#6. NBA 2K17

NBA 2K16 iPhone and iPad Game IconEveryone love's NBA and this is the game everyone should have. The game has superb graphics, gameplay, and different modes. You can play on streets, quick play match, or build your career from a street guy to NBA superstar. Apart from that, you can customize your character to suit your personality and make it famous. The game is bit costly and the features are worth the price if you are a die-hard fan of NBA.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad [iOS 9] Price: $7.99
Download NBA 2K16

#7. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft iPhone and iPad Game IconMinecraft is undoubtedly a great game where you can build almost anything that you can ever imagine. Cruise through a randomly created world and build your base to create weapons and armor to defend against coming dangers. It’s a strategy game which requires some patience. The game is a bit over-priced, but if you like strategic games then this is your ultimate destination.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $6.99
Download Minecraft

#8. Bike Race Pro

Bike Race Pro iPhone and iPad Game IconBike Race Pro is one of my personal favorites. It isn't just racing your bike to the finish; it's the adventurous tracks that add the fun. You can either go solo or challenge your friends to beat your time. The game is not free; it will cost you almost a dollar to get it. This game definitely deserves your hard-earned money.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $0.99
Download Bike Race Pro

#9. Farming Simulator 16

Farming Simulator 16 iPhone and iPad App IconFarming Simulator is one of the famous apps in App Store. This new version of Farming Simulator adds more spice to the game. You create, manage, and earn from your farm. That's not all; you get to choose from a wide range of machines and tractors of the real world. This is certainly one of the best simulation games available on App Store. You’ll need to loosen your wallet a bit to get this game.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $4.99
Download Farming Simulator 16

#10. PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist

PewDiePie iPhone and iPad App IconPewDiePie is a superb 2D game with an innovative game concept. Your job is to collect Brocoins to buy new characters, attacks, and defenses. The voices in this game are recorded by real YouTubers. You can also challenge your friends and brag about it on Facebook. This is undoubtedly the best time-killing machine. The game isn’t free but it is completely worth the price.

Compatibility: iPhone and iPad
Price: $4.99
Download PewDiePie

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Which is your pick from list above? Share with us in comment, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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