Best iPhone 7 Plus Lightning Earphones in 2022

Take a look at these best iPhone 7/7 Plus Lightning earphones in 2020 which have been designed to offer excellent sound and much-needed comfort.
Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Lightning Earphones

As we all know that the brand new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus don’t have a headphone jack, wireless earphones, or Lightning earbuds have become the need of the hour. So if you are planning to buy iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you will be compelled to buy the new-age earphones to continue to enjoy your music. I bet you will be tempted to pick them at first glance itself. Let’s check out how excellent these earphones are!

1. Libratone Q ADAPT

Libratone Q Lightning Earbuds for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Libratone Q ADAPT has been specially designed for the purist. With the high-fidelity sound quality coupled with the powerful bass, the Lightning earphones can steal the show with ease. The crisp high tones bring life to your favorite music.

The availability of four noise cancellation levels ensures you can customize your music experience to your heart’s liking. The earbuds amplify music to provide excellent sound. It comes with four button controls to let you play/pause music or make/take phone calls with ease. Q ADAPT headphones come in four captivating color variants such as cloudy white, elegant nude, stormy black and rose pink.

USP: High-fidelity sound quality
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2. Apple EarPods

Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Lightning Earphones

Apple’s “EarPods” are easily one of the finest. What I really adore in these Lightning earphones is the simple design. The wired is completely tangle free, while the connector is strong.

EarPods deliver good sound quality and are fully compatible with the iPhone running iOS 10 or later. And with the built-in remote, you will be able to control music with ease. As for price ($28), it’s competitive.

USP: Built-in remote
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3. Pioneer Rayz Plus

Pioneer Rayz Lightning Earphones for iPhone 7-7 Plus

Pioneer Rayz Plus Lightning headphones are designed to be premium. What makes these earphones stand out is that they also allow you to charge your device. With the finest noise reduction system, the earbuds deliver clear audio.

The ear tips being very soft, you will enjoy wearing them for long. More significantly, the headphones consume comparatively less power than other earphones. Rayz Plus comes in two colors such as graphite and bronze.

USP: Low Power Consumption
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4. PALOVUE Earflow Plus

PALOVUE Lightning Earphones for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Should you wish to have the earphones with the colorful design, give a try to PALOVUE Earflow. It comes in multiple color options including red, silver, and black so that choosing stylish earbuds should be a tad easier task for you.

With the Apple MFi certification, it fully supports your smartphone and delivers quality sound. The earbuds also prevent ambient noise from hampering your peaceful hands-free calling.

Thanks to the responsive buttons, it’s much easier to control music. Lastly, the magnetic design ensures it remains tangle-free.

USP: Magnetic design
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Here’s another excellent pair of MFi certified lightning earphones that offer potent Hi-fi stereo sound quality with strong deep bass. The design also helps minimize ambient noise for a more melodic and immersive experience.

Further, the earphones are shaped to match your ear canals naturally. It includes three sizes of silicone gels, ensuring ears of all shapes and sizes find a well suited, comfortable fit without pain even when wearing all day long.

At the same time, an in-line mic/remote lets you accept and end calls, interact with Siri, play music, change tracks and adjust the volume with the click of a button. It also comes with a portable bag, so it is easy to carry around and avoid a tangled mess. Choose from black or white colors.

USP: Great sound quality and comfy fit
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