Best iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Cases in 2023

Best iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Cases

In your routine life, you face many challenges from dawn to dusk. From sunrise to sunset, there are many household chores and professional commitments you have to fulfill. One of these is a commute to and from your workplace. What we present here is a list of the best iPhone 6s Plus belt clip cases. Your iPhone 6s Plus is pretty much safe and secure while wrapped by the strong tentacles of the holsters made of solid material. You remain worry-free while you are commuting from one place to another.

1. Bomea

BOMEA iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case Pouch

One of the best features of Bomea’s belt clip case is that you can slip your iPhone 6s Plus with a slim case wrapped on. The belt clip case is spacious enough to store your credit/debit cards and cash. Your iPhone is protected in this cocoon made of leather.

For extra security, Bomea offers two additional belt loops and a magnetic closure. Your iPhone 6s Plus is guarded against all directions. Simply put your iPhone in this case and then pass the belt through the loops when you wear the belt.

USP: Can store phone with a slim case
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SUPCASE iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

The rugged look of SUPCASE belt clip holster leaves a strong impression on consumer’s mind. Users can easily attach hands-free, and lightning cable in the ports as the holster is made of impeccable cutouts for iPhone 6s Plus.

You can take a drop-test while your iPhone is curled up in the holster; advanced dual layer with the hard polycarbonate shell and flexible TPU can survive accidental drops and shocks. If you go for this SUPCASE holster for your iPhone 6s Plus, you don’t need to shell out extra bucks on screen protector as it is already built in.

USP: Precise cutouts
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3. EpicDealz

EpicDealz iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

EpicDealz brings a unique combination of a belt loop and a metal clip in a holster that stores and protects iPhone 6s Plus. Put your iPhone in the holster and close its Velcro flap tightly; your iPhone is safe behind the canvas exterior.

If you fancy the idea of hanging the holster on the belt loop, purse or backpack, you can do this with the help of that metal ring. For sophisticated iPhone users, they can always insert the back loops into their belts.

USP: Carabiner Hook
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4. E LV

E LV Belt Clip Holster Case for iPhone 6s Plus

Arguably the sturdiest case in the list comes from E LV. This robust belt clip case has a high-impact polycarbonate frame that gives your phone an added protection against drops, bumps, and shocks. Check its dual-layer hybrid design for ultimate protection.

Even as the frame guards your phone, you can access all the essential ports, buttons and controls like interface, camera lens, headphone jack, speakerphone, and microphone. On top of this, you can charge your phone without removing the case.

USP: Sturdiest frame
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5. Ptuna

Ptuna iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

Unlike other belt clip cases, Ptuna offers whopping four-layer protection to your iPhone 6s Plus. This means your device is completely protected against the evils like drop, dust, scratch, and water. However, you should not soak your device in the water, as the case is not 100% waterproof.

The 360-degree belt-clip holster can be hung on the waist when you are playing your favorite sports. When there is a call, you can quickly detach your device from the belt clip to attend the calls.

USP: Four-layer protection
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6. Gcepls

Gcepls iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

Gcepls offers you an upright stance in its premium leather holster belt clip case. You can install and remove your iPhone 6s Plus with extra comfort while you are commuting or walking. You can rotate the belt clip swivel, which can rotate 360-degrees.

The magnetic closure of this belt clip case keeps your device in place. The stylish interior design protects your phone from cracks and scratches.

USP: Vertical holster belt clip case
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7. Aduro

Aduro iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

Aduro presents a rubberized textured holster that safeguards your iPhone with its strong grip. Rotate your iPhone 6s Plus when it is fitted into the case; the case firmly locks your iPhone, so when you swivel your phone, do not worry about an accidental drop. When somebody calls you, remove your iPhone easily from the holster.

USP: Rubberized texture
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8. Eagle Case Line

ECL USA Belt Clip Holster Case for iPhone 6s Plus

Since your iPhone 6s Plus has a 3D Touch feature, Eagle Case Line offers you a 3D Touch compatible screen protector with this highly protective belt clip case. This eliminates the need of buying a screen guard for your device.

Check out the plugs that cover your phone’s charging and headphone jack ports. When you are not using the two ports, you can use the plugs to prevent debris and dirt away from entering the ports.

USP: Built-in 3D Touch compatible screen guard
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9. Encased

Encased iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

Encased is one of the leading brands in protective cases for iPhones. This belt clip case is exclusively designed for Apple’s iPhones with the size of 5.5″. Encased focuses on two features: practicality and durability. For practicality, Encased has installed reinforced clip and soft touch finish.

For durability, Encased has used PCR construction with a non-slip micro finish and raised-lip screen protection.

USP: Soft touch finish
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10. Evocel

Evocel iPhone 6s Plus Belt Clip Case

Evocel brings a premium belt clip case for your iPhone 6s Plus. Its hard outer shell keeps your phone’s surface clean of nicks, smudges, and scratches. Thanks to its impact resistant and interlocking exterior front and back covers, your iPhone 6s Plus is extremely secure.

The belt clip is removable and it can rotate 180 degrees for easy installation and removal of your iPhone. When you want to put your iPhone 6s Plus in your pocket, remove the belt clip as this will remove the bulk.

USP: Removable swivel belt clip
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That’s all folks!

Signing off

Belt clip cases provide the toughest protection to your smartphone. These cases are naturally built robustly to safeguard your phone from all evils and damage. For commute and adventures, belt clip cases are the perfect partners of your iPhone 6s Plus.

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