Best iPhone 6s Slim Cases: Easy to Hold and Easy to Flaunt

We buy slim iPhone 6s for a reason, why to make it thick with bulky cases. Here’s the list of best slim cases for iPhone 6s. These cases are thin and lightweight.

It has become mandatory for an iPhone user to purchase a case to protect the precious. There’s a wide range of iPhone cases available, and it becomes hard to choose the best out of it.

To help you make your search easy, we have handpicked some of the best slim cases for iPhone 6s. These cases won’t just protect your iPhone, but being slim they will also be easy to carry around all the time. Dive in the list, and we are sure you will like many of it.

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Best iPhone 6s Slim Cases

Best Slim Cases for iPhone 6s

#1. Incipio

Incipio iPhone 6-6s Slim Case

This thin case from Incipio is an absolute beast when it comes to quality. Featuring low-profile to ensure your iPhone continues to reveal its charm without any interference. With the snap-on structure, it easily fits your smartphone. The EVA foam interior excels in defeating scratch. There is also a camera ring to keep it safeguarded. Six color options offer you a great chance to select a perfect cover for your device.

USP: EVA foam interior
Price: $24.99 [$8.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] 
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#2. Caudabe The Veil

Caudabe iPhone 6-6s Thin Case

Without an iota of doubt, Caudabe The Veil is one of the thinnest cases. Created with the finest polycarbonate material, this slim case is very durable and good enough absorb minor impact and resist scratch. The flexible plastic material offers the needed grip to hold the device comfortably. Picture perfect cut-out bolsters user-experience. Furthermore, The Veil comes in three colors like blue, pink and wisp black.

USP: Incredibly thin
Price: $11.74 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#3. TORRAS Lock Series

TORRAS iPhone 6-6s Slim Case

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The biggest highlight of this slim case from TORRAS is the non-slip matte surface that provides enhanced grip. It feels pretty warm to the touch and offers essential comfort to your palm. Readied with the high-quality plastic material, it can withstand minor bumps. The electroplated frame at the top and bottom adds more protection to it. TORRAS Lock Series slim case comes in four colors—black, red, gold and rose gold.

USP: Non-slip matte surface
Price: $24 [$10.99 on Amazon while we are writing this] 
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#4. Acewin

Acewin iPhone 6s Slim Case

The case has been coated with the non-slip matte surface to get the perfect grip. Snap-on design perfectly fits on your iPhone. With the precise cut-outs, you will easily access all the buttons and ports on your device. This slim case can be trusted to resist scratch. Acewin is available in five different colors at the time of writing this.

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USP: Snug-fit profile
Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#5. Twelve South

Twelve South Slim Case for iPhone 6s

This slim case can multi-task as it has wallet feature as well as kickstand facility. Even though it is loaded with features it is extremely slim. There are two pockets to hold your cards along with your iPhone 6s. It has been crafted from leather that gives it a premium feel. Lastly, there are four different color options while writing this.

USP: Luxury leather cover
Price: $39.99 [$16.90 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#6. Caseology

Caseology Slim Case for iPhone 6s

Caseology is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to iPhone accessories. The iPhone 6s is already beautiful and this case adds a spark to its beauty. Apart from the beauty of the case, it is equally strong to withstand normal falls and shocks. Being slim, it is easy to carry it in your pockets or in your hands.

Caseology thin case is available in five colors such as, black, rose gold, navy blue, mint green and coral pink.

USP: Two-Piece Slider
Price: $32.99 [$12.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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#7. Lightning Knight (LK)

LK iPhone 6s Slim Case

Lightning Knight is a rubber case and is fully transparent. It is designed to be dust, dirt and scratch resistant. Apart from that, it can handle normal shocks and falls to protect your iPhone 6s. If we look at its thickness, it is just 1.7mm thick and weighs just 19.8 grams. It is like not having any case on your iPhone 6s.

USP: Sleek profile
Price: $7.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#8. Aceabove

Aceabove iPhone 6s Slim Case

Aceabove is a slim case crafted from leather along with hard shell inside. This is a perfect combo of style with safety. The case covers all the four corner of your iPhone 6s, which proves to be useful in case the iPhone falls from a normal height. Lastly, there are three different shades of leather color available while writing this.

USP: Scratch resistant
Price: $14.90 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#9. Elago

elago iPhone 6s Slim Case

Elago Slim Fit 2 case is incredibly thin. It has been crafted with quality polycarbonate material. The double coating reinforces its structure; giving it enough strength to fight out the scratch. The use of resin has made it more flexible and durable. Non-slip matte texture provides better grip to hold your iPhone comfortably in hands. Lastly, this stylish case comes in as many as 11 nice-looking colors.

USP: Matte texture
Price: $8.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.
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#10. Willnorn

Willnorn Slim Case for iPhone 6s

The Willnorn slim case for iPhone 6s is very simple in looks. It is completely plain without any kind of fancy design. If you like simple and classy products, then this case is just right for you. There are four different colors available while writing this. The best part is, it is just 0.7mm thick which is next to a case-less iPhone.

USP: Ultra-thin design
Price: $7.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.
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#11. Spigen

Spigen iPhone 6s Slim Case

Spigen has always been one of my favorite brands when buying an iPhone case. This new case from Spigen is roughly 1mm thick and perfectly fits on your iPhone 6s. The back design of the case is of matte finish to give a solid grip. The case is very much durable to normal falls and bumps. It also protects your iPhone from regular wear and tears. Lastly, the precise cuts give you unhindered access to all the ports and functions of iPhone 6s.

Three color options include gunmetal, metal slate, and satin silver.

USP: Solid PC frame
Price: $34.99 [$16.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] 
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The Bottom Line

Has any of these slim cases paired with your iPhone 6/6s? I would be very glad to know its name and the quality that has attracted you.

The compact design and non-slip surface make this slim cases pretty special. Moreover, they make a form-fitting match with your iPhone.

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