Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2019 for iPhone and iPad Fans

Every time festive season kickstart, we at iGeeksBlog share some super cool gift ideas. And guess what, we've already compiled the best 2019 Christmas gift ideas from iPhone and iPad accessories to help you choose an adorable present for your sweetheart and loved ones.

Christmas is around the corner and you’re pondering to decide on an exciting Christmas present for the loved one – your spouse, your kid, siblings, parents, friends and more. Having been on the same side of the fence many a time, I know how it feels like. That’s why I’ve compiled the best gift ideas from iPhone and iPad accessories so that choosing a nice present for your beloved shouldn’t be a big deal.

What does this 2019 gift guide for iPhone and iPad fans include? Well, we’ve taken a close look at both the essential and exciting accessories and listed some of the most adorable ones. Take a peek at them to handpick some of the coolest ones for your dear buddy, sweet kid or sweetheart!

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Best 2019 Christmas Gift Ideas from iPhone and iPad Accessories

iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR Cases

Wallet Cases for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XS

What better way to win the heart of your loved one than presenting a nice-looking iPhone case? The market is flooded with a great many covers–from the awesome designer case, classy wallet, svelte thin cover and more. Thus, choosing a great cover for your buddy shouldn’t be a big ask.

Wallet Cases: Premium Picks for Pros

Admired by professionals and loved by travelers, a vintage wallet case can be a great pick. With multiple slots for cards and a separate slot for cash, it takes care of the basic needs so that there is no need to carry a traditional wallet. And many of them work with wireless charging as well.

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Don’t prefer a bulky wallet case? No problem. There are a good many minimalist wallet cases. They can let you store a couple of cards and also some cash without adding much bulk.

To get one for your beloved, explore the following roundup:

Designer Cases: Lady’s Day Out

Designer Cases for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

A stunning designer case can set the stage on fire! With eye-catching bling, sparkling globe effect, gorgeous flower pattern, it comes in a wide range of designs. So, if you are trying to win the heart of your sweetheart, do give a beautiful designer case a look.

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We’ve rounded up the most appealing designer covers for the new iPhones. Dive into the collections to pick out a nice one right now!

Ultra-slim Cases: Svelte Profile for the iPhone

Best Slim Cases for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Most of us have a big liking for ultra-slim cases. And why not they are probably the hottest asset for the iPhone. They make a form-fitting pair with iPhone also offer comb grip. Not to mention, they keep the elegance of the smartphone alive!

Want one for your dear friend? Jump over to the following lists:

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iPhone Earphones: For Your Music Loving Buddy


Bluetooth Headphone for iPhone and iPad

If the person you are gifting is an audiophile, earphones are simply one of the coolest things they could get as a Christmas gift. From the elegant AirPods to the pretty comfy AuxGear, you have got a good many options to choose. Aside from bringing life to the music time, the earbuds can also fire hands-free calling big time.

Willing to buy top-notch Bluetooth earphones for your iPhone? Head over to our extensive roundup:

iPhone Bluetooth Speakers: Present Loud Music to Your Audiophile

iPhone and iPad Bluetooth Speakers

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Again aimed at audiophiles and music lovers, Bluetooth speakers are great for wireless streaming of music from someone’s iPhone/iPad to the speakers. Wireless makes the thing portable which is quite handy. There are some big players with high-quality products in this segment. So, getting a powerful speaker is a pretty easy task!

Dive into our lineup to handpick a robust Bluetooth speaker for your friend who loves to listen to music and appreciate the high-quality sound.

Docking Stations: Power Up the iPhone Comfortably

iPhone XR, Xs Max, and iPhone Xs Docking Stations

Docking stations are very useful. Aside from letting up securely charge the iPhone, they also allow you to use your smartphone hands-free. Times when you are busy working on your computer, you can hold the smartphone using the dock and be able to keep a track of latest alerts or even interact with the device more conveniently.

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It’s this two-in-one functionality that makes charging stands so handy. Wish to get one for your buddy? Jump over to the below roundup:

Wireless Chargers: More Convenient Charging Solution

iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XS Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging has slowly caught up with most users. What I personally like about Qi wireless chargers is that they make juicing up the device more convenient. Even better, they work with most cases so that you can just place the iPhone on the charging mat or stand and let the magic happen!

We’ve reviewed some of the best wireless chargers for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, XR. Check them out, if you want one for your soulmate.

Car Mounts/Chargers

iPhone Xs, Xs Max, iPhone XR Car Mounts

These days most car mounts have embraced wireless charging. That’s why they work both as a phone holder and a secure charger. If your friend is a frequent traveler, presenting him/her a car mount-cum-car charger would be great.

Having explored many options, we’ve chosen the best car charger mounts. Take a peek at the collection to get one right now.

Note: We’ve made an exclusive 2018 gift guide for iPhone fans. Head over to this post, if you want to read more options.

iPad Cases: Evergreen Picks for iPad Users

Best iPad Cases

iPad is the most loved tablet in the world. The best thing about this top-notch gadget is that it can also work as your super handy notebook.

If your loving friend is an iPad user, you can present him/her a variety of accessories. For instance, a high-quality keyboard case, a classy folio cover, and pro-looking sleeves. Not to speak of the stands that can let your buddy work on the tablet comfortably for hours.

To get a better gift for your dear mate, check out the following roundups:

Note: We’ve already made a separate gift guide for iPad fans. Head over to it if you want to see more options.

Game Controllers: Bang On for Hardcore Gamers

Gaming Controllers for iPhone and iPad

How can you miss out a game controller? It’s so popular among gaming aficionados. Present one to your superhero who loves bashing the baddies or eliminating zombies and see how the big smile comes on his smiley face!

Don’t look beyond this lineup of the best game controllers for Apple TV, iPhone, and iPad, if you wish to choose a beast that can let your champ get on to of gaming.


Christmas iPhone and iPad Apps

iOS Apps for Christmas

Christmas apps are enormously popular among kids. App Store has a variety of apps designed to light up the festive time. For instance, Christmas wallpaper, countdown, radio and more.

Christmas apps can be fun: you can engage your kids while you entertain the guests, you can use these apps to manage your Christmas shopping, and you can also tell stories and track Santa Claus for your kids. There are a plethora of apps that you should check out.

To put your hands on a nice one, explore our collection of the best Christmas apps for iOS!

That’s pretty much it!

Have a Wonderful Festive Time…

I know I know you’ve picked out some cool gifts for your loved ones. Would you mind spilling some beans about them? I’d really appreciate that.

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