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It's Christmas in a week and you're wracking your brains out to decide on a good Christmas present for the loved one – your spouse, your kid, siblings, parents, friends and more. Time's obviously running out. What could be a great Christmas gift?

Luckily, you've got an enormous list of Christmas gift ideas for iPhone and iPad users. We take a stroll through our recent archives and find that there's really an amazing collection of things you can buy as gifts. Take a look:

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Best iPhone and iPad Accessories as a Christmas Gift

Christmas iPhone and iPad Apps

Before you begin, you might want to take a look at some of the Christmas apps that the App Store has. Christmas apps can be fun: you can engage your kids while you entertain the guests, you can use these apps to manage your Christmas shopping, and you can also tell stories and track Santa Claus for your kids. There's a plethora of apps that you should check out.

iPhone 5s/5 Cases

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The iPhone 5s and 5 cases are one of the easiest gifts you can pick but it's not exactly the best unless of course it's themed or has a specific function (like waterproof cases, for instance). The iPhone 5/5s cases like the ones from Otterbox are military-types.

iPhone 5s Wallet Cases

Speaking of cases, wallet cases for the iPhone 5s/5 are one of the coolest and most useful accessories you can pick as gifts. Wallet cases let the person carry the iPhone along with a few cards and cash – which is handy when you don't want the bulky wallet.

Most recently, the iShove wallet came across our radars and has caught our attention for its practical design. Do check it out.

iPhone Keyboard Cases

Not very conventional and not very popular, iPhone keyboard cases are still used by a few people. Unlike iPad keyboard cases which are more pragmatic, iPhone keyboard cases aren't vastly useful but they're great when the user types a lot of email, documents etc. on the iPhone. The keyboard case adds an extra level of comfort for creating things on the iPhone.

iPhone Earphones

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Apple's “earpods” that ship with every iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch are good but sometimes, there are other earphones that outperform the earpods. If the person you are gifting is an audiophile, earphones are simply one of the coolest things they could get as a Christmas gift. From Sennheiser to Plantronics and more, there's a lot of variety to pick from.

iPhone Bluetooth Speakers

Again aimed at audiophiles and music lovers, Bluetooth speakers are great for wireless streaming of music from someone's iPhone/iPad to the speakers. Wireless makes the thing portable which is quite handy. There are some big players with high-quality products in this segment: JBL, Creative, Logitech etc.

iPhone Bluetooth Headsets

While earphones are more suited for music and stuff, Bluetooth headsets are a boon if you're bogged down with wires. Bluetooth headsets are often used in-car and that is strictly advised against. However, Bluetooth headsets also come in handy when you don't want to hold the iPhone as you speak. Conference calls when you need to take down notes, or when you are working on the computer as you speak: these are times when a good Bluetooth headset is useful. As a Christmas gift, that's definitely something.

iPhone 5s/5 Docking Stations

Docking stations are awesome. Most of these come with a clock, an alarm, some of them even have radios, and the most important thing: the speakers are kickass. Obviously, they're not cheap but iPhone 5s/5 docking stations offer one of the coolest ways to charge an iPhone while streaming the audio output through the docking station's speaker.

iPad Air Cases

Many buyers do not pick their iPad Airs with cases. Slim iPad Air cases do make for a good gifting idea. The cases are light-weight, offer a decent level of protection from most common types of damage (accidental bumps, contact with sharp objects etc.) and are usually very affordable. Picking a themed case is great too but a case that is stylish and fits for all seasons is better.

iPhone 5s/5 Controller

This one is for hardcore gamers. Both Logitech and MOGA released iPhone 5s-compatible controllers that can be used to play games on the iPhone with the controller. It feels just like playing a game on Xbox or PS  but there's one added advantage: the battery in the controllers charge the iPhone as you play.

iPhone 5s/5 Car Mounts

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For those with a car, an iPhone 5s/5 car mount could be a wonderful Holiday gift. There are literally hundreds and thousands of varieties of car mounts. You'll probably lose time trying to figure out the best one.

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