One of the greatest assets of the Apple ecosystem is the App Store. Every year countless apps are launched for the iOS platform under different categories. While many apps have the biggest of the studios and corporations backing them, there are infinite apps that are developed by indie developers too, thanks to the Apple's developer program. Each and every app has its own purpose pertaining to its category.

Best iPhone Apps of 2015

As an iPhone user there is no doubt that every day you are on the lookout for a new app for various reasons. Additionally, with the advent of iOS 8, iPhone 6 and 6Plus this need is only going to expand enormously. Whether you wish to upgrade to a new model or stick to the older model, App Store helps in a great way to extract the fullest worthiness of your iPhone. Some of you like to enhance the functioning of your phone, some are game freaks, some like to get organized, some are avid music and movie lovers, some like eBooks & audio books, the list goes on. Take a look at these 15 apps that are worth a try on your iPhone.

#1. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

MyPlate Calorie Tracker iPhone App IconIf you are a fitness freak, then here is an app that you must not miss out. Working out alone does not contribute to the health aspect of the body. It is the healthy food and its quantity that you consume daily which determines the fitness quotient of your body. With MyPlate you can keep track of the food you eat daily. It consists of an in-app scanner that automatically includes all the nutritional details of the food item, if it is already present in the database of the app. If you are having a personalized meal, you can include the nutritional information and the app will provide you thorough information on your diet. You can either customize your details or also include your workout statistics from a large database.

Price: Free
Download MyPlate Calorie Tracker

#2. Launch Center Pro

Launch Center Pro iPhone App IconAn amazing everyday app by Contrast, the launch centre pro functions like a one-touch speed dial for most of your daily routine tasks. You can program a specific command structure like “call your friend” or “locate a restaurant” and add it to the app's primary page. After setting up such a structure, you have to simply tap the app to initiate those actions. This will get the app to launch and load to the specific parameters. It has useful features such as being compatible with apps like FaceTime, Safari, etc. and the IFTTT integration which lets you further automate your tasks with ease.

Price: $2.99
Download Launch Center Pro

#3. OmniFocus 2

OmniFocus 2 iPhone App IconIf you wish to find yourself organized in this New Year, then omnifocus 2 may be the perfect app for you. Omnifocus 2 offers plenty of options like creating project lists with sub lists and deadline calendars, making a to-do list for your everyday tasks, including information to your personal organizer with Siri. It is an all-out productivity app that helps you create projects, prioritize items, check their progress and fix deadlines. You can also tag a location to your list of chores and get reminders if you are nearby. You can set projects for the forthcoming week in advance and plan your scheduled tasks accordingly. Omnifocus helps you sync your iPad with your Mac, which is a great convenience.

Price: $19.99
Download OmniFocus 2

#4. 1Password

1Password iPhone App IconYou may have the habit of setting the same password for all your services and apps. It’s time that you kill that habit as 1Password helps you easily create and organize passwords. With 1Password you can effortlessly create a strong password in a safe manner for all the apps you use. You can also safely store your login and credit card details for several other important accounts and services. Added to that 1Password has a setting to sync all your devices. With this option you can have a complete control over all your passwords and secure information. You can access them whenever you need from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Price: Free
Download 1Password

#5. Poshmark

Poshmark iPhone App IconNot everybody is an expert in organizing his or her closet. Particularly, if you have an overflowing closet then certainly you require assistance from an app like Poshmark. The app functions as a bridge for fashion lovers. Buy a latest brand for a grand occasion or clear out the old clothes which you no longer use, from your wardrobe, this app helps you to do all with ease. You can easily connect with a buyer or buy apparel easily using Poshmark, thereby regularly pepping up your wardrobes. The app provides a user-friendly interface and interactive community to buy and sell clothes. There is a wallet within the app where you can keep the profit from your selling for further purchase.

Price: Free
Download Poshmark

#6. Fooducate

Fooducate iPhone App IconEating healthy is a universal goal that everyone wishes to follow. But the lack of knowledge about foods and food ingredients makes the task difficult for you. The app Fooducate, named ideally, educates you about the food before buying it by scanning the nutrition labels and list of ingredients. Whenever you are buying a food item, if you use this app, it prompts you if there are added sugars, preservatives, MSG and any other ingredients that you are suspicious about buying. The app gives a letter grade to each ingredient and suggests healthier replacements. An intelligently developed app that helps you stay conscious of your food products.

Price: Free
Download Fooducate

#7. iPhone App can be considered as a one stop shop for organizing and achieving all your goals. Simply put it acts as a life coach by helping you assign specific target goals in numerous areas like enhancing productivity, sharpening a skill, staying fit, etc. The app includes a few relevant challenges under every category. All you have to do is join a challenge. The app lets you set particular goals pertaining to the challenges. It also connects you with a coach and other users to assist you remain focused to achieve your targets.

Price: Free

#8. Mailbox

Mailbox iPhone App IconMailbox may seem to be an ordinary email organizing app on the outset, but it is a cleverly designed app. Firstly, it helps you organize your inbox with ease by letting you to swiftly choose how and when to reply to each message. Secondly, the app offers a feature called auto swipe. This functionality comprehends your preferences over a period of time and by design fulfills the necessary actions as if it were done by you manually.

Price: Free
Download Mailbox

#9. Duolingo

Duolingo iPhone App IconDuolingo is a fantastic app for all the language lovers out there. Whether you wish to learn and explore a new language or refresh your expertise on a familiar language, this app helps you achieve both effectively to a great extent. Duolingo provides a series of short, simple lessons in 9 different languages. The app also allows you to focus on a particular area like enhancing your reading or speaking skill of the nine languages.

Price: Free
Download Duolingo

#10. Level Money

Level Money iPhone App IconSmartphones help us a great deal in money management. Level Money is one of the best money management apps mainly due to its elegant and simple design. You can use this resourceful app to calculate your monthly income and bills by simply connecting your current banking and credit card apps. Level Money assists you in coming up with a budget that suits you by giving you exactly how much your daily, weekly and monthly expenditure can be to stay within your plan. The app also spreads this expenditure across varying needs such as food and transportation making it easy for you to track your spending.

Price: Free
Download Level Money

#11. Feedly

Feedly iPhone App IconIf you are struggling to find content online that is important to you in an organized way, then Feedly is an app that you must depend on. It is an RSS feed reader that can add YouTube videos, blogs, news sites, social media feeds, etc to it. You can access your daily online content from any location using this app. It also syncs with the Feedly web app.

Price: Free
Download Feedly

#12. Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse iPhone App IconHyperlapse is a straightforward app that has only one function but it does that remarkably well. It lets you create time-lapsed videos by flawlessly integrating with the Facebook-owned Instagram app. You will find that making time-lapse videos is extremely simple with this app and additionally it also functions as a video stabilizer making it almost indispensible for video creators and sharers.

Price: Free
Download Hyperlapse

#13. Kayak

KAYAK iPhone App IconJust like the website, the app Kayak too lives up to its reputation as one of the top rated travel booking apps. Previously, the option to pre-pay for hotel, car and flight booking was not enabled but it’s been changed now. Especially, if you wish to organize a complex travel trip, this app comes in handy. You can get the finest flight, hotel deals and several such offers relevant to your travel arrangements through Kayak. Sometimes the app directs you to book through a partner, still keeping you within its interface.

Price: Free
Download Kayak

#14. Mint Personal Finance

Mint Personal Finance iPhone App offers an online way to maintain detailed accounts of your wealth by linking with all your financial accounts and other allied stuff. It also lets you track your money minutely updating your earnings and expenditures. The iOS app takes these features and encapsulates them into your iPhone in a seamless manner making it a breeze for you to keep an eye on your finances no matter wherever you are. The app is quite detailed and diverse offering you rich nuggets of data about your money habits. This app is a must for financially prudent people who plan their spending endlessly.

Price: Free
Download Mint

#15. Wickr

Wickr iPhone App IconOften clearing the sent items in your messaging app is a time-consuming ordeal. But why bother when the app itself destroys the messages after a specific time period. Yes that’s right, Wickr does that. Wickr is similar to any other regular messaging app but with a notable difference. There is always skepticism about messaging apps or services collecting personal data from its existing users. But Wickr neither stores your numbers nor your email address. It is designed in such a way that the app relates the cryptographic hashes of email addresses and phone numbers to scout for new users. You can use this app as a daily messaging app with greater sense of security.

Price: Free
Download Wickr

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