Best iPhone 6s Plus Designer Cases in 2021

Best Designer Cases for iPhone 6s Plus

We keep trying some or the other things to keep our iPhone 6s Plus in mint condition. Buying a case is the first thing we do after having our hands on the device. Most of the cases will hide the beauty of the stunning Apple’s flagship device. To overcome this obstacle, we have handpicked some of the best designer cases for iPhone 6s Plus. These cases will add some extra beauty along with complete protection. Feel free to cruise around the list and make your purchase.

1. Sumoon

SUMOON iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case

Sumoon presents a hybrid and heavy-duty designer case for your iPhone 6s Plus. Normally, designer cases are believed to be soft, but this one boasts both qualities: softness and strength. Sumoon has added three layers of protection to keep your phone secure from shocks.

This case is made of a plastic back cover, plastic bumper, and a TPU inner frame for maximum protection. The marble rose gold pattern imparts excellent beauty to the case.

USP: Three-layer protection
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2. Chichic

CHICHIC iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case

My attraction towards mandala design is never going to subdue. This designer case for iPhone 6s Plus flaunts black mandala carved on yellow wood grain. The case, symbolizing our universe, is made of Dupont, which is a top quality raw material.

The advanced IMD technology never fades or chips. The aesthetics of the case never come in your way to use other functions of the phone. You can easily access all the ports & buttons of your iPhone 6s Plus.

USP: Raised lip to protect the camera
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MOSNOVO iPhone 6-6s Plus Designer Case

What makes “MOSNOVO” so charming is the impressive floral design. The cover features an impact-resistant TPU bumper and hard PC back panel.

With the dual-layered casing, the case can effortlessly endure regular bumps. So, the style won’t come at the cost of protection.

And with the clear design, the cover allows the smartphone to show off its elegance. Moreover, MOSNOVO designer cases come in ten nice-looking color variants.

USP: Dual-layered casing
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4. Sonix

Sonix iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case

Sonix has an impressive range of designer cases for iPhone 6s Plus. This lemon zest design looks awesome on your iPhone. With its scratch resistant protective coating, your phone is completely secure. Moreover, you have full access to all ports with easy-press button coverage.

The case has a beveled camera hole that protects the lens of your iPhone when you place your device on any flat surface. This case is compatible with wireless charging.

USP: Wireless charging compatible
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PIXIU iPhone 6-6s Plus Designer Case

How about going for a highly durable designer case? PIXIU features shock-absorbent outer shell to ward off the impact of even nasty bumps. All the four corners have been armored to help the smartphone survive drops a bit more comfortably.

As for design, PIXIU has an attractive pattern that looks nice on it. There is also a silicone lip to guard the touchscreen against scrapes. Even better, you will be able to choose this solid case in three beautiful designs: pink, pineapple, and peonies flower.

USP: Shock-absorbent outer shell
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6. Viromo TM from Prosidio

Viromo iPhone 6-6s Plus Designer Case

Blessed with an eye-catching floral design, Viromo looks really beautiful. The soft TPU bumper not only reinforces the structure but also empowers the case to withstand shock. Plus, the smooth frame offers a much better grip, making it more convenient to hold the iPhone 6s Plus.

The transparent back panel allows some freedom to the iPhone to continue to reveal its charm. Both the large 5.5-inch screen and the camera have the desired shield against abrasions. That’s not all, the matte finish keeps fingerprints at bay so that Viromo continues to look at its very best.

USP: Eye-catching floral design
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BENTOBEN Designer Case for iPhone 6s Plus

Pineapples on the white background, which is further sealed with purple edges. This creates a killer view people would like to stare at. The case is made of hard PC and soft TPU material to protect your phone from drops and daily wear and tear.

The case is precisely cut out so that you can easily access speakers, camera, mics, and other ports on your phone. Raised lips at the front and lens hole protect your phone’s touchscreen and camera lens.

USP: Artistic appeal
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GVIEWIN iPhone 6-6s Plus Designer Case

GVIEWIN presents one of the fascinating designer cases for iPhone 6s Plus. It comes in 12 charming designs so that choosing a fine suit for your phablet remains an easy task.

Thanks to the highly flexible material, the cover is easy to install and remove. The clear bumper coupled with the captivating patterns ensure it doesn’t have to put a lot of efforts to win attention.

And with the presence of the beveled edge, the touchscreen has an extra safeguard. GVIEWIN also features a protective ring precisely designed for the camera to keep it safe.

USP: Extra protection for camera and screen
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9. AlphaCell

AlphaCell Designer Case for iPhone 6s Plus

AlphaCell brings a designer case with black and white strips on the back. The design gives a neat and clean look to your iPhone. At the same time, it snugly fits on your phone and you can easily remove the case often.

This case is known for its resiliency, and therefore, it quickly comes back to its original shape even after the case is twisted and turned by you.

USP: Neat & clean look
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Akna iPhone 6s Plus Designer Case

Casesophy has designed this case for girls only. An eye-catching pattern of red and pink roses is created on a soft and durable silicone material. Thus, Casesophy crafted a strong case that shows your unique style.

This case protects your iPhone from accidental drops and bumps. Since the case is not a slim fit, you cannot put your phone in your pockets. But then you can always impress your friends & colleagues with this startling design.

USP: Eye-catching pattern
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That’s all folks!

Summing up…

Designer cases add a unique personality to your iPhone. They are not just for fashion, as they are made to endure daily wear & tear. You can use designer cases to decorate your iPhone and to protect it against multiple damages.

Which designer case would you like to buy for your iPhone 6s Plus? Share your feedback with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Download our app to browse more accessories for iPhone 6s Plus.

Summing up…

Designer cases add a unique personality to your iPhone. They are not just for fashion, as they are made to endure daily wear & tear. You can use designer cases to decorate your iPhone and to protect it against multiple damages.

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