Best iPhone 6s Plus Battery Cases in 2020: Power Up Your iPhone with More Juice

iPhone 6s Plus has a 2750mAh battery, but even then we often run out of it. Many of us are always commuting here and there, hardly getting enough time to charge our iPhone 6s Plus to full capacity. In such situations, we either keep searching for the power source or carry a power bank.

It is not feasible to look after our iPhone battery all the time, to overcome this issue of the power-hungry device; we have handpicked some of the best battery cases for iPhone 6s Plus. Battery case serves two of our purposes: taking care of our iPhone from normal scratches and falls, while charging it whenever required. Have a look at the list given below.

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Best Battery Cases for iPhone 6s Plus in 2020

#1. Lonlif

Lonlif iPhone 6-6s Plus Battery Cases

Since battery cases are robust and bulky in the body, many users think they won’t be able to use Touch ID on their iPhones, and thus avoid using charging cases. Lonlif has shattered this myth and designed a battery case, which allows you to use Touch ID on your iPhone 6s Plus.

The 5500 lithium polymer battery adds 120% more power to your iPhone and you can enjoy videos, movies, music, and games while you are on the go. It is available in three vibrant colors.

USP: Elegant look and feel
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#2. Smtqa

Smtqa Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

With massive 8000mAh battery in the Smtqa case, you get more than 200% power to enjoy your device whenever you want. In addition, it also has a kickstand on the back, which further allows you to enjoy videos and movies in handsfree mode.

You can sync and charge your device without needing to remove the case. One of the best features is its ability to support wired as well as Bluetooth headphones. Lastly, there are no color choices available, except black.

USP: Kickstand function
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#3. HETP

HETP iPhone 6S Plus Battery Case

I look at HETP as a high-capacity battery (8500mAh) case and a solid power bank that should be good enough for your iPhone 6s Plus even on a long tour.

The robust battery juices up your phablet faster and with the required safety. So, there is no chance of any mishaps like overheating and short-circuiting.

What adds more muscle to its armory are the dual-layered casing and the 360° scratch-guard. Due mainly to the rugged construction your phablet has the needed shield against regular bumps. If you like dark colors, you will appreciate the hot red and the ever shining rose gold color variants.

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USP: Mammoth 8500mAh battery
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#4. i-Blason

i-Blason iPhone 6s Plus Battery Case

When it comes to delivering fast and safe charging solution, this one from i-Blason is one of the better options. It sports a slim design that looks fine on the iPhone. Despite being a bit thin, it has got the durability to endure minor bumps.

The case features a 3200mAh battery which is good enough to provide over 100% of extra power to the smartphone. Plus, it supports data syncing and charging at once.

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USP: Slim design
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#5. Pumier

Pumier iPhone 6-6s Plus Battery Case

Pumier brings a two-piece design to make it easier for users to install and remove the battery case. One of the notable features of this charging case is users can use their wired headphones to listen to songs and talk. Once the battery pack is recharged, you can charge your iPhone twice.

Two pieces are magnetically attached, and this gives security to your iPhone. Its 5500mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery delivers 100% customer satisfaction.

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USP: Two-piece design
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#6. Feob

Feob iPhone 6-6s Plus Battery Case

This 8500mAh battery case is picked up for its powerful performance. Even as it is not compatible with a lightning headphone or traditional 3.5mm headphones, people go for this for its strong battery, which can charge up the iPhone quickly. You can always use Apple’s AirPods or other wireless Bluetooth headphones for audio listening.

This battery pack adds 200% more battery life to your iPhone. For gamers, this is a great boon as they can play 3D games for three hours on their iPhone 6s Plus. Never stop and play your favorite games on your iOS device.

USP: 200% battery life
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#7. Xooparc

Xooparc Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

If you want to have a high-capacity battery, give Xooparc a close look. With the solid 8500mAh battery, it can charge your iPhone multiple times.

It also safeguards your smartphone from common threats like overcharging, short-circuit. With the light indicator, you can quickly check out the remaining battery.

The case sports a slim look and fits snugly around the iPhone 6 Plus. Besides, you can choose it in three colors like black, red and rose gold.

USP: 18-month warranty
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#8. Pxwaxpy

Pxwaxpy iPhone 6s Plus Battery Case

As far as efficiency is concerned, Pxwaxpy is a top bet. It comes with gigantic 8500mAh rechargeable battery. Therefore, you get plenty of additional juice in your kitty to dole out the power-hungry iPhone.

The smart chip doesn’t usual suspects like overcharging damage the device. Due mainly to the sturdy bumper design, it can also withstand impact. Plus, Pxwaxpy is supported by a limited one-year warranty.

USP: More than 200 extra battery life
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#9. Elzle

Elzle Battery Case for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Elzle has come up with a decent battery case that allows users to charge their iPhones even as the devices are covered by this case. This high-quality battery case lasts long as it is made of Li-polymer batteries and has CE/FCC/PSEand ROHS certification.

Power up your iPhone with 5000mAh battery capacity of this case. Your phone will never run out of battery and you will enjoy extra hours of video watching, Internet surfing, talking, etc. Elzle has used a high-grade material to manufacture a durable battery case for your device.

USP: Industrial grade material
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#10. Swaller

Swaller iPhone 6-6s Plus Battery Case

Times when you want to use your iPhone extensively without being bothered about the battery life, a battery case like Swaller can come in very handy. The 5500mAh battery promises to deliver 150% extra power to your phablet. Therefore, you will play your hardcore games or watch music videos with a bit more freedom.

Aside from offering tons of extra juice, it also keeps dangers like overheating and overcurrent away. The four LED indicators allow you to track the power status with ease.

Talking about the design, Swaller has a slim design and features a shock-absorbing exterior. Besides, this high-capacity battery case comes in three nice-looking colors.

USP: High-capacity battery
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HARDTOAST iPhone 6-6s Plus Battery Case

Pump in 150% more battery life to your iPhone 6s Plus with this li-polymer rechargeable charger case from HARDTOAST. A high-capacity 4000mAh case provides you 24 hours talk time, 63 hours music, 16 hours video playback and 15 hours of Internet use.

Use original lightning cable and you will be able to charge the battery case and your iPhone simultaneously. Moreover, you can sync your iPhone with Mac or Windows computer without removing the case.

USP: 360-degree protection
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That’s all!

Your pick?

Assuming, your search for a high-quality battery case has met with the desired result. May I know its name and the qualities that have got your attention.

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