Business professionals meet numbers of people every day. They share contacts and wish to have a great professional relationship with one another. While those who are smart are able to not only manage the relationship but also make the utmost of their ever growing bond through frequent exchange of pleasantries, most fail to take any advantage which comes with maintaining invaluable contacts.

Business card reader apps can play a vital role in helping professionals maintain hundreds of contacts with utmost ease. Developed to be an excellent asset, iPhone business card readers can let businessmen manage contacts even on the move. Looking forward to having a quick look at the best iPhone business card reader apps? Head over to pick your favorite!

Best iPhone Card Reader and Scanner AppsBest Business Card Reader Apps for iPhone

#1. CamCard

CamCard iPhone App IconCamCard is a highly efficient business card reader. It is equipped to read and save any business card to your iPhone instantly. CamCard lets you exchange e-card with contacts through QR Code, Card Radar or Private Group. To help you contact your customers quickly, you can make special business contacts.

Whenever there are any updates regarding your business contacts, you are immediately notified about them through notifications. As a result, you never miss any chance to congratulate people on their new jobs or promotions in time.

CardCam has the support of as many as 16 languages such as, traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian, Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Italian, Swedish, Russian. The free version of CardCam lets you scan only 200 cards.

If you are looking to have an easy-to-use business card reader, look no further than CamCard.

Price: Free
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#2. Full Contact Card Reader

FullContact Card Reader iPhone App IconFull Contact Card Reader has been designed for sales people. It scans business cards accurately and quickly adds them to your iPhone contacts. It is capable of scanning both one sided and two-sided business cards.

The best thing about this card reader is that it adds business card data to each app that you use automatically. Therefore, you can instantly contact any person right from within any app.

As this card reader supports Zapier account, you will be able to scan business cards into well over 250 apps and services such as, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Salesforce etc.

You can scan up to 10 business cards for free but after that you will have to subscribe it if you want to scan more cards.

Price: Free
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#3. Business Card Reader Pro

Business Card Reader Pro iPhone App IconBusiness Card Reader Pro has been specifically made for thorough professionals who have to manage hundreds of business contacts. It provides seamless integration with not only Salesforce, Evernote and LinkedIn but also with CRM system.

With the help of text recognition technology, it is able to read any card instantly and also quite efficient in filling out all the contact information fields automatically in your iPhone’s address book. The background image processing helps Business Card Pro to scan multiple cards in a quick time. It lets you export business cards as XLSX. You can also export cards to VCard.

If you wish to have an elegant card reader that can let you scan cards in the quickest possible manner, you must give Business Card Pro a look.

Price: $6.99
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#4. Business Card Reader Plus

Business Card Reader Plus iPhone App IconBusiness Card Reader Plus is more than just an ordinary card reader. It’s an awesome contact data management app. You can capture contact information from business cards in more than 21 languages such as, Danish, Dutch and English. Crop functionality automatically removes the background of the business card which you scan and gives it an attractive look.

You can sync contact information across iDevices and quickly access them. In addition, it lets you save contacts in the CardHolder in order to quickly search particular contacts. To make it more simple, you can sort and group particular contacts to find them without any difficulty.

It allows you to forward contact information through email as VCard or JPEG files. You can also export contact data via SMS as text. If you are willing to have a multi-functional card reader, you don’t need to look beyond this.

Price: $4.99
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#5. SamCard Pro

SamCard Pro iPhone App IconSamCard Pro is an excellent business card reader. It allows you to capture photos perfectly with the anti-shake photo shooting technology. It recognizes many languages such as, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Swedish.

When you scan any card, it captures all the contact information, automatically recognizes it and then saves it to your iPhone contacts. You can view corresponding images while editing business cards and hence be able to edit them quickly as desired. It automatically rotates card images and also lets you shoot both horizontally and vertically.

SamCard can be a good choice, if you are willing to have a simple but very efficient business card reader.

Price: $5.99
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