Best iPhone File Manager Apps of 2019: Organize Your Files and Documents with Absolute Precision

These file manager apps of 2019 have been primed to let you take perfect control of files on your iPhone and iPad. Head across to pick the most competent one for your iOS device to keep everything in order.

Managing hundreds of files and documents requires structured planning and effective mechanism. Therefore, it pays huge dividends to have fully equipped tools capable enough to not only make the task easy but also bring a new dimension into the entire process.

There are plenty of apps specifically designed to let you organize your files in accordance with your requirement. From being multi-tasking to boasting of defining features, they are developed to provide you a perfect solution of managing files. However, not all of them are cut to the task. Willing to have a look at some of the best iPhone file management apps? We have served you with some excellent ones.

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Best iPhone File Manager Apps of 2019

#1. Documents 5

Documents 5 File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

Document 5 is a complete multi-tasking app best suited for consumers and enterprise. You can edit your text files, read as well as annotate PDF files and more importantly search inside documents quickly.

You can save your favorite web pages to read them later as per need. It also allows you to protect any files or document with a password. With a good many options to sync your files with cloud such as iCloud and Dropbox, it makes your task very simple.

If you are looking for an app to keep your files better organized, it can be a viable solution to that.

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Price: Free
Download Documents 5

#2. FileMaster

FileMaster File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

Apart from allowing you to carry out multiple file management activities efficiently, FileMaster lets you fix forgotten passwords and avoid possible data loss. You can create new folders, import photos/videos, and play all mp3 files in one folder.

Depending on the requirement, you can give a password to an app, folder or if need be you can even apply Wi-Fi authentication. It also allows you to hide your files and folders in order to have more privacy.

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Price: Free
Download FileMaster

#3. File Manager

File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

File Manager helps you organize your files and documents smartly. You can call it a virtual USB drive as well thanks largely to its quality efficiency to let you transfer files from Mac or Pc to your iPhone.

With an integrated PDF reader and music player, you have the freedom to read any files and listen to music with relative comfort. Moreover, it has the support of Microsoft Office, Powerpoint, and Excel.

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With multiple clouds support like Dropbox, OneDrive and more, this app makes it ultra-convenient to manage your files properly. The built-in search feature lets you search anything quickly. You can also use a passcode to protect files.

To help you keep your files in a better way, you can even sort them by date, name, size or kind.

Price: Free
Download File Manager

#4. FileApp

FileApp File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

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FileApp is an effective file and document manager. It lets you play multimedia contents. Just like Windows Explorer or Finder on the Mac, this app lets you store iOS files and folders on your iPhone.

With the use of the built-in image editor, you can design photos as you wish. You can instantly share images via Twitter and Facebook. You can send multiple images via email attachments or make a gorgeous slideshow.

To keep the privacy of your files thoroughly secured, you can do file encryption with iOS data protection. Besides, you can use a passcode or even employ wireless transfer password in order to provide your files utmost security.

Price: Free
Download FileApp

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#5. iFiles

iFiles File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

iFiles is as versatile a file manager as you can ever get. With the built-in voice recorder, you can create your own voice notes. Simply tap and hold on any file in order to view the file operations. As per requirement, you can change the properties of any file such as a color label, icon and even rename it.

It supports many file formats like PDF and online cloud services such as Dropbox.

Price: $0.99
Download iFiles

#6. Files United

Files United File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

Files United lets you enjoy your digital content and manage your files effortlessly. The file browser can carry out a number of tasks, for example, creating new folders, tagging favorites, copying and moving documents, password protection, sharing functionalities and many more.

If you are a Windows user, you can access your file through SMB protocol. In order to transfer files, all you will require doing is simply drag and drop from Mac to your iPhone. With the help of Wi-Fi connect, it will enable you to manage your content. It also provides much access to cloud services like Dropbox.

Price: $4.99
Download Files United

#7. iExplorer

iExplorer File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

iExplorer is a quality eBook reader, media player, photo viewer and on top of all a very good work assistant. You can transfer files with Bluetooth between iOS compatible devices. But, you have to use USB cable if you want to transfer files between your phone and Mac.

You can watch movies and play music without having to copy them to your iPhone. Besides, it makes it very easy to view large photos, edit spreadsheets on your Google Docs and save them as different formats.

This app may seem to be a little expensive but it has the qualities to go nicely with the price.

Price: $4.99
Download iExplorer

#8. Files Pro

Files Pro File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

Files Pro has full integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. With the built-in browser, you can download any files and documents instantly. In addition, you can secure local as well as remote access to your files via password.

Thanks to the support of zoom and pan, you can make attractive slideshow and thumbnails. With the ability to allow you to move, copy, delete, rename and create folders inside the app, it makes file editing quite simple.

While everything about this app sounds pretty cool, its price seems to weigh down on its features a bit.

Price: $4.99
Download Files Pro

#9. File n Folders

File n Folders File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

Files n Folders is one of the best apps that allow users to transfer files and folders, photos/videos between computers and your iPhone/iPad with ease. You can easily upload photos and videos from your phone to Mac or PC.

This app lets you open all types of iOS supported files such as MS Office, PDF, Text, HTML, Zips and more. It provides you enhanced media functions like photos slideshow, audio/video playlist with an auto loop.

You can download this app for free but after opening and downloading/uploading 11 files, you will have to purchase it at $1.99 if you want to upload more files.

Price: Free
Download File n Folders

#10. iStorage 2HD

iStorage 2HD File Manager iPhone App Screenshot

iStorage 2 HD enables you to view a document, manage files in a more organized way. It is considered to be an excellent code editor. You can save files on your iPhone to read them at your own leisure time.

You can perform multiple file transfers and editing sessions at once. Besides, you can open password protected PDF, ZIP and Rar files. With the built-in browser, you can not only access but also save files from the web directly to your phone.

Price: $4.99
Download iStorage 2HD

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