Best Bike Mounts for iPhone 7 Plus

Best iPhone 7-7 Plus Bike Mounts

Bike riding has always been very close to my heart. I enjoy riding the bike with my gang of equally passionate friends about it. Whenever we go on an amazing voyage, we track our ride and take the help of GPS to navigate easily. Purely based on the top qualities required to light up bike riding experience, these are my best iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus bike mounts.

1. Roam

Roam iPhone 7-7 Plus Bike Mount

The Roam bike mount securely holds your device; providing optimum viewing angle. Made of high-quality plastic, the holder is extremely durable. With the enhanced grip and silicone net, the mount keeps your device intact.

The holder protects your device from scratch and is fully capable of resisting impact. You can easily install your device and remove it from the cradle. It’s compatible with any smartphone up to 3.5 inches wide.

USP: Secure grip
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2. Lifewell

Lifewell iPhone 7-7 Plus Bike Mount

This one from Lifewall is universal; it means it can fit almost any iPhone and almost all the bikes out there in the market. Thanks to the silicone bands and also the holder that sticks around the bar.

Silicone bands will wrap around your iPhone while you enjoy your adventurous ride. The bands are gentle on the screen and don’t scratch it. In addition, you can also rotate the iPhone the way you want; helpful for navigation using Maps.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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3. Vibrelli

Vibrelli iPhone 7-7 Plus Bike Mount

Vibrelli bike mount holder provides 360-degree rotation to ensure you have the desired viewing angle on the drive. The adjustable clamp with silicone band keeps your device firmly in place. You will comfortably access all the features of your smartphone.

The mount supports any device up to 4.5-inches wide. Lastly, the silicone bands come in three colors like black, gray and red.

USP: Adjustable clamp
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4. Bovon

BOVON Bike Mount for iPhone 7-7 Plus

The best part about this bike mount is the installation. You won’t need any toolkit to install this on your bike; it is as simple as wearing a wristwatch. Besides installation, the silicone bands hold on to your iPhone securely.

Also, you can fit this mount vertically or horizontally as per your viewing requirement. The overall design of the mount is sturdy and durable enough to use it for a very long time.

USP: Sturdy and durable
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5. Bone

Bone iPhone 7-7 Plus Bike Mount

Bone has crafted this bike mount entirely using soft yet durable silicone. The advantage is that it can fit in almost all bikes without any trouble. Besides that, silicone also protects the device while on bumpy rides.

Similar to the one above, this too is easy to install, similar to wearing a wristwatch. Easily adjust the tightness of the mount as per your need. The only limitation is that you cannot rotate your iPhone when it is mounted, but you can mount it vertically or horizontally.

USP: Easy installation
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SCOSCHE magicMOUNT Bike Mount for iPhone 7-7 Plus

SCOSCHE magicMOUNT endows with an exceptionally functional design that makes it a must for travelers. With the earth magnets and magicPLATES, the holders sure your smartphone remain tightly in place. Silicone webbing further enhances the security factor by reducing any chance of the slip-up.

You can adjust and rotate your device to any angle to have fabulous viewing angle. You will comfortably access all the features of your device. magicMOUNT is available in only two colors such as black and white.

USP: Scratch-free design
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7. Ogaming

Ogaming iPhone 7-7 Plus Bike Mount

Ogaming mount holder has a diagonal clamp design that can hold your device with the needed security. It’s quite lightweight and sports a sleek look. The anti-slip rubber grip further empowers protection.

Metal base provides more solidity to it. You won’t have any difficulty in adjusting the holder to have fantastic viewing angles.

USP: Diagonal clamp design
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8. Tackform Solutions

Tackform Bike Mount for iPhone 7-7 Plus

Boasting of ultra-secure grip, Tackform Solutions is the one you should choose to make the most of your amazing ride. The mount holder is fully adjustable to ensure you can use your device as per your convenience. Primed with the top-grade material, it’s equipped to endure regular wear and tear.

You will have hassle-free access to all the features and functions of your device. The availability of four silicone bands with different colors bolsters style quotient.

USP: Ergonomic design
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9. Ailun

AILUN iPhone 7-7 Plus Bike Mount

Ailun is just good enough to hold your iPhone with the required protection. The bike mount has all the features you would expect from an appreciable holder. One thing I really like about it is the ability to provide easy installation.

The adjustable arms tightly grip your smartphone; providing an excellent viewing angle. The holder is fully detachable and can be extended as per need. It comes with black and red silicone bands.

USP: Detachable holder
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10. CAW.CAR Accessories

CAW.CAR Accessories Bike Mount for iPhone 7-7 Plus

This bike mount from CAW.CAR Accessories is blessed with the rubberized clip with silicone belts that snuggly grip your device. The bands wrap four corners of your iPhone ensuring it remains firmly intact.

The other very important quality it possesses is shockproof design. Even if your device meets with an accidental fall, it will remain safe. The holder can ideally be fine-tuned by your preferred angle.

USP: Shockproof
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Wrapping up

I guess you have chosen one of these bike mounts for your iPhone. Which one is it and why have you picked it up? It would be awesome to know that!

These bike mounts have got all the qualities to light up your riding time and allow you to track your ride with optimum ease. They keep your device intact; providing 360-degree viewing angle. And it’s these qualities that make them a must for the folks like to make their ride memorable.

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