Best iOS Emulators for Windows and Mac in 2020


Emulators are a great way to get your feet wet in the world of iOS. You can use emulators on your PC or Mac, see how it works, and use the apps you want to use. You can decide whether the advantages and drawbacks are worth it for you.

Emulators are also an indispensable tool for developers. They allow developers to see exactly what their app will look like on a device, and how it will respond. There are quite a few best iPhone emulators for Windows and Mac available on the market, so we’re giving you our pick here.

Best iPhone Emulators for Windows and Mac in 2020

#1. iPadian

iPadian iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

This is one of the most popular iOS emulators for Windows, with over 10 million downloads. It isn’t a full-fledged emulator, instead simulating the iPadOS interface on PC. It provides a list of apps you can simulate on your desktop to see how they’d appear on iPad. The interface is extremely clean and clutter-free while also not consuming a large amount of power.

Pros: User-friendly; Smooth

#2. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

It’s an emulator that can be utilised on Mac, iOS devices, Android devices, and Windows. It is not available on app stores. It is downloadable elsewhere, though. It has a very smooth-running interface and is used by app developers when developing cross-platform apps for mobile phones. Due to the simple yet powerful nature of the emulator, it is used by a lot of people.

Pros: Accurate Emulation; Customizable for Developers

#3. Smartface

Smartface iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

This emulator can be used by Windows users to develop apps for iPhones. It is widely utilised by developers to test the iOS apps that they are creating. The paid version has a lot more features and is on the pricey side. However, the free version doesn’t disappoint too much. Smartface is used to debug both Android and iOS apps and is recommended for app development.

Pros: Developer recommended, Clutter-free


Appetize iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

Although one can only use this for 100 minutes a month for free, it is an emulator that very closely resembles what an actual iPhone would run like. This is due to features that help users easily develop, test and update iOS and Android apps. It has iCloud access which is an additional benefit for users users. The interface is easy to use and the demo available on its website making it very convenient to access.

Pros: iCloud access; Developing Demos

#5. iPhone Simulator

iPhone Simulator iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

iPhone Simulator is mainly used for games and other smaller apps, due to the lack of cutting-edge features. But if that’s your use case, this is a perfectly acceptable emulator. The lack of bugs in the emulation is also impressive and helps deliver a near-native iPhone gaming experience. Another additional benefit is that it’s free.

Pros: Free; Games-oriented

#6. Ripple Emulator

Ripple iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

Ripple emulator helps you emulate an iPad on PC for testing purposes and is an easy option since it is not software-based, requiring a Google Chrome extension. It can be used for developing and testing apps while online on your PC. However, there is a drawback of Ripple; it is still in the beta stage presently. You are likely to encounter bugs.

Pros: Simple Interface; No download hassle

#7. Xamarin TestFlight Emulator

Xamarin TestFlight iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

Xamarin is an emulator which is owned by Apple to test their apps on a Windows system. The downside to the emulator is that it is tough to operate for beginners. It is a standard option for professional app developers, though. It supports all apps compatible with iOS 8.0 and above. And since it’s owned by Apple, it has features that other emulators might not support.

Pros: User-friendly; Extensive features

#8. Emulator

App iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

This emulator can be used on both Windows and Mac, and is powerful to handle all your app requirements, whether it is testing or gaming. App.ios has a 7-day free trial after which you will have to pay for its services. The software has a very user-friendly interface but app upload process runs slow occasionally.

Pros: User-friendly, Cross-platform

#9. Electric Mobile Studio Emulator

Electric Mobile Studio iOS Emulator for Windows and Mac

This is a powerful emulator that is often used by pro developers. iPhone and iPad app development and testing can be done with this program, both in its paid and free iterations. The paid version is somewhat expensive. However, the additional features provided might be worth it for heavy-duty developers.

Pros: All-in-one emulator; Professional interface

That’s all, folks.

From simple interface simulators, to advanced, developer-oriented commercial emulators, what is the best iOS Emulators for your PC? Let us know in the comments below.

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