Best iPhone 6s Screen Protectors in 2023

Best iPhone 6s Screen Protectors

Apple has shielded the iPhone 6s with aerospace grade aluminium for the body and topped with a new chemically strengthened glass to protect the fantastic display and provide the user a hinder-free experience of the 3D Touch. Although the glass is sturdier, it is always an intelligent choice to reinforce the iPhone 6s screen with display protection. They can brace the iPhone 6s against scratches, shocks, and shatters.

1. Power Theory

Power Theory iPhone 6s-6 Glass Screen Protector

Power Theory has revolutionized the way screen protectors were produced earlier. This brand manufactures iPhone screen guards with high-grade Japanese Asahi tempered glass. This special glass maintains the resale value of your iPhone and guards your device screen against dirt, scratches, and cracks.

It is a super thin glass, which enables you to experience the full effects of your iPhone display. For the protection of device screen, Power Theory has used 9H rated hard glass shield.

USP: Touchscreen sensitivity
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2. Syncwire

Syncwire Screen Protector for iPhone 6s

Guard your phone with this tempered glass screen protector that can self-expel any air bubbles when automatically bonding with the screen. The oleophobic coating keeps fingerprints and smudges away for a clear view of your screen.

The 9H hardness keeps your screen safe from any keys, coins, and even knives in your pocket.

It is a pack of three Screen Protectors that comes with three years of customer support. So if there are cracks and air bubbles on it, you can get an easy replacement.

USP: 3 years of customer support
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BRTONG iPhone 6s Tempered Glass Screen Protect

BRTONG screen protectors for iPhone 6s is a tempered glass protector with 9H screen hardness. However, the 0.3mm thin glass retaliates bumps and scratches very well. The edges round up to secure the screen from chipped and sharp objects. Oleophobic coating resists oil and keeps the screen crystal clear.

Comparatively, it costs way too less than other products, and that’s mainly because it includes just one screen protector inside the box.

USP: Oleophobic coating
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4. Supershieldz

Supershieldz Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6s

“Supershieldz” is a reliable defender for the touchscreen of your iPhone 6s. Readied with the top-grade tempered glass, it’s exceptionally solid.

Powered by 9H hardness, it’s strong enough to fight out scrape. In fact, it can shield the screen even from a sharp knife.

Thanks to the hydrophobic and Oleo-phobic coatings, it keeps grime and smudges away to ensure the screen continues to be smooth and clear. Moreover, Supershieldz is backed by a reliable lifetime warranty.

USP: 9H hardness
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5. Mr. Shield

Mr. Shield Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6-6s

Mr. Shield gives you three pieces of a tempered glass screen protector, which are compatible with your iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 as well. Made of ballistic glass, this screen guard protects your phone screen against high impact drops and scratches.

Enjoy touchscreen accuracy while typing quickly on your iPhone messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger. Note that your iPhone’s curved edges will not be covered by this protector as there are chances of peeling over time.

USP: 99.99% HD clarity
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6. amFilmamFilm iPhone 6 Glass Screen Protector

Simply put, amFilm is one of the finest screen guards in the market. What makes it a stand out option is the high clarity. That means you will have enhanced the viewing experience.

The high-grade tempered glass is very sensitive to the touch. So, you won’t have any problem while using 3D Touch on your iPhone.

With the 9H hardness, it excels in defending the screen against shatter and scratch. Besides, amFilm comes in two packs at one price.

USP: High-grade tempered glass
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7. Ailun

Ailun iPhone 6-6s Glass Screen Protector

Ailun has designed a case-friendly protective film for your iPhone. This protector covers 99.99% screen of your device and leaves enough space for the case. You will enjoy a better screen interaction every time you are using your iPhone. This ultra-thin (0.33mm thickness) screen guard provides enough screen brightness to watch visual contents on your device.

A reliable and resilient screen protector that promises full compatibility with touchscreen sensitivity. Ailun has produced this screen guard that boasts 9H hardness; on top of this, the film is equipped with oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints.

USP: 0.33mm thickness
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8. Witkeen

Witkeen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6s

If you can get four and a half stars out of more than 14K customer reviews, you are definitely worthy of praise. Witkeen screen guard features laser cut that helps it fit seamlessly on the screen. Rounded edges assist it in offering the full-screen defense to the touchscreen.

Due mainly to the top-notch material, it’s got the strength to endure impact and knock down scrape. As for transparency, you won’t have any complaints as it delivers crystal clarity. On top of all, Witkeen screen defender comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

USP: Full-screen defense
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9. JETech

JETech Tempered Glass for iPhone 6s

A very subtle product from JETech but its .33mm thick tempered glass assures premium protection. The 9H standard toughness can even resist knife scratches on the screen. As with most screen protectors, it allows a good response to touch and high transparency for better display. The dust-free, oil and water resistant glass protector is easy to install with just one push.

USP: Rounded edges
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And that’s it, folks!

Your favorite?

Now’s the time to let me know which one of the above screen guards have caught your eyes. Besides, if you want to see any other screen protector in the above list, do tell us about that as well.

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