Best iPhone and iPad Accessories as Christmas Gifts 2020

Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2019 For iPhone and iPad Lovers

Christmas is around the corner, and you’re confused about what to gift the loved ones – your spouse, your kid, siblings, parents, friends, and more. Well, let me help with you this extensive list of the best Christmas gift ideas for iPhone and iPad fans.

Having been on the same side of the fence many a time, this has become a yearly ritual for me. While looking for gifts for my tech-savvy compadres, I also cook-up a must-read, comprehensive listing for you as well. Here’ let me present it to you without any further delay.

Best Christmas Gift Ideas 2020

What do this 2019 gift guide for iPhone and iPad fans include? Well, we’ve taken a close look at both the essential and exciting accessories and listed some of the most adorable ones. Take a peek at them to handpick some of the coolest ones for your dear buddy, sweet kid, or sweetheart!

iPhone Cases: Offer a Trusted Companion

What better way to win the heart of your loved one than presenting a nice-looking iPhone case? The market boasts a great many covers, ranging from designer cases, classy wallets to ultra-thin covers, and more. Thus, choosing an excellent case for your buddy shouldn’t be a big ask.

iPhone Wallet Cases: A Sleek, Smart and Stylish Choice

Wallet Cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

Admired by professionals and loved by travelers, an exclusive wallet case can be a great pick. It takes care of regular basic needs, so the user need not carry a traditional wallet. Moreover, many of them work with wireless charging as well.

Don’t prefer a bulky wallet case? No problem. We have found some minimalist wallet cases that can store a couple of cards and also some cash without adding much bulk.

To get one for your beloved, explore the following roundup:

iPhone Designer Cases For The Sassy One You Love

Designer Cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Know someone who has a flamboyant personality? Then a designer case can be the best Christmas gift for them. Available in various colors, designs, and patterns, you can choose something precisely tailored to their choice.

Notably, gone are those days when protection was compromised for great looks. Thanks to some smart and hybrid raw material, they offer aesthetics, panache, and defense as well.

We’ve rounded up the most appealing designer covers for the new iPhones. Dive into the collections to pick out a nice one right now!

iPhone Ultra-Slim Cases, The Hottest Asset

Slim Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11

Comfortable grip, pocket-friendliness, protection, and functionality. These are some of the features that make ultra-slim cases one of the best Christmas gifts for iPhone fans.

They make a form-fitting pair with the iPhone also offer a comb grip. Not to mention, they keep the elegance of the smartphone alive!

Want one for your dear friend? Jump over to the following lists:

iPhone Feminine Cases For Your Sweetheart

iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Cases for Women

Stunning designer cases can set the stage on fire! Without any bias, finding the perfect gift for women is indeed quite difficult.

These cases can be a lifesaver with eye-catching bling, sparkling globe effect, gorgeous flower pattern, and other wide range of designs. So, if you are trying to win her heart this Christmas, do try one of these for sure.

We have a special listing, just surf through and select the best one for her:

iPhone Battery Cases: So Your Loved Ones’ Are Always Juiced Up

Battery Cases for iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max

A perfect Christmas gift for iPhone users who are always on the run. A battery case is a portable power bank, and protection rolled into one. So while their phone is protected, it is also well charged.

Though before you jump on the idea, there are a few things you should note; for instance, power outage, safety certificates, accessibility, portability, and protection.

Don’t fret we have got you sorted. Here are some powerful, safe, and sound matches for the latest iPhone iteration:

Best Earphones For Your Music-Loving Buddy

Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11

If the person you are gifting is an audiophile, earphones are simply one of the coolest things they could get as a Christmas gift. From the elegant AirPods, Waterproof Xcentz to the pretty comfy AuxGear, there are many good options.

Aside from bringing life to the music time, the earbuds can also fire hands-free calling big time.

Are earphones the best gift for your loved ones? Then head over to our extensive roundup:

Best Speakers for iPhone and iPad: An Obsession For Every Audiophile

Wireless Speakers for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Again aimed at audiophiles and music lovers, Bluetooth speakers are great for wireless streaming of music from someone’s iPhone/iPad to the speakers. Wireless makes the thing portable, which is quite handy.

There are some big players with high-quality products in this segment. So, getting a powerful speaker is a pretty easy task!

Bluetooth Transmitters: A Smart Solution

Bluetooth Transmitters for iPhone

If you noticed, I have been raving about Bluetooth speakers and headphones and not wired ones. Though there is nothing wrong with the latter, wireless audio is on fleek right now.

So, what could be a better Christmas gift for iPhone and iPad lovers than a Bluetooth Transmitter! After all, this amazingly smart device converts their favorite new and old devices Bluetooth friendly.

Here are some of the offering we have covered:

Knock Knock, It’s Time to Gift a Dock

Charging Stations for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11

Docking stations are handy. Aside from letting up securely charge the iPhone, they also allow you to use your smartphone hands-free. Times when you are busy working on your computer, you can hold the smartphone using the dock and be able to keep track of the latest alerts or even interact with the device more conveniently.

It’s this two-in-one functionality that makes charging stands so handy. While some docs sport an ultra-portable design, others boast a multi-device charging system so that you can keep all of your devices organized.

Smart Chargers For Their Smart Devices

Smart Chargers for iPhone 11 Series

As our devices are becoming smarter, the need for a fast, intelligent, and efficient charger is gearing up. While most only trust the original chargers that come with their devices, many look for better options.

So, if you are willing to present your loved ones’ with something better, here’s are some great suitors:

Wireless Chargers: Convenience At Its Best

Wireless Chargers for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11

Wireless charging has slowly caught up with most users. What I personally like about Qi wireless chargers is that they make juicing up the device more convenient.

Even better, they work with most cases so that you can just place the iPhone on the charging mat or stand and let the magic happen!

Car Mounts and Chargers: Give The Gift Of Right Direction

Navigation is an essential part of our daily life; car mounts make it simple, safe, and accessible. These days most car mounts have embraced wireless charging. That’s why they work both as a phone holder and a secure charger. If your friend is a frequent traveler, presenting him/her with a car mount-cum-car charger would be great.

Here’s some of our favorite listings:

Portable Chargers: Utility Meets Comfort

Power Banks for iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Power banks are a great aid when you’re on a busy schedule and don’t have time to charge the beast! An ideal gift for those who often travel, crib about low battery or forgets charging overnight.

Interestingly, portable chargers are available in almost every shape, size, and style possible, whether you are looking for a slim profile, high capacity, portability, wirelessness, or even eco-friendliness.

Really!! An Eco-friendly portable charger? Well, just check the listings below for further details

Best Christmas Gift Ideas For iPad Lovers

The most loved tablet in the world, iPad is a top-notch gadget that doubles super handy notebook. If your loving friend is an iPad user, you can present him/her a variety of accessories.

Sleeves and Cases: More Than Just Protection

Best Folio Cases for iPad Lovers

Almost every iPad user immediately buys a protective case or sleeve for their beast. So why is it ranked amongst the best Christmas gifts for iPad Fans?

Do note that there is a wide variety of designs and styles available. And no one! Trust me; no iPad lover will say they have enough cases or sleeves for their beast. Here, our listing for some of the best iPad Sleeves and Cases.

iPhone Leather Cases

iPhone Keyboard Cases

Kickstand Cases

iPad Stylus: For A Stylize and Smooth Usage

Best Stylus for iPad Users

It is widely known that iPads, especially the large ones, are used by creative professionals. They use the touch screen to conceptualize and create a beautiful design. Though they often need a stylus with precision and pressure sensitivity for the same.

In case your friends needs/deserves a stylus for their iPad, you can opt for an Apple Pencil or other worthy alternatives.

iPad Stand – is it an iPad or an iMac?

Best iPad Stands for iPad Fans

It is perceived that Apple is prepping to make the iPad a suitable replacement for laptops. An iPad stand can allow you to use your device horizontally or vertically, mimicking the look of an iMac.

Moreover, the stand prevents back or neck pain by adjusting the viewing angle by elevating the screen. It also lends enough space to connect the charger.

Here are some of the best options for this Christmas

Game Controllers: Bang On for Hardcore Gamers

Best Game Controllers for iPad and iPhone

Thanks to the introduction of Apple Arcade and other exciting gaming apps, the iPhone and iPad can be easily converted into gaming consoles. Therefore, for someone who has a knack of gaming, a compatible game controller will be a perfect gift.

What’s unique about this piece of tech is that it will make their Christmas and the coming year beautiful. After all, they can drastically improve their gaming skills with the right controller.

Confused which gaming controller could be the best bet, let us help:

Christmas Apps for iPhone and iPad

Christmas apps are enormously popular among kids. App Store has a variety of apps designed to light up the festive time. For instance, Christmas wallpaper, countdown, radio, and more.

Christmas apps can be fun: you can engage your kids while you entertain the guests, you can use these apps to manage your Christmas shopping, and you can also tell stories and track Santa Claus for your kids. There are a plethora of apps that you should check out.

To put your hands on a nice one, explore our collection of the best Christmas apps for iOS!

Have a Wonderful Festive Time…

I know I know you’ve picked out some cool gifts for your loved ones. Would you mind spilling some beans about them? I’d appreciate that.

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Have a killer gift idea? Shoot it up in the comments.

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