Food goes a long way in impacting your health and fitness. The right food can help you achieve what you want to in terms of physique and mental fitness. (Don’t forget to check out our best iPhone fitness apps list)

Which explains why we’ve got – besides a plethora of food apps – a ton of fitness-centric iPhone food apps. That’s exactly what we’ve tried to pin down for this list of useful iPhone recipe and food apps that help you in keeping your fitness.

Best iPhone Food and Recipe Apps for Fitness Enthusiasts


Fooducate iPhone App IconFooducate is a diet tracker and a healthy food nutrition scanner with a huge database that helps thousands of people. This is an amazing app which not only gives you information but lets you track your intake. A lot of people can benefit from this app: heart health, vegetarians, anti-GMO and much more.

Price: Free
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Pic Healthy iPhone App LogoPicHealthy is a charming app that puts social features to eating good food. If you’re not one of those kinds that clicks Instagram photos of everything (and anything) being eaten, you might want to try PicHealthy – which is a far more useful app.

PicHealthy is about sharing healthy food. You can click photos and tag them as healthy/unhealthy and you can also earn points. It’s one of the very few truly useful social apps we’ve seen.

Price: Free
Download PicHealthy

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Calorie Counter Pro

Calorie Counter PRO iPhone App LogoCalorie Counter Pro is a full-fledged, amazing calorie tracker. It’s an app built to provide a complete package where you can track your diet, set goals and achieve them. There’s a bunch of stuff to do including food tracking, exercise planner, sleep tracker, projections (or analytics) and more.

Price: $3.99
Download Calorie Counter Pro


Harvest iPhone App LogoHarvest lets you find out the best produce of the season by teaching you how to find the best produce. Fresh, ripe and healthy fruits and vegetables are not hard to find and Harvest reinforces this. The app also includes pesticide levels which is an excellent measure of how healthy/unhealthy your food is.

Price: $1.99
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Seasons iPhone App LogoSeasons is the best app if you want to eat fruits and vegetables that are seasonal. Also, if you want to get the best produce of the season, this is the app to go for. Although we get all fruits and vegetables in all seasons due to artificial methods, the best food is still seasonal.

Price: $1.99
Download Seasons

While the apps listed above are intensely health-conscious fitness apps, here are three must-have apps when it comes to recipes and food:

Epicurious: Hundreds of recipes and health information about food that you eat. (Price: Free)

Paprika Recipe Manager: Recipe management like you’ve never seen before. (Price: $4.99) Allrecipe is known as the Wikipedia of recipes. Enough said. (Price: $2.99)

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