Best Armbands for iPhone 7 in 2022

Best Armbands for iPhone 7

People love using iPhone; no matter where they are and what they are up to. And, why should they? iPhone deserves to be by your side to complement your every activity; keeping you thoroughly entertained. If you are a fitness lover and enjoy working out very hard to remain at your very best, you would like to buy a new-age armband to liven up your workout. With the state-of-the-art design and amazing functionality, it can help you go your all out during your exercise. Let’s give them a look before grabbing the most fitting one for your all new iPhone 7.

#1. Tribe

Tribe iPhone 7 Armband

While you are working out, you should be attentive to your exercise and not your iPhone 7. Tribe understands your requirements and therefore, it has meticulously designed this extra-thick armband from soft Lycra.

Tribe’s armband case offers a perfect hands-free solution for your iPhone. With its weatherproof technology, Tribe has created an armband that protects your iPhone from rain or sweat. You can continue your workout in the rain also.

USP: No-slip design
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#2. Tune Belt

Tune Belt iPhone 7 Armband

This one has been designed to be a fabulous sports armband. The high-quality soft material is breathable and provides the essential comfort to wear the armband during an intense workout. The hook and loop material stretches to let you move freely.

It protects your smartphone from sweat. The window cover not just protects the screen of your device from scratch but also offers full touchscreen function.

USP: Sweat-resistant
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#3. Revere Sport

Revere Sport iPhone 7 Armband

Revere Sport armband has a lightweight design. Readied with the water-resistant material, it safeguards your smartphone from sweat.

It has the dual adjustable arm strap to keep velcro tight and won’t allow any slip-up. Thanks to the extender strap, it can fit 9-20-inches arm sizes. The 3M reflector strip provides high visibility to ensure your jogging continues to be smooth-sailing even in low-lit areas at night.

USP: High-quality neoprene material
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#4. DanForce

DanForce iPhone 7 Armband

I like the stylish design of DanForce armband. It’s made of an incredibly soft material which can resist sweat. You can comfortably adjust it as per your arm size. Sweat-proof lining keeps your smartphone dry. The clear front ensures you have the unhindered access to the touchscreen of your device.

Moreover, you can pick DanForce in four nice-looking colors: sky blue, midnight blue, U.S.A edition, and purple. That’s not all; this armband comes with lifetime manufacturer warranty.

USP: Top quality polyamide lycra
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#5. Stalion

Stalion iPhone 7 Armband

Stalion armband features an elegant design. Being very breathable, it allows your arm to stretch comfortably during exercise.

Courtesy the premium neoprene material; it’s able to keep sweat away from your device. The dual strap positioning makes it easily fit 10-15 arm sizes. There is a key holder and a pocket to keep your credit cards securely. What’s more; Stalion is available in three impressive color variants like jet black, cyan blue, and fuchsia pink.

USP: Sporty design
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#6. Gear Beast Premium Plus

Gear Beast Premium Plus iPhone 7 Armband

“Gear Beast Premium Plus armband” has been constructed with the sweat-resistant neoprene material. It features elastic arm strap as well as a durable non-pinch buckle to ensure it perfectly fits.

This armband has been built to support arms with 8 to 20 inches. The flexible strap design keeps it in place during your rigorous exercise. Premium Plus is lightweight and doesn’t add much bulk to your iPhone.

USP: Full-screen functionality
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#7. Gear Beast (Designed to fit your iPhone with slim cases)

Gear Beast Slim Case iPhone 7 Armband

“Gear Beast Slim Case armband” can easily fit your iPhone even with a thin case. Made of the finest sweat-resistant neoprene material, it’s exceptionally elastic.

The flexible arm strap coupled with the long-lasting non-pinch buckle makes sure it stays in place during your workouts. Better still, it flexes with your arm to avoid constricting your movement. The much-improved touchscreen sensitivity allows you to operate your device without any inconvenience. Slim Case can fit arm with 8-20 inches.

USP: Reflective safety strip
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#8. Xboun

Xboun Armband for iPhone 7

Xboun armband is highly comfortable to use. Made of the first class neoprene fabric, it can firmly fit your arms. Being sweat proof and water resistant (to some extent), Xboun doesn’t stretch out of shape; keeping your smartphone intact. It features a see-through cover that allows you to use your device with ease.

The sporty armband has a pocket pouch to let you keep cards, money, and key. Moreover, Xboun supports arms up to 8-16 inches in size and comes in two nice colors: black and green.

USP: Highly sensitive touchscreen protector
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SUPCASE iPhone 7 Armband

SUPCASE armband has elegance written all over it. It has an attractive silicone skin that is equipped to keep your smartphone in its place even during high-octane exercise.
The adjustable velcro armband can fit arms with sizes from 9-21 inches. It allows you to access all the buttons and ports of your iPhone without any hassle.

The biggest highlight of this armband is that its flexible TPU case is detachable and also doubles up as a standalone case for your iPhone. Furthermore, SUPCASE is hand washable and comes in two colors: black and pink.

USP: Detachable TPU case
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#10. TechMatte

TechMatte Armband for iPhone 7

What I like most about TechMatte Sport armband is the comfy design. The fabulous lycra fabric materials make it not only very elastic but also durable.

This armband has been made to be exceptionally sweat proof and water resistant. There is no difficulty in accessing the power or volume button of your smartphone. It has a built-in pocket to let you keep card, money, and key. With the adjustable velcro straps, you can effortlessly take it on or off as per need.

USP: Lycra fabric material
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Signing Off

I hope you have picked out the most suitable option to pair with your smartphone during your workout. Keep your device dry while sweating out in the gym. Interact with your device comfortably and tune into your favorite tracks to keep you chilled out in the gym.

Which one of these armbands has passed your test? Do let me know that in the comments below.

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