Best iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Cases in 2023

Best iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Cases

Apple iPhone 6s Plus boasts a stunning display of 5.5 inches. Yes, it is an unforgettable experience to watch videos or pictures on this super gorgeous display. But at the same time, it can be a real headache to carry such large screen phone in bare hands. If that sounds frustrating, imagine what would happen when you have a wallet full of cards and cash, along with an iPhone 6s Plus in your pocket. Sounds bulky right? That’s why we have chosen some of the best wallet cases for iPhone 6s Plus that will protect your iPhone from normal shocks and also take care of your cards and cash.


KIHUWEY Wallet Case for iPhone 6s Plus

Your wallet is history now. Bring home this smart wallet case for your plus-sized iPhone. KIHUWEY has scored well on multiple measures: its design acts as a camouflage that showcases the product as a bumper case. But when you turn it around, you will discover a cardholder case, which can store credit cards and your IDs.

KIHUWEY provides two pockets on the cover; you can use the wallet cover as a kickstand to watch videos and read eBooks. The wallet cover has magnets, which tightly hold the cover to the back of this case.

USP: Hidden magnetic closure
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2. AceAbove

AceAbove iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case

AceAbove is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to iPhone cases. This particular wallet case for iPhone 6s Plus is crafted from premium PU leather. Same like Versus, the four edges are nominally raised to protect your iPhone 6s Plus from normal falls and bumps.

If we talk about the wallet, it can carry up to three cards along with some cash. Lastly, there are two color options to choose from Red and black. This wallet case is perfect if you are looking for something simple yet classy.

USP: Premium PU Leather
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3. Dreem

Dreem iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case

Fibonnaci by Dreem is one of my personal favorites, because of its classy and luxurious looks along with all the fancy features. Impressive is the very first word that strikes my mind. It has been handcrafted from premium vegan leather.

The Wallet features three card holders and can carry around five to ten bills. Also, it has a kickstand and FaceTime features; you can watch videos or picture horizontally or vertically. Lastly, it’s compatible with almost all magnetic car mounts, selfie sticks, and screen protectors.

USP: Detachable Slim Case
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4. Silk

Silk Wallet Case for iPhone 6s Plus

Silk simplifies your life. The brand has given special attention to the design and usefulness of this wallet case. This cardholder case is made to enable you to use your plastic money efficiently. For your convenience, Silk has carved an opening on the slot to push your card out easily.

Ultra-light and durable construction make it extremely useful in all conditions – whether you are on the go or inactive. Along with this case, you will also receive a screen protector to safeguard your iPhone’s touchscreen.

USP: Lightweight and durable
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5. Vofolen

Vofolen iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case with Credit Cards Slot

Primarily it is a bumper case, which is crafted smartly to enable users to use this case as wallet case. On the back, you will find a slider, under which you can store your credit/debit cards. This wallet case is spacious enough to save your one to three cards and bills.

Vofolen has used hard and soft covers made of PC and TPU materials respectively. Both these covers ensure full protection to your iPhone against any damages.

USP: Ergonomic sliding design
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LUPA Wallet Case for iPhone 6s Plus

LUPA has created a slim wallet case from faux leather. This burgundy case helps you travel light. Choice of all globe-trotters, LUPA’s cardholder case comes in a beautiful gift box. The detachable bumper allows you to use your iPhone with great convenience. This durable case holds 3-4 credit/debit cards and IDs; you can also store up to 4 bills.

The case is made of lightweight PU leather, which can endure damage, stretching, and fading. This wallet case is rugged and eco-friendly, hence, it can live up to your expectations in all situations.

USP: Vintage design
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AILUN iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case

In case you are looking for simple and sober design, AILUN will please you. No funky design or bright colors, simple yet classy. It has given all cuts precisely, which make it easy to access all ports and functions on iPhone 6s Plus. There are three color options to choose from Bird-black, bird-blue, and bird-brown. The wallet feature includes three card holders and a small pocket for cash.

USP: Impact Resistant & Scratch proof
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ARAE iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case

ARAE has an impressive collection of wallet cases for your iPhone. From a colorful range, I have picked up this simple rose gold case. The color itself declares it to be a lady’s companion. Among many notable features, I like that lanyard, which can be detached and attached easily. With the lanyard, you can hold your iPhone firmly in your hands or around the wrist.

The inner skin of this case is made of soft TPU, which protects your phone from scratches. Since ARAE has precisely crafted this case, you can easily access all the ports and buttons of the iPhone and charge it without removing the case.

USP: Detachable lanyard
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9. ZVE

ZVE iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case

If you are looking for ease of using your iPhone and protection, you should go for ZVE wallet case for your iPhone. Available in eight vibrant designs and colors, ZVE’s wallet case fits a description of your traditional wallet. However, it boasts so many excellent features that you will forget your old wallet.

The zipper wallet pocket purse makes all the difference. All your plastic money and hard currency are protected inside the zipper pouch. Unlike other wallet cases with a folio, this one looks like a bumper.

USP: Zipper pouch
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10. Dovesail

Dovesail iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case

Ladies have a special liking for floral design. Designers at Dovesail know this, and therefore, they have created this beautiful wallet case for iPhone 6s Plus. The combination of pink and gold sets this case apart from other cases for women. Look at the curve on the upper cover; the floral design of the curve and rose gold high-quality material juxtaposed intentionally to create a visual treat.

Dovesail offers you three card slots to store your credit/debit cards and IDs. For protection, corners are covered, and edges are raised. TPU lip elevates the touchscreen to protect it against scratches.

USP: All-round protection
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