Best Car Mounts for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 2021

Best iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Mounts

Your fascination with iPhone 7 or 7 Plus is going to last long. Understanding the tremendous desire to use iPhone hands-free while driving a car, we have now hunted some of the finest car mounts available in the market. Several qualities separate these advanced iPhone 7 and 7 Plus car mounts from the rest. Whether it’s the ability to let you use your device at any angle or the quality to stick to most surfaces firmly, they have set a very high standard. Would you like to weigh their superiority? Let’s take a look!

1. iOttie Easy One Touch 2

iOttie iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Car Mount

“iOttie Easy One Touch 2” has a robust design. The extremely sticky gel pad sticks perfectly to most surfaces. Still, there is no hassle of removing it.

Thanks to the easy one robust mounting system, it releases your iPhone quickly. The telescopic arms add a couple of inches to let you view your iPhone comfortably.

USP: Easy one touch mounting system
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2. Spigen Air Vent Magnetic

Spigen Air Vent Car Mount for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

Are you in quest of a top-notch car mount at a relatively low price? “Air Vent Magnetic” car mount can be a good option.

It holds your iPhone securely at your desired angle. The built-in magnets ensure your device remains in its place. It features rubberized based that prevents scratch and doesn’t leave any adhesive residue. There is no problem in installing or removing your device.

USP: Hook Mount for docking on car dashboards
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3. AboveTEK

AboveTEK Car Mount for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

AboveTEK, with the latest car mount system, has been designed to hold your device perfectly. The extremely strong sticky gel pad can easily stick to most smooth surfaces.

The long arm offers the needed convenience you would want to use your device. You won’t have any difficulty in installing, rotating or even removing your iPhone with just one hand. This universal car mount can pass your every test with flying colors.

USP: Two size exchangeable holders
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4. Bestrix

Bestrix iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Mount

Bestrix offers a magnetic car mount, which is compatible with your iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Bestrix has used a unique suction cup, which makes installation and removal a breeze. Before you reinstall the mount, simply rinse the base under warm water and go ahead. Make sure that the surface of your car’s dashboard is smooth.

Silicone surface of this car mount firmly sticks to the dashboard and gives your phone stability on bumpy roads. This car mount is made of high-quality material; ABS plastic provides flexibility and durability.

USP: Unique suction cup
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5. Beam Electronics

Beam Electronics Car Mount for iPhone 7-7 Plus

This is the power of smart and ergonomic design created by Beam Electronics. Unlike other car mounts, you can install this phone holder only on car AC vent. This should not be considered as its limitation because it takes away all the pain of rinsing the base of other car mounts.

This car mount is specially designed for horizontal or vertical vents, so you should not use it on circular vents of your car AC. Use its quick release button to install and remove your phone easily.

USP: Quick release button
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6. Dash Crab MONO

Dash Crab MONO iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Mount

Want a car mount with superior construction? Made of the genuine leather, Dash Crab MONO car mount has been readied to be a premium product.

The attractive metallic glossy chromium plating finish enriches its profile. It is effortlessly affixed to soft surfaces. The minimalist design allows you to carry it with ease. Dash Crab MONO car mount comes in four colors.

USP: Elegant design
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7. Vansky

Vansky Car Mount for iPhone 7-7 Plus

Vansky brings a brilliant design in its three-in-one car mount. You can install this phone holder on your car’s windshield, dashboard, and AC vent. Vansky provides an air vent holder for placing the mount on AC vent. Its universal bracket allows you to install your plus-sized iPhone 7 Plus.

You can expand the side wings up to 7 inches to insert your plus-sized iPhones. The holder can be rotated into 360 degrees to achieve a perfect viewing angle while driving your car.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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8. TechMatte

TechMatte Car Mount for iPhone 7-7 Plus

TechMatte has created a minimalist design to make it a perfect car mount for everyday use. The rubber construction of this mount ensures firm grip during most driving conditions. The package includes a magnetic plate, which can be placed between your iPhone and the protective case. Next, you can put your iPhone casually on the mount.

If you are not using any protective case while driving, you can use that MagGrip sticker. Just remove the adhesive backing from the sticker and attach that sticker to the back of your iPhone. Note that the sticker will stick to your iPhone permanently.

USP: Neodymium magnets
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TORRAS iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Mount

TORRAS believes in simplicity, and therefore, it has designed a car mount that is extremely simple. However, this minimalism doesn’t overshadow style and elegance. The space-saving design creates a fashionable impression of this car mount. It looks like just another trinket in your car, but it can make your driving experience extremely comfortable.

Torras has used power neodymium magnets, 3M strong adhesive glue, and two magnet sheets. By combining the three elements, Torras has manufactured an excellent product that can stabilize your iPhone on bumpy roads.

USP: Minimalist design
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Which one these car mounts have the top-notch quality? Have you picked any of them for your iPhone? We would like to know your feedback regarding what makes a car mount the best.

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