Best iPhone 6s Plus Armbands in 2022

Best iPhone 6-6s Plus Armbands

iPhone 6s Plus boasts a 5.5″ display, making it a little headache to carry during workout sessions. Whether you are an adventurer climbing mountains or a hardcore cycler, you will surely need an armband to keep your iPhone 6 Plus safe and sound. We have selected the top 10 armbands for iPhone 6s Plus from a wide range of options.


SUPCASE Armband for iPhone 6s Plus

SUPCASE is one of the most favorite brands in the armband category. Armband fit arm sizes with the 9-21 circumference. Apart from that, you will have a hassle-free access to all the features of your device. Armband can also be used as an independent case as the band is easily detachable.

Soft silicone skin protects your device from scratch. If you are looking for two-in-one kind of armband. UPCASE is a smart option to be considered. Black and pink are the only two color options available with this armband.

USP: Soft Stretchy Velcro
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PORTHOLIC Armband iPhone 6s Plus

PORTHOLIC brings an extra-large armband case for your plus-sized iPhones. You can insert your iPhone covered with OtterBox Defender and LifeProof cases. This means you are not supposed to remove the case before you start your workout in the morning. Unlike other armbands, PORTHOLIC allows you to register your fingerprint to unlock your device.

This armband makes your life more comfortable with two pouches on each side to store your headset and key. Its reflective strip shines in the dark to keep you visible and safe in early mornings or late evenings.

USP: Fingerprint unlock function
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3. Gear Beast

Gear Beast iPhone 6s Plus Armband

Call it a wallet, pouch or an armband, and it will suffice to serve many purposes. Gear Beast sports armband can take up to three cards, some cash, and any other tiny stuff in its pouch-cum-wallet. Like other bands, the Gear Beast armband has been made from ultra-soft neoprene material, making it sweat and dirt resistant.

This armband can easily fit the arm size up to 20″ with the help of armband strap extender already included in the box. It also has a reflective strip that assures safety in low light.

USP: Super comfy design
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4. Gear Beast Sports Armband

Gear Beast Sports Armband For iPhone 8 Plus

This armband from “Gear Beast” has got a sporty look. It fits your iPhone even with a rugged case. So, you don’t need to remove the cover from your device before the installation.

You can access all the functions of your device without any hindrance. The elastic strap is fully adjustable to let you keep the iPhone perfectly in place.

Reflective strip ensures your jogging continues to be smooth sailing even in the dark. Plus, there is also an internal pocket to let you store card.

USP: Elastic strap
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5. Trianium ArmTrek Pro

Trianium Armband for iPhone 6-6s Plus

From every angle, Trianium’s “ArmTrek Pro” is a top quality armband for running. It’s made of soft material and features case-friendly design. Thus, it comfortably fits the iPhone over most cases.

You can use the multi-slot Velcro to keep the iPhone securely in place. The responsive touchscreen allows you to use your device without any inconvenience. Moreover, ArmTrek Pro comes in seven beautiful colors and support lifetime warranty.

USP: Case-friendly design
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6. VUP

VUP iPhone 8 Plus Armband

“VUP” is pragmatically designed and features all the functionalities you would want from a high-quality armband. The use of Lycra and neoprene material makes it skin-friendly. The breathable material ensures you feel comfortable while wearing it.

There is an extra fabric layer to resist sweat. You can rotate the device up to 180-degree to have a better viewing angle. With the fully adjustable band and elastic Velcro, you have the needed flexibility to keep the iPhone securely in place.

USP: Sweatproof material
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7. Newild

Newild iPhone 6s Plus Armband

Newild has designed an armband that fits your beast as well as other small-sized iPhones. Its adjustable strap can be passed through two holes; even if you have bulky biceps, you can wear this armband comfortably. On the back of this band, you will find key and cardholders to store your house key and credit/debit cards.

A notable feature of this armband is touch sensitive cover. You can take calls and change music without removing the band. Lycra and neoprene material protects your iPhone against water and sweat; you can continue your workout sessions for a long time even if it is raining.

USP: Touch sensitive
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8. Tribe AB66

Tribe AB66 iPhone 6s Plus Armband

If you can get four stars out of more than 3,500 customer reviews, you deserve to be one of the finest armbands. Tribe AB66 features a neat design that may not catch eyeballs, but it’s up to the mark when it comes to delivering the goods.

The pretty soft material is the secret behind its being so elastic and stretchable. It’s comfortably stretched but doesn’t get out of shape.

The Velcro offers you the essential freedom to adjust the armband depending on your comfort level. Furthermore, you can pick Tribe AB66 in eight charming colors including red, dark blue and grey.

USP: Stretchable material
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9. iMangoo

iMangoo iPhone 6s Plus Armband

iMangoo armband sports pouch offers the essential comfort to keep your smartphone securely in place. Made of the top quality nylon material, it’s very soft. You can securely fasten it on your arm. There is also a slot wherein you will keep keys, cards, and other small things.

Moreover, this armband comes in three attractive color variants including pink, red and black.

USP: Premium nylon material
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LOVPHONE iPhone 6 Plus Armband

“LOVPHONE” presents a more pragmatic armband for iPhone 6s Plus. The thing that I like most about it is that it has tried to address all the concerns of a runner and has succeeded in offering a better solution in most aspects.

The water-resistant material offers the needed safeguard to your iPhone. And PVC screen protector not just offers better viewing but also keeps the screen shielded from scratches.

It features earphones slot and the key pocket to let you keep your valuables securely. Plus, the included reflective strip stops darkness from becoming a hindrance during your running.

USP: PVC screen protector
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Signing Off

Which armband have you picked to rev up your sports time? Do let us know the name of the band that has charmed you. If the list has missed one of your favorite armbands, let us know its name as well. Features like flexible material and the ability to keep the iPhone 6s Plus firmly intact make these armbands very functional. Moreover, they are very durable and easy access to your device.

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