Best Car Mounts for iPhone Xs Max and XR in 2021

Best Car Cup Holder Mounts for iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR

There are many cup holder phone mounts, but not all come with universal device support. Here’s our roundup of some of the best cup holder phone mounts that are compatible with iPhone X, XS, XS Max, iPhone XR, and all the Android devices as well. These Mobile Holders that can fit in the cup holders of our cars have created quite a stir in the market, and now we understand why.

1. TopGo

TOPGO iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

The TopGO Car Cup Holder iPhone Mount is made of good quality and durable plastic. This dock can house any phones between 2.01′ to 3.4′ wide displays and can fit in a variety of cup holders of different cars because of its adjustable base.

It comes with an 8-inch gooseneck that you can adjust according to your liking for unhindered viewing angle. It gives a secure grip to your iPhone, and its anti-slip surface ensures jerk-free ride for your phone.

USP: One Button Release and Lock
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2. Macally

Macally iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

The Macally cup holder phone mount is one of the most functional holders of its kind. The holder is designed in a way to hold iPhones as narrow as 1.77′ and as wide as 4.1′. So it would be compatible with all iPhones, even the iPhone 5 and all other iPhones and android phones.

The cover has a unique 360˚ rotatable holder to adjust the viewing angle. It can also hold phones with the bulkiest cases but keep in mind that the battery cases might not fit in the holder.

USP: Flexible Swivel Design
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3. Marrrch

MARRRCH iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

This holder for iPhone has two ways to position it; you could either adjust it in the cup holder or place it in the air vent of the car. This would come in handy when you are using navigations.

One element that is common in all the cup holders is its universal compatibility with mobile phones of all brands. So you do not have to worry whether you have an iPhone XS max or a tiny iPhone 5S. The holder is situated at a lower angle, so it doesn’t block your vision while operating the stereo or AC controls in your car.

USP: Flexible Positioning
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4. Amoner

Amoner iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

The holder comes with a cone shape at the top of the base to perfectly fit in your cup holder. The cone shape design helps in adjusting the holder in your cup holder with ease, and you won’t need to put in too much pressure.

The cup holder phone mount comes with 12 months’; refund or replacement warranty, which ensures that you are not left with a damaged and useless product. It is fully flexible and can be rotated to 360˚ and can also bend for a perfect vision.

USP: 360˚ Rotation
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5. Daluz

DALUZ iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

The Daluz cup holder dock comes with a fantastic feature amongst many others, and that is the phone can be connected to a cable while the holder is in use. The open bottom tray allows you to charge your phone without any hassle.

The base of this dock can be adjusted to fit every size of cup holder with three steps easy installation. The height of the holder allows for uninterrupted vision and doesn’t cause any sorts of distractions while driving.

USP: Short Height to allow distraction-free driving.
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6. Cellet PH600

Cellet iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

The Cellet PH600 Car Cup Holder Mount for iPhone comes with soft holder grips so that it doesn’t scratch the surface of your phone. And in case you have any issues with the holder you can get it replaced within one year.

This easy to install and adjust holder comes with one button release for your phone. It can hold phones like iPhone XS Max, XR, X and others and all other android devices with its one-touch release button. The holder is designed perfectly to help you navigate through roads easily.

USP: Soft grips to avoid phone damage
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7. iKross

iKross iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

Are you amongst those people who like carrying their iPad everywhere? Then this is the perfect car cup holder mount for you. The iKross cup holder mount comes with a 2 in 1 adjustable holder to hold your tablets and phones safely.iPads with maximum 10.2′ screens can be mounted in this holder.

The 10 inches swing arm ensures proper and stabilized viewing angle. It is a perfect iPhone car accessory for drivers who have to navigate through long distances.

USP: 2 in 1 Tablet and Mobile holder
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8. MiiFans

MiiFans iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

The MiiFans iPhone car cup holder can hold all the new iPhone models, including a variety of android phones as well. The holder has a 9.4′ gooseneck and 360˚ rotating design for comfortable viewing angle.

The holder has a single button lock and releases on the back of the holder to hold and remove your iPhone with ease. The arms and legs of the dock can be adjusted as per the size of your phone.

USP: Adjustable arms and legs of the holder to keep your phone secure
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IOVECT iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

The IOVECT car cup holder mobile dock can fit in any standard sized cup-holder of cars. , rotate the upper cone part of the holder to adjust the base according to your cup holder. To fix it in place, turn the dial, and the bottom will expand, locking the holder in place.

It comes with various view angle positions for a perfect viewing angle. Adjust the height and head of your phone to your preferred vision.

USP: Adjustable Base
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10. Tackform

Tackform iPhone Car Cup Holder Mount

Well, I saved the best for the last. The Tackform cup holder comes with magnetic support. Yup, you don’t have to go through adjusting the height and width of the holder anymore. Because of the holder being magnetic, it has no size barriers for your smartphones.

It is compatible with all smartphones and looks super chic as well. The holder comes without a gooseneck so that your device is secure without any vibration and shaking.

USP: Magnetic Mount
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Signing Off…

If you have to commute daily, then having one of these holders, is a must. It ensures the safety of your phones while you drive. And won’t hinder your navigation; neither does it blocks your vision nor distracts you while driving.

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Have you chosen your holder yet? Let us know in the comments below which is your favorite cup holder phone dock for your iPhone.

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