Best iPhone 7 Plus Armbands in 2019: Ultra-Sporty Affair to Bolster Your Workout

What sets these best iPhone 7 Plus armbands in 2019 apart from the rest is the highly comfortable design and the ability to make your workout a pleasant affair.

A smartphone as gorgeous as iPhone 7 Plus deserves to remain hooked with you. It doesn’t matter what you are up to; the new phablet can continue to spill jelly beans to keep your momentum going in style.

If you are fond of doing exercise and just don’t want your endearing iPhone to be away or can’t help pinging it, you have got to buy a dashing armband. With the unmatched design and much-required comfort, it can boost your intensity big time. Let’s jump to pick an athletic armband!

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Best iPhone 7 Plus Armbands in 2019

#1. Tribe AB66

Tribe iPhone 7 Plus Armband

With an impressive armband like “Tribe AB66”, you won’t have any excuses to skip jogging anymore. Constructed with the top quality material, it feels pretty comfy. One notable feature of this armband is that it doesn’t stretch out of shape.

Due mainly to the adjustable Velcro, you have the needed convenience to keep the iPhone in place. Plus, the reflective strip comes in handy in low-lit environments. Better still, you can pick Tribe AB66 in eight attractive color variants.

USP: Durable material
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#2. TechMatte

TechMatte Armband for iPhone 7 Plus

What sets “TechMatte” armband apart is the captivating design. The premium lycra fabric material makes it quite flexible. Once you install this armband, it will keep your smartphone in place, allowing you to enjoy your workout with complete freedom.

TechMatte is resistant to sweat and water. With the adjustable velcro strap, you won’t have any problem in adjusting it as per the size of your arm. There is a pocket wherein you can keep cards, money, and key.

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USP: High-quality Lycra fabric
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#3. Newild

Newild iPhone 7 Armband

Made from soft, stretchable neoprene material, the armband doesn’t hurt or scratch your arm while wearing it. The armband is also perfect to wear in the dark, as it has a reflective strip. Besides that, it also features key and card pocket allows carrying necessary things easily.

Neoprene is sweat and water resistant. You won’t need to worry about your iPhone from water or sweat damage. Lastly, there are no color choices, except black.

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USP: Soft and stretchable material
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MELOP iPhone 7 Plus Armband

MELOP features a more functional design. With the skin-friendly material, it provides the needed comfort and also doesn’t irritate the skin. The top-grade neoprene material makes it very elastic and sweatproof.

The velcro allows you to adjust the iPhone and keep it in place perfectly. There are a couple of pockets for keeping ID cards. Plus, it has a small pocket for storing keys.

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With the useful night reflector, you get the extra visibility in the dark. Lastly, you can choose MELOP in three colors like black, purple and blue.

USP: Night reflector
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#5. Xboun

Xboun iPhone 7 Plus Armband

“Xboun” armband has a sporty design. Carved with the flexible neoprene fabric, it has been designed to fit snugly to your arm.

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This armband is sweatproof and even resistant to water up to some extent. It doesn’t stretch out of shape and remains perfectly in place while you are giving your best during your exercise. It features a pocket pouch and key holder to let you keep cards, key, and money. “Xboun” armband can conveniently fit arms with 8-16 inches in size.

USP: Sweatproof
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SUPCASE iPhone 7 Plus Armband

“SUPCASE” armband is ultra-elegant and has a sleek profile. The silicone skin has been primed to offer the desired comfort.

It keeps your phablet firmly in place and does not let it slide around during your intense running or jogging. Thanks to the adjustable Velcro, it can effortlessly fit arms with 9-21 inches in size. You won’t have any difficulty in accessing any buttons or ports with this skin on.

USP: Silicone skin
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#7. Gear Beast Premium Plus

Gear Beast Premium Plus iPhone 7 Plus Armband

This armband has been made to be an absolute beast. Whether you are running or exercising, “Gear Beast” armband stays intact at its place. It fits your smartphone without a case.

Constructed with the top-notch sweat-resistant neoprene material, it is exceptionally elastic. Being lightweight, it doesn’t add much bulk to your smartphone. With the much-improved touch screen sensitivity, you won’t have any problem in using your iPhone. It supports arm with 8-20 inches in size.

USP: Highly responsive screen protector
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#8. Gear Beast Slim Case

Gear Beast Slim Case iPhone 7 Plus Armband

If style and comfort are your top priorities, then “Gear Beast” can be a serious contender for your hunt. This armband can fit your iPhone 7 Plus even with a slim case.

The flexible arm strap along with a strong non-pinch buckle lets you adjust it with utmost ease. It flexes with your arm; keeping your device firmly at its position during your workout. It comes with an interior pocket for cards and key. Gear Beast fits arm size 8 to 20 inches.

USP: HD transparent PVC front cover
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#09. Portholic

PORTHOLIC iPhone 7 Plus Armband

Portholic armband fits your iPhone 7 Plus even with a big case on. The lycra and neoprene material is skin friendly and offers just the comfort you would want to hold your smartphone securely during the workout.

It’s completely sweatproof and comes with an extra layer to filter sweat. The HD transparent PVC front cover ensures touchscreen continues to function as usual. You will adjust it to snuggly fit your arm size—9 to 18.5-inches.

USP: HD transparent PVC front cover
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LOVPHONE iPhone 7 Plus Armband

LOVPHONE armband is geared up to liven up your exercise time. Created with the water-resistant neoprene material, it’s pretty soft and won’t irritate your screen.

The PVC screen protector provides complete clarity and protects the screen from scratch. Adjustable velcro strap fits 10-15-inches arm sizes. The armband is available in three colors like blue, gray and rosy.

USP: Fully adjustable Velcro
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Wrap Up

There are three qualities which I want to see in every armband—the high-quality flexible material, highly sensitive touch panel and fully adjustable Velcro strap. These armbands have got all these qualities.

Choose a superior armband from these available options to continue to use your device even during your rigorous workout. If any of your favorite armbands is not included in this list, do let me know that in the comments below.

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