Smartphones have begun to replace laptops or desktop computers. People, who are travelling a lot, like to stay in touch with their family and office colleagues. They need to communicate with their colleagues and family via emails, WhatsApp, Facebook or through any other social media.

While friendly conversations can be summed up on social media, it's official communication that requires them to type in reports and long emails. This is the time when you wish you had a laptop. In this situation, keyboard cases are essential accessories for iPhone 6s Plus. With keyboard cases, you can easily avoid the use of the laptop.

Best iPhone 6s Plus Keyboard Cases

We have already listed some useful keyboard cases for iPhone 6s, and now we have come up with keyboard cases for your iPhone 6s Plus. Explore the products and choose one for you.

Best Keyboard Cases for iPhone 6/6s Plus

#1. TOP

Top iPhone 6s Plus Keyboard Case

TOP presents an elegant and strong keyboard case for your iPhone 6s Plus. One of the significant features of this product is its Key life: 5 million strokes. Now typing long messages, Facebook status and emails is easy; never experience writer's cramp. For continuous use, makers of this keyboard case have installed a robust battery which lasts up to 30 hours; on standby mode, it can last up to 30 days.

Price: $199.00 [$44.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#2. Vktech

Vktech iPhone 6s Plus Keyboard Case

Slim is in the thing, whether it's your iPhone or a keyboard case. This super-thin iPhone 6s Plus QWERTY keyboard case is a visual treat for you. Moreover, you can comfortably fit your iPhone into this form-fitting case. For quick typing, this keyboard case gives you the comfort of accessing all keys, apart from other controls, buttons and ports.

Price: $52.99 [$24.99 on Amazon at the time of writing this.] Shop it from

#3. Generic

Generic iPhone 6s Plus Keyboard Case

Even if you are 10 metres away, you can type in your message on your iPhone 6s Plus. Well, we know that you are not going to do this because you need a screen close in front of your eyes. This keyboard case for your iPhone is made of ABS plastic material; it is a separable Bluetooth keyboard case. The hard-shell case of this product protects your expensive phone. It has fully integrated slide-out QWERTY keyboard that lets you type in comfortably; stop using that inconvenient virtual keypad and switch to Generic keyboard case.

Price: $44.48 on Amazon while we are writing this.
Order it from

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