After months of wait, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are out. The latest iPhones have got an unprecedented welcome from fans as against the forecast!

Having grabbed a new iPhone, I know you are exploring all the sorts of options like wallet cases, bumper cases, screen protectors, battery cases and more. How about buying a highly efficient car charger for your iPhone 7? If you want to charge your smartphone on the go, it can be of great help. What’s more, these car iPhone 7 and 7 Plus chargers are remarkably portable and can juice up your device quickly. Let’s have a look!

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Best iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Chargers

Best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Car Chargers

Note: Most of the manufacturers keep on changing the price of products from time to time. Therefore, the price mentioned on this post might differ from the actual price of a product.

#1. Anker PowerDrive Lightning

Anker iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Charger

Anker PowerDrive Lightning is exceptionally compact and offers high-speed charging. It can juice up your smartphone with the 2.4 amps charge speed. Made of high-grade materials along with the quality chips and circuitry, it provides the needed safety to your device while charging.

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The car charger is CE and FCC-certified which makes it very safe and reliable. It comes with the 3ft lightning cable to let you change your device comfortably in the car. The high-grade material and solid construction help it last longer.

USP: Built-in protection for short circuit
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#2. Gembonics

Gembonics iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Charger

Whether it’s charging your iPhone in top speed or offering the needed safety while charging, Gembonics car charger stands up to the task. Created with the high-grade fireproof material, it’s very secure and can last long. Whenever it detects any danger, it stops charging to ensure complete safety from overvoltage, overcurrent or short-circuit.

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The 3.1A car charger (1.0A USB port+2.1A lightning connector) is ideal for charging two devices at once. Apple MFi certification makes it fully compatible to charge and sync your iOS device.

USP: Safe charging technology
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#3. Vogek

Vogek iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Charger

If you have to power up several devices and find dual port not sufficient to live up to your high demand, you should keep in mind Vogek. This car charger is blessed with four advance USB ports. That means you have more flexibility to juice up your device.

Another important feature that has made me want this charger is huge 50W output that can surprise you with the high efficiency. Durable construction topped by CE, FCC & RoHS certification makes Vogek a better prospect from all aspects. Lastly, this robust charger comes in two colors: black and white.

USP: Four USB ports
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#4. RAVPower

RAVPower Car Charger for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

What I like the most about RAVPower car charger is the small appearance. The compact body made of premium aluminum alloy material helps it catch attention with ease.

The ability to charge your iPhone at the speed of 4.8A makes it a solid buy. The dual USB ports (each with the 2.4A output capability) do the job perfectly. The iSmart technology ensures safe charging.

USP: Advance circuit design
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CZZNN iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Charger

CZZNN comes with original Apple lightning connector & authentication chip that makes it fully compatible to charge and sync iPhone. The 4.8 total output amps of power is capable of charging your device with good speed. Extra USB socket becomes very useful when you wish to charge another device at the same time.

Thanks to the intelligent circuit design, this universal car charger automatically stops charging if there is overcharging or lower/over voltage. The fireproof materials make it more secure and durable.

USP: Universal compatibility
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HUSSELL Car Charger for iPhone 7-7 Plus

Frankly speaking, HUSSELL has looked extremely solid to me. The charger is incorporated with smart IC intelligent adaptive technology that assists it in providing fast and secure charging. Dual ports with 2.4A charge your smartphone up to 2.5x faster than an ordinary charger.

With the support of Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology, you can power up your compatible mobile device with up to 4X faster speed. It also has built-in protection system to keep usual suspects like overcharging at a fair distance. Aside from secure charging, HUSSELL comes with 36 months warranty.

USP: Smart IC intelligent adaptive technology
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#7. AmazonBasics

AmaonBasics iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Charger

AmazonBasics is a reliable bet on all aspects. With the 4.8A maximum output, it is equipped to deliver the goods with aplomb.

It has complete protection to prevent overcharge or short circuit. The car charger is compatible with a number of iOS devices including iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The lightweight, compact design allows you to carry it without any hassle. Lastly, AmazonBasics comes in three colors: black, white, black/red.

USP: Perfectly coiled Lightning cable
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#8. Aonear

Aonear iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Charger

Aonear is gifted with all the qualities you would expect from a fine car charger. It’s got two USB ports that offer 3.1A total output.

The smart circuit design doesn’t let overcharging, or overvoltage destroys your iPhone. It comes with 6 feet Lightning cable to deliver fast and secure charging. Nylon braided design reinforces the durability of the cable. And, the lightweight and portable design make it easily slip into your small pockets.

USP: 6 feet nylon braided Lightning cable
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#9. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Car Charger

Gifted with the ability to charge your iPhone at 2.0amp, it is decent regarding delivering the goods at the desired pace. The ultra-portable design lets you carry it conveniently.

The LED ring lights up when you plug your iPhone to make it easy while charging the device at night. It is compatible with any smartphone or tablet.

USP: Compact design
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#10. Wholesale Wireless

Wholesale-Wireless Car Charger for iPhone 7-7 Plus

Wholesale Wireless car charger comes with smart IC chip that stops charging your iPhone the moment it’s completely powered up. Hence, there is no chance of overcharge.

The 2.1amps speed is good enough to power up your device at a decent pace. It has a secondary port to let you charge two devices at one go. The tiny, neat design allows it to slip into your pocket effortlessly. You have four colors to choose from: black, blue, pink and white. That’s not all; the car charger is supported by the lifetime warranty.

USP: Smart IC chip
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#11. Sngg

Sngg iPhone 7-7 Plus Car Charger

Great mix of power and efficiency, Sngg is your long-term prospect. The charger comes with the built-in coiled Lightning cable to ramp up the charging speed and also provide uncompromised security. Two USB sockets are designed to produce 4.8A total output that puts it at par with the finest chargers.

Past fast charging, the superior circuit design doesn’t let overvoltage or overcharging destroy your smartphone. And with lightweight form-factor, the charger has got the quality to be your ideal travel companion. Besides, 12-month warranty further boosts its reliability factor.

USP: Superior circuit design
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Signing Off

Both regarding charging your device with high speed and providing the required safety from short-circuit or over/lower current, these car chargers excel in living up to the mark. As they are comparatively very small, you can easily carry them. Which is the one quality you like most in these car chargers? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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