Parenting is a full time job. No breaks no vacations… and, with increasing ambiance of wanting your kid to be on ‘top’, parents have to gear up. Now, teach your kids at home with these amazing apps designed for parents to make your parenting easy. Read on the entire article and choose your pick.

Best iPhone Apps for Parents
Best iPhone Apps for Parents:

Toddler Flashcards iPhone App1. Toddler Flashcards:
Toddler Flashcards is an app that helps children in learning basic words. The main USP of this app is that it can be functioned in 13 different languages. For children between 1-4 years or even the crawling one, teach them how to pronounce words in an entertaining style. Easy to use, this app can be used when you are at home or even on road or airplane. Toddler Flashcards has animated cards with sounds to teach children the names of animals, foods, things and stuff such as alphabet or numbers.

Price: $1.99
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WordSearch Kids iPhone App2.  WordSearch Kids
A cool and refreshing app, it has amazing graphics and sounds to hold children interests. The kid learns as they grow by solving puzzles. And, I tell you; many puzzles. Every puzzle comes with fresh vocabulary and word lists that build up children’s knowledge. The method includes an easy slide or tap to choose the words.  You can set the difficulty level and track your child progress as they evolve with it.

Price: $0.99
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Mad Libs iPhone App3. Mad Libs
A funny and enlightening app altogether – it allows you to create silly stories by filling in the blanks with this story creator. Developed to build your child’s grammar, there are numerous stories to choose and tons of laughter followed by it. What more? You can add your own images to create your own story. It has space to enter your kid’s funny new names and use them later.

Price: Free
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Dinosaurs The American Museum of Natural History Collections4. Dinosaurs: The American Museum of Natural History Collections
Let your child know about their heritage in depth. An app designed to provide all information about extinct species – Dinosaurs; they will know it better than their classmates will! It contains a mosaic of more than 1000 images from the Museum’s archive; woven together to create a striking image of the world’s most famous dinosaur, the Tyrannosaurus rex. In the stories section, they can read about the science and personalities behind fossil collections. It allows you/your kid to put notes on photos and share them with your friends.

Price: Free
Download Dinosaurs

Toddler Teasers Shapes iPhone App5. Toddler Teasers  – Shapes
Designed by mom and dad, this app teaches your children shapes in an entertaining way. The easy access and colorful things; allows them to learn without any help. It has quizzes, flashcards, puzzle and games to keep you children busy and active. The child-safe menu allows parents to customize game play and difficulty.

Price: Free
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Hope you find this article useful. If you know any other app that should be in this list, share with us.